Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Firmware updated

Hey All,

Just noticed Thrustmaster released new firmware v50.B9 for it’s TX Racing Wheel, they added a forced fan cooling feature for playing heavy force feedback games or warm environments.

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Is that it? no update for FM6? If thrustmaster thinks the iisues are not wheel related, and T10 doesn’t feel the issues are game releated, then us wheel users are likely to hve to adapt to the issues as we have using reduced FFB settings and random spin outs with loss of traction at minor wheel turning.


Yeah, I was so excited to see a firmware update, hoping it would bring a miracle solution to lack of intuitive driving experience/feeling in Forza 6.

I do feel a bit vindicated today though, I finally got a friend of mine to pop over and try out Forza 6 with my Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, VG TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter, T3PA 3-Pedal Wide Pedal Set Add-On all mounted on a Playseat. He has never owned a wheel for his Xbox 360 or Xbox One, he has played all the Forza titles with a gamepad but he has many years of playing Gran Turismo titles with a Logitech GT wheel. So I was very anxious to see what kind of an experience he was going to have since he is so fluent in both wheel and gamepad racing!! Since he had been playing the Bathurst Challenge so much at home with his gamepad, we figured that would be the best test with the TX Wheel.

It only took him until the 2nd turn to look at me and go “that felt odd…it doesn’t feel like that with a gamepad”, after about two laps the frustration of understeer in crashes and oversteer out spins he began to adapt his driving style of going into the corners slower and easier coming out and his lap times began to drop quickly with a few brief moans of “why is it doing that”, he was within a second of his lap time done at home with his gamepad.

The final conclusion is obliviously what anyone with a TX wheel already knows, you lose the ability/feel to pitch a car into a corner and the ability/feel to drift out of a corner, at the end of the day you can do a good and or decent lap but it just doesn’t feel right/perfect compared to other FFB driving games.


So wait youre trying to tell people that someone that has never played Forza on a wheel, let alone a Thrustmaster wheel, has a hard time playing it compared to his pad is proof that the wheel is messed up? I’m sorry but that is the worst example of a wheel issue I have ever seen. As a person that has played both titles on all kinds of wheels can attest that GT and FORZA are not even close to the same physics. And I’m sorry a G27 is an outdated weak wheel that is not even close to a good example to compare your situation.
I have had little to no issues with my TX. Sure I had to readjust to the new feel but to say the wheel is total junk or not working right is a stretch. This over steer you talk about is there but tuning it out is the solution and I’m not talking about over doing it to fix a problem. I’m talking about dong what I use to do in Forza 4.
You are correct that most cars understeer but I have always felt it understeered more in all Forza titles versus a pad. Sadly you have to do a lot of 1 and 40 ARB tuning but that is nothing new to forza.

I for one say the wheel is fine. Is it perfect maybe not but without havinga Fanatec to feel the difference I can not say it is broken at all. Sure it could use a tweak here or there but is it a wheel issue or a game issue. I even stopped using the wheel sensitivity addon because I dont think it is needed

Ok Phoxxy10, if you are going to quote me, then please at least read and understand what I wrote!
I’m NOT a hater of either the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition or Forza 6, I simply having a slight frustration with the feel of force feedback driving right now with this game and wheel which why I’m on the forums in the first place (learn & discuss). I do want to know if it’s just ME or if others are experiencing the exact same thing, or if someone found the magical settings that makes it feel better! I NEVER used the word(s) ‘JUNK’, ‘Broken’, ‘MESSED UP’ and I never referenced the Logitech G27!

I also never said he didn’t have experience with a TX Wheel, he had played about 8 hours of Asseta Corsa on a PC and about an hour with Project Cars on the Xbox and countless hours of PC racing with other wheels, he thought the TX wheel was great with spot on Force Feed Back physics in the non-Forza games and he almost went out and bought that wheel for his Xbox One. I was simply trying to convey this person had equal knowledge, talent and experience with both using wheels and gamepads, which is why I put value on his first impressions.

My sincere apologies to any Thrustmaster TX user for lumping you in with my interpretation of this games force feedback feeling! I completely understand that this feeling is 100% subjective to the end user and all I can ask is if you are having great results…what are your settings/assists? Would you be willing to share them?

Exactly the same issues I have having. I made a post about it. People seem to think it may be my driving habits and how I am taking a corner. I should not have to go into a corner that slow and if the car starts to slide I should be able to correct it with counter steer without the car instantly spinning out.

I even tried a simple 500 HP mustang on a wide open test track. Just tried “fishtailing” it a bit as soon as it starts to get a little sideways and I try to counter, INSTASPINOUT. I do not know what else do to. I tried tons of different wheel settings. Sensitivities etc. The car spins out way to easy. In real life its not like this at all. Trust me. I own and built 1000HP Mustangs and also own an F80 M3 and I can easily correct either of those cars which both have different purposes. Using a stock M4 in the game. If the back end comes out even the slightest bit, BAM spinout. Its just not right…


Hi there Juiced46,
I have to chip in here a bit. I don’t think it is a Turn 10 issue going on here. I own a Fanatec and This is by far the best of any Forza that I have driven on. ( now it can be argued that it’s just that much better of a wheel as state of the art Fanatec ) however I have owned the old Clubsport Elite (CSR Elite ) for Forza 4 and I had the Thustmaster TX wheel at launch of Forza 5 so I have driven a few wheels. I believe this wheel feels better and I don’t feel the backend kicking out like you do. I am not the fastest driver out there so maybe that’s why, but I do have a several top 1%'s. Also I use the SIM steering Abs,Traction and Stability Control off and Manual without Clutch. I am Quite sure my driving talent is not the reason I don’t notice this backend thing going on as at best I am a middle if the pack carding more about staying clean rather than winning. And still mess up now and again LOL. I think it has something to do with the Thrustmaster wheel only. I have mine yet but I really don’t want to take my Fanatec out of my homemade Rig and put in the Thrustmaster only to have it feel like poo and to have to take it back out and put back in my Fanatec. As much as I want to know it’s too much work for me at this time. I Love my Fanatec and its all set up as I like and like it that way.

Its FM6’s FFB and all wheels are wonky with it,even the new Logitech,the wheels only do what the game allows,hopefully a FFB patch is in the works.

T Rex, I was not saying that to gloat but merely trying to give Turn 10 feedback n case they are actually looking into this. Sorry if I hit a sore nerve with you. I also want everyone to enjoy the game as much as I do. BTW, I have had a Thrustmaster as I had said and on Forza 5 I have tried both and much prefer the results with the new wheel with the same tunes. It may just be that my likes are different than yours.
I will also say this, if my Fanatec wheel for some reason burns up I will be ordering another on before it even cools down, just saying.


I don’t mind you asking at all, and yes I do know how to set up a force feedback wheel. I also do not see it as rude, as it is just a question. A well thought out one at that. As for setting up wheels. I have been doing so for around 16 years thus far, so not my first rodeo, so to speak. My first force feedback wheel was back around 1999, which coincided with the release of Need for Speed 4 High Stakes on the PC. It was a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel. Not to mention a ton of experience just using a steering wheel in games alone prior to that from arcade machines, as I grew up at a seaside resort with lots of arcades on the promenade. The amount of money I wasted on Sega Rally and an old Ridge racer game with a clutch and H-shifter alone is pretty massive. Among others, lol. I know what you mean though. FFB, depending on the game. Can either be a chore to set up, ala Pcars. Or very easy to set up, such as in Assetto Corsa and I racing. As for the canned effects in Assetto, I actually have them turned off. Well, Baring kerbs that is. That is purely because, to me anyway, that they feel as fake as they are. And it detracts from my personal gaming experience. But in terms of the core FFB, Assetto Corsa is miles ahead of Forza in that regard. Especially with the last major update that released with the free DLC. But what I am referencing is not the FFB in my posts, but the way the two games drive. The posts I responded to, where geared more towards people who are suffering with issues driving the cars in Forza. As opposed to the force feedback. You only have to look at my youtube page and the times I have bothered to set on the rivals boards in Forza to see what I am capable off with a wheel or a gamepad. I am by no means the quickest, but I do have the odd top 200 time and lower in Forza titles on certain tracks. At least when I can be bothered to set times that is, as I am not as competitive as I once was. T Rex knows my racing prowess well, he has been on my friends list since at least the days of FM2. If not earlier. Been so long, that I cant remember if we became Xbox live friends in Midtown Madness 3. PGR, or FM1, lol.

Anyway, just so you dont have to go trudging through my youtube page. Just a selection of the videos I do have from various racing games.

Stock Lotus Exige S with a gamepad in FM5:

This run alone got me a time of 07:39.608 clean. I have since improved that time to a 07:37.920 clean, again with the control pad. Was just before FM6 ultimate edition unlocked, and before I got the G920 wheel on the 15th of Sept.

D-Class AE86 run in FM5 with my old TX wheel in FM5:

Nissan 240sx Hoonage, with 900° steering on my old TX wheel in FM5:

C-Class Toyota GT86 with 900° on my new Logitech G920 wheel in FM6 with clutch and H-Shifter:

The only major issue I have with Forza’s FFB, is the center deadzone in said FFB. If it wasn’t for that, then racing with a wheel in Forza would be much improved. As feel in the wheel is everything when you cant feel the car through your seat. Besides that though, it just does not pose an issue for me while hot lapping or racing. Though I do have a slight niggle in the fact that in FM6 there does seem to be a massive amount of damping on the wheel. Which is hampering my drifting on FM6 at 900°. But that is here nor there, as I can work around that in the short term by using the control pad for drifting.

But then there are the other games I play, such as Assetto Corsa, WRC4, Dirt 3, Dirt rally. The list just goes on and on for me. I have so many racing games, both new and old. That I just do not know what to play from day to day.

WRC4 with Thrustmaster TX wheel at 900° (PC version):

Dirt 3 with Logitech G27 wheel at 900°(PC version):

Assetto Corsa with Logitech G27 wheel at 900° with Clutch and H-Shifter:

I also drift in Assetto, but do not have any footage of that just let. I really do have a lack of footage for that game, lol. But as you can see, if I did not know how to set up a force feedback wheel correctly in those games. Then there is no way that I would be so consistent in my driving between all those games and Forza. But as I said above, some are easier to set up than others. I spend a lot of time tweaking and testing settings on PC racing games. Both in game, and in the Logitech profiling software. I did exactly the same with my TX wheel on the PC when I had it also.

By the way T Rex, we really do need to get into a race again at some point. Been far too long since we had a race together. My fault entirely.

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TX owner here

I have had random spin outs since Forza 5, i got so frustrated with it i resorted to playing with the controller only.
Any high power rear drive car (usually) would hit what seemed a little bump then loose complete control.

My Forza “go to” settings have always been zero assists and manual without clutch.

With Forza 6 i was exited to get the TX out again for what i thought would be a new experience.
First was a C class Honda Civic, with this being front wheel drive my above settings seemed to work fine.

As soon as i stepped into a 370 Z my whole wheel experience fell apart, Frustration was not the word!!!
Upgraded tires and suspension did nothing on this stock car to keep it in line. the back was doing twirls and spins at the slightest throttle.

I have now resorted to adding the “stability assist”. It feels wrong but it has to be done to keep any car with over 150 Bhp on the track (yes 150!)
and to keep me from swearing!

I have driven the 370z in FM6, but only on the game pad atm. I made a video of me driving it for the “oversteer” thread below, as a lot of controller users are complaining of this same issue. I used the controller, as that is what they was using. I will run a few laps on the wheel later if I get a chance, and I will put a video up on my youtube channel. I do not foresee an issue though, as I have yet to have this over steering issues on either the game pad for the wheel. I used the controller in FM5 from the 10th to the 15th, and the wheel since then.

Exactly my feelings with the wheel. Does it “work”, sure it does but I might as well be using that wireless racing wheel abomination they made a few years ago. Here or there you’ll find a car that actually works well but they’re few and far in between.

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Not having trouble with my TX with FM6,and Fanatec,state of the art,not hardly,the TX has a way better servo motor than the cheap RC car motors Fantec uses and they break as much if not more than the TX!!

T Rex, I am not going to agree or disagree with you here. All I can say is that over the years I have owned 3 Fanatec wheels and a Thrustmaster wheel. I have around 300 hours on the least used wheel ( the Clubsport Elite for the 360 as it is no longer compatible ) and I have never had a problem on any of the where’s I have owned. No counting the old Microsoft wheels for Forza 2 LOL I have enjoyed both the Thrustmaster and the Fanatec immensely which is why I bought them so neither has let me down. I prefer having the additional settings that the Fanatec wheel gives me to change on the fly while racing but to each their own. I was not trying to start a brand war here, all I care is that the wheel I choose does what I want it to do no matter what brand it is.

There is nothing wrong with the Thrustmaster TX. It feels incredible on other games. I’ve played forza with a wheel since FM2 (first using the 1st party MS FFB wheel, then upgrading to a Fanatec PWTS). Forza has never felt right when you compare it to sim-ier competitors (my experience is: live for speed, project cars, iracing), but it’s drive-able at 360-540 DOR.

The Fanatec CSWV2 isn’t some miracle machine that makes Forza’s FFB system better. If it feels good to you, I’m happy for you, but i suspect that it’s an ignorance-is-bliss situation. These wheels only do what the game tells them to do.


I used to own a TX wheel (and other wheels over the years), and even though the FFB is better on a decent PC racing sim. Forza isn’t too bad in that regard. The main issue for me, is that Force feedback dead zone at the wheels center. Though I do have a niggle about FFB while drifting on a wheel in FM6. An issue that wasn’t there in FM5 or FH2. As for the actual control of the cars though, especially while racing/hot lapping. Forza is not that far removed from a decent PC sim. I do not own a TX wheel anymore, as I got hit by the reliability issues. I currently have a G27 for my PC, and just picked up a G920 wheel for the Xbox one. And with FM6, I am still not having a single issue with driving the cars in the game. I would normally post up videos which show my driving on a wheel at this point, but I have a lot to get done today. But if you click my signature at the bottom of this page, it will take you to my youtube channel. The more recent FM6 videos are done with the Logitech G920 wheel (unless explicitly stated), a few FM5 videos before that with the game pad. And a few of the older videos are done with the TX wheel and FM5. I also have a few videos from a couple of rally games, and one for Assetto corsa (I really need to do more videos for that game).

It certainly isn’t an ignorance is bliss situation for me, as I play a lot of different racing games. I do not lock myself down to one or two, as I just don’t see the point. I have everything from need for speed and burnout, to Pcars and Assetto Corsa on my PC. I even backed Pcars, and have almost 4 years experience playing it via the dev builds. Forza has always felt better on a wheel to me. Cars that are shared between FM6 and Assetto, feel eerily similar to me. To the point that I even drive them the same. And I am by no means slow in either game. They do feel better in Assetto though, so I will grant you that one. But not by the massive margin that everyone keeps making out. T10 have done a very good job, but with Forza been a console racing game. There will be compromises here and there that T10 had to make. Would you rather have Forza at a buttery smooth 60fps? Or would you prefer it dropping to the 30fps range like Pcars does on both the PS4 and Xbox one?

I think instead of it been a case of ignorance is bliss for the people who share similar views as myself, it comes down to others just been overly critical of Forza. That is no bad thing at all, as it is usually the people that are overly critical, but polite. That help a game dev to improve things over time. But it is a double edge sword though, and sometimes the people who are overly critical can cause issues themselves. Mainly because they sometimes want there to be issues.

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Maybe “ignorance is bliss” is too harsh a phrase for it… personally, i find FM6 to be okay on the wheel and I certainly don’t have problems driving like some others do, but I don’t think it feels right, and that was my point. I have driven enough cars, including powerful rwd on a track, in my life to know what it feels like, and in other sims, i don’t have to adjust much to get things feeling like i expect them to feel.

For forza, though, i have to go into “forza mode”. I’m perfectly capable of doing so and driving pretty decent times, but it never feels like driving a real car to me. First of all, DOR has to be set to 540 at most in order to be able to recover a slide. Then there’s the horrible sensation at turn-in or mid-corner where you steer past the limit that the game is permitting in that situation. This one is my biggest gripe, but also the hardest to explain. It’s just a forza thing… if you’re using a controller, your speed determines how far they’ll let you steer. That’s understandable and makes playing on a controller feel great. However, the same thing is imposed on wheel players through the use of FFB… turn your wheel too far for the speed you’re going, and FFB falls off a cliff and you have to back off or risk losing control. It’s a feeling i’ve come to understand in Forza, but it has no correlation to real life.

So i guess what i mean is, maybe it’s not “ignorance is bliss” but if you think Forza feels good, i think you’ve just gotten used to Forza. It doesn’t take long, and personally i can switch between FM6 and Pcars without much adjustment (other than changing the DOR on the wheel), but i would still like Forza to feel more realistic.


And I was using CSR with FM4 (still got it), and now TX and CSW V2.