Thrustmaster TX Wheel loses force feedback

Hello all
one I get into about half way through a race I lose feedback on my wheel, there is still some feedback but very light.
once I finish race and start a new one the wheel is fine until I get to about half race distance and it happens again.

is anyone else getting this and does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this

thank you


Yes, I get the same thing happening to me too. I think there’s an issue with this game and the TX. Every time I hear about it, it’s a lot that is using this setup. I even turned the FFB down and it’s still happening.

and for me its only on fm7, project cars 2 is fine
well I’m glad its not just me… hope they have a fix soon

Are you guys on PC? On xbox I have no such issue with my TX. Do you have latest firmware for the tx (v50)?

There are some FFB issues with the TX buth this one I have not yet encountered myself.

I had that issue in one of the first races choosing the F50 free car. I play pCars and assetto corsa and the weight and rotation feel natural during a 10-15 lap race. On Forza 7 the wheel feels glued to the center. Anyways that was a week ago my wheel now is broken the wheel wobbles up and down. The calibration process will not work :face_with_head_bandage:

The TX has new drivers which address issues with Horizon 3 and Forza 7. Make sure you install them.

What platform?

I am on xbox one, i was in a truck race at Bugatti circuit, lap 9 of 10 force feed back dies.

This is odd, i thought my wheel had dies, even though i could still race the last lap with full rotation but no FFB of any kind?

I just installed forza 7a few days ago and my TMX is working stronger than it did with Forza 6.
I had my Degrees of rotation set at 900 degrees in Forza 6 and I can’t find where to change it back to 540.

I updated my firmware about 3 months ago. I’m sure it’s v50 but will recheck tonight and test

I’m not having that issue with my TX - check you’re firmware

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Yes you are correct latest wheel drivers from thrusty fix ffb pacifically in forza 7, so install em problem solved!

Unfortunenatly this is not true, I have newest drivers and still losing FFB after a while.

In this post I try to explain my problem the best I can after a lot of testing.

Hi guys !

Are you playing FM7 on PC ? I’ve the same issue with mine on Xbox One and did the V50 update to see if it would help. I still have the FFb problem but only with this game…

What is your FFB scale set to ingame?

Actually, it’s at 80. I will try to lower it a bit to see if it change something.

I’ve had the same problem. I haven’t updated for a while though, have ta try that. Glad ta hear it’s not jus me though, I guess. Lol

Hi, I have the same issue. I only use my wheel with my xbox, I don’t have a pc, Can anyone tell me how I would I tell what firmware my wheel is using?

Thrustmaster wheel MUST BE UPDATED USING A PC! It is also the only way to check firmware revision level. The only exceptions are setting wheel default DOR and reversing gas and brake location and these default back to original on power up. There is a very long discussion on FFB in the discussions forum and while probably 80 pages by now usable solutions for the TX wheel are in it.


any update for this thema? The FFB mainly the understeer effect is always after 2 minutes completely gone :confused: Firmware v50 on my TX, overal ffb set to 70 on Xbox one setup. By me it starts doing so last week or so.

Thanks for any advise.

after firmware update to v51 is the understeer ffb effect totaly not noticeable :frowning: (with v50 was there at least the first 2-3 minutes) FFB settigns in FM7 Xbox on 80 and understeer on 140. Very sad finish to the Thrustmaster. On second rig with CSW2.5 absolutely no prolbem and the feedback is clear, smooth, balanced and consistent.