My appologies 2 Turn 10

Just started the Ultimate version of the game and practically ALL the complaints I had about the car grip and real world feel I had concerning the Thrustmaster TX wheel are now a thing of the past.
The difference between how the wheel feels in the demo and final version is a night and day improvement, still not at the level of Project Cars, but so damn close that its not even worth discussing.
Well done Turn 10, again I’m deeply sorry for jumping too conclusions.
The wheel is now officially recommended over the controller, the demo leads one too believe that the controller was the preferred route, but the final version changes that.


Tried a few different cars in all classes and its really a joy so far with the TX, no issues with the TH8A shifter or peddles either.
Haven’t messed with the 900 setting yet, its been fantastic at the default 540.
You can really feel the vehicle losing traction through the wheel now, and its no longer a struggle too get it under control when you do lose it.
The ice skating rink feeling is gone, the cars actually feel like they have weight too them.
Force feedback is much improved when compared too Forza 5.

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Im so glad to hear that.Im extremely surprised cuz I figured it would be the same as demo.Cant wait till tomorrow to be home and try it.

What wheel are you guys using? I’m thinking about buying one.

Thrustmaster TX

Don’t buy the cheaper Ferrari 458 wheel. Don’t talk yourself into it, don’t let someone else talk you into it, don’t get fooled - buy the TX. If that means racing without a wheel and saving up a bit, I highly recommend it.

Trust me; I have the cheap wheel. I want the TX. Honestly, I feel I’d almost be better off with no wheel since that’s how little I use mine. At this point, the TX is probably triple the price of the F458 wheel but it’s worth it.

I talked myself into it and two months after I purchased it I was very fortunate to sell it for 80% of the price I payed for it.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said. Got it on 540 and its joy to use now with all types of cars

I bought the TX with the Playseat Challenge and its the best 400 quid I’ve ever spent!

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Can You list what was your issue in demo, and how it improved now in final release?

For me it’s perfectly the same numb FFB as in demo. Dull forces when turning, loose when u-steer, lack of info ab. tail, and jumble vibration in every other case: grass, crash, bump, kerb, burn out…

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Hit it right on the bell. Hopefully by Tuesday a firmware update will come out.