Thrustmaster Wheel Friends

Hey guys, figured we could have a topic where only folks with wheel can add each other and compare lap times and settings. Feel free to add me, just put Forza in the message. Also I am part of the Preview Dashboard so I can send a few invites if you need. Cheers and see you in game!

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This sounds great. I’ll be adding you sometime tomorrow.

I got myself a Tx set for this game and it’s a first wheel that I’ve ever had after playing lots of Forza 4 and Horizon with a controller on my 360. I was quite fast in those games, but not so much with a wheel in this game. To say that so far I have been struggling a little would be the understatement of the year. Controlling oversteer and braking have been the most difficult parts of the game for me so far, I’ve really struggled with consistency in those areas. But it’s been nice to see some progress in my driving, today I managed 5 quite fast clean laps in a row with Caterham at Watkins Glen and managed to progress from a race in the rain at Nürburgring GP with a Nissan Gtr Black Edition in career mode without using the rewind. But still the reality is that I can be quite fast through some corners or even manage a clean lap, but I lose control far too frequently for serious racing.

Comparing times would be great, because I’m not getting online before I’m comfortable enough with my driving. I don’t wanna be the guy who is totally unpredictable and occasionally totally out of control.

I’ve had my deadzones at 0 and 100 and I’ve driven slower cars with 540 rotation and sensitivity level 2 and faster cars with 360 rotation and sensitivity level 3. I have all assists off except auto clutch and I use normal steering + braking line. Haven’t done any tuning yet, just used upgrades on cars.

So far my favourite car has been Lancia 037. Easy to control under braking, very grippy, can save an oversteer with it and even I can push it quite hard and still have control.

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I’m interested. I have a TX wheel. What does the sensitivity do for you? I didn’t even now that this adjustment existed until I read this. My gamertag is SpiffPF2.

I think the center feel is better, more kinda instant and there is less feeling of a deadzone when you decrease the rotation and increase the sensitivity. Don’t know how descriptive that is, English isn’t my first language. Try it out.