Forza and the Thrustmaster TX ffb wheel

I know the demo is not the same as the end result, but as the TX wheel was bad in fm5 and now also in the demo, I am worried I paid a lot for a wheel for my favorite game and can’t use it. We were all (more or less) forced to buy new wheels for the X1 and now Forza drives awefull with it. A lot of us went back to the controller including me. I hoped it would be better with fm6, not so far. The wheel is spot on with Project Cars and F1 2015, so why can’t T10 make it work for Forza? I truly hope they take some effort to improve the driving with the TX wheel in Forza!


Agreed 100%, T10 has to redo their ffb it’s just not up to the standard it should be. Cutting edge physics mean squat if it doesn’t translate through the wheel.


Yup,totally agree.Project cars nailed it but forza is way behind IMO…


Forza drives great for me with the TX (Driving the Demo) however PCars ffb was a mess from the wheel sprining to the centre to violently shaking, to my TX over heating Pcars was rubbish. Thankfully Forza works great for me :wink:

I spent tons of time Playing both Forza 5 and Project Cars both on Xbox One with a Thrustmaster TX. Project Cars was vastly superior FFB compared to Forza 5. I could hardly drive in Forza 5 as you had no idea what the cars were doing. I couldn’t disagree more with you. If anything, Forza 5 broke your wheel, not project cars.

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Duke, yes most likely pcars fried my first TX wheel, but with forza even lower class cars (like in the demo) just skid as soon as you let go of the throttle or even think about using the brakes. This does not happen with the controller.

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This is the reason I am not sure of getting Forza. The only car in the demo that felt ok was the S3. RWD cars would not give enough info to me to enjoy the driving.

I think once we’re able to get some decent tunes on it’ll be better…

Yeah but how does tuning affect ffb? I understand you can adjust suspension to vary loads and move the break force and balance to help. But, while that helps with feeling the car load up, it doesn’t necessarily help with making as quick a car as possible.

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Have you tried setting FFB to 100% and disabling the damper and spring settings in the Thrustmaster Control Panel on the PC? A couple of youtubers that I watch recommended using that setting and it’s actually made a marginally noticeable change for me compared to it being untweaked.

Tuning has nothing to do with it. The problem is that you can simply “steer through” the grip and once you do that, the FFB is completely gone and you’re driving on ice. I’m sure someone at T10 thought it was a good way to communicate when you’re pushing peak grip, but it doesn’t reflect real driving in any way. the game feels okay when you’re driving cautiously within the limits, but as soon as you push it too hard, you get no feedback at all.

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Completely agree. It’s a shame as Forza 2 is what got me into sim racing using a wheel but the FFB in Forza 5 and 6 is a huge disappointment especially when compared to Project CARS or even GT6 on the PS3.

It just isn’t rewarding to drive at all :frowning:

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If you change the damper and spring settings on the pc, will that still be active once you plug it into the X1?

Yep. It works directly with the firmware within the wheel. You don’t have to hook up the pedals. Just the wheel base will do.

I think it’s a tad unfair to move this discussion to the hardware section as the underlying problem is with game itself. It’s extremely irritating that we had to buy new peripherals for the new hardware and we have the same FFB we’ve had for the past 8 years. It is not exceptable, and needs to be addressed seriously. It’s a deal breaker for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

If Microsoft wants to sell there ‘new’ ffb that they boasted before the console launched, T10 being a first party devoloper should be taking the full advantage of it but they are miles behind, and it’s a big issue


Well stated… I had a FM CSR and club sport pedals… had to put them in the closet and now own TX wheel ans TP3A Pro pedals and the FFB is no beter than in FM4 and even worst on low porwed cars. T10 is BS us all with the peripherals. Obviously they designed for gamepad users only and simply made a deal with Thrustmaster for new peripherals.

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In no way excusing the rubbish FFB in FM5 (and it looks like FM6), tuning can help a little. I found the front sway bar settings in FM5 had a very palpable effect on the level and qualirty of ‘feel’ off the road. Unless I’m mistaken FM6 will probably be similar, so it will largely be a matter of working out which bit of the internal algorithm wiring needs a bit of a poke from the tuning menu. A long way from being ideal, but it can help make things tolerable at leasst.

I bought a TX wheel leather edition,
it cost me a lot of money (500€) and i’m also very disappointed by the FFB in Forza 6. When i hit a car or a wall, the FFB is close to zero. A shame.
I play FM since FM2 but if nothing change my next games on xbox one will be Project Cars or Assetto Corsa.

Ok I feel the need to cmoment on this as I wrote off forzas ffb right from the very beggining after playing pcars. Here is what I found.

Forzas ffb is not that bad. Still not as good as pcars but not that bad. In game menu I adjusted the wheel to 540 dor, turned rumble off, set all my deadzone to min max for steering and pedals, set ffb to 75 and vibration to 85 sim steering.

What I found is ffb on road cars is garbage. I didn’t like them on pcars either but that’s mostly what forza is geared towards and most people start there especially when they are new to a wheel because they think it will be easier to learn.

Go out and do the exact opposite. Try something at minimum a class.

What I found after playing pcars, admittedly mostly in gt, lmp and open wheel is that the reason I hated forza ffb is the play at the center of the steering wheel which was not there in pcars. So I went directly to gt cars in forza and they felt very similar.

The way the ffb works with loss of grip is much more subtle Than in pcars but it still quite there and with the lack of center feel makes recovery very difficult, this lack of center feel is not there in the upper class cars.

I think the issues people are having is because of soft lower class cars and the nature of forzas lateral grip and the way the differential works in game. I uttered this repeatedly even on a pad with normal steering, default decel values are horrendous. And those who know my name know that I can handle some difficult cars and put them pretty high on lbs. They made some change in this area since forza 5 to make dif more noticeable but I do not believe they adjusted the the default values of cars to compensate for it. In every car in the game raise the decel, especially on mid engine cars, then tune the cars to rotate more because of thos increase in dif.

I still strongly disagree, there are big issues with the force feedback so I’m going to lkst a few things down that are concerns of mine.

-the first one you’ll notice is the deadzone in the center of the wheel, it makes the cars feel wanderie and you can get a see saw effect in some corners as the ffb come on and off. This is the same for all cars I have driven in the game, low end production cars - high end race cars all have a lack of center feedback
-the feedback is also very rubbery/notchy and feels pretty odd
-with vibration off (which gives a more pure form of the ffb as the vibration is artificial) there is no sense of peak turning grip or understeer. Real world vehicle physics tells us that at the maximum turning g force (peak turning slip angle of the front tyres) that the force through the wheel (aligning torque) is not at its maximum, but it drops off, and continues to drop as you start to understeer.
-aligning torque of the front wheels is what gives you force at the wheel, in forza the feedback often deviated from what a natural aligning torque curve would produce, making drifting near impossible, and oversteer feeling very unnatural
-the wheel can become so disconnected with car in game that it gives you ZERO feedback, the only time you should get zero feedback is if your front wheels leave the ground
-when stationary the wheel springs to center, very unrealistic and this is the first forza that’s ever done this
-the default setting for wheels and ffb in general are seriously horrible

I have hope and wished all I can for something to be done but everyday I grow less patient, it won’t be long until I give up on forza for good