My racing wheel experience so far

To start, I have lusted over racing wheels for a long time, like since the original PS and Xbox were out. Finally this past weekend I was able to indulge by buying a Logitech G920 setup.

I’ve always wanted the wheel to feel that deeper sense of immersion into the game, and for me a 2 pedal setup just wasn’t worth it. I had to have the 3rd pedal and 6 speed shifter so I chose the G920. Despite the lack of on center feel and the force feedback issues as noted all over the forum(which are both game issues and not the wheel’s fault), so far I would say that my experience has been ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! The first couple of drives I was blown away; this is definitely what I have been looking for!!!

It hasn’t been without struggles though. My first few drives were riddled with spinouts and smashed body panels. On controller I used normal steering with no other assists, manual w/clutch, etc. Silly me thought that with the wheel I would go simulation steering and leave the rest where it was and hit the track…not at first! It took about an hour to get all tuned in and I ended up finding that I needed STM on and normal steering at 900 DOR. And with that I went to the races in my trusty B class Mustang.

I’ve spent about 20 hours with the wheel now and have learned a few things that I’ll share for anyone still reading. Initially I had a hard time “attacking” the corners with the wheel - I constantly felt like I was going to spin out and on top of that had to learn what it felt like for the front end to lose grip and push. The problem was that I would always loop around before the front would push (vicious circle eh?). So the first thing that I have learned is that I do not need my cars tuned for so much oversteer. With the controller I guess I needed the oversteer to get the car to go around the corner but with the wheel my motions are so much more fluid with the steering, gas and brake that I can drive it like a real car! The extra oversteer though would send me around when I should have been going through the corner.

The second learning is a result of the first; now that I am far smoother on my inputs, especially steering, I do not need the car set up for as much grip. I can now apply that PI to a little extra HP which is nice, I have always sacrificed speed for grip in the past which works ok on a lot of tracks…but not so much on some. Regardless, now I can handle the car as well or maybe better with less grip and more HP. Sweet!

A third thing I have noticed is that I must up my braking pressure significantly, but this may be a result of the super stiff brake pedal on the Logitech stuff? With the controller I ran ~90% brake force but with the pedals I am up around 125% on most cars.

Lastly, one of the biggest learning moments I had with the wheel was how exaggerated I had to be with my counter steer in order to catch a slide. On the controller a quick flick of the stick the other way catches the slide easy - with the wheel you have to really yank it until you feel the opposite force feedback kick in - then you know you got it. It is much more steering wheel turning required than in real life based on my experiences. This could probably be tamed down a bit by using a lower DOR, and I may try that soon now that I have the feel for the wheel. At first though the 540 DOR was way too twitchy for me. Now that I have got that all under control I am going back to no assists other than normal steering.

As I stated earlier, I started with my B class Mustang and put a lot of hours in on that car with the wheel. After some time getting used to feeling the front end, correcting oversteer/slides, etc I have now done pretty much everything from D class FWD cars to F1. I prefer to stay B to S class RWD still, but holy cow the torque steer struggle is real with decent HP FWD cars when you are using a wheel so it does make it more interesting! And the F1 cars are still insane. I had to use STM and TCS with those cars! lol I have also managed to work my way back up the drivatar skills. I think I started on the wheel at “Average” and am back up to “Pro” now and ready for “Unbeatable” on the tracks that I am really familiar with. I would say that around the 5 hour mark I noticed a large jump in my proficiency with the wheel and it seems now that every couple of hours I feel better and better. At this point my laps times are still a second or two off of my controller laps, but I am having way more fun and I figure it wont be long and I will end up being faster with the wheel which is really cool because I went into this assuming (based off other’s input) that I would never be as fast as I am with the controller! The other thing I’ve noticed regarding laps time is that I am a ton more consistent with the wheel which is again likely due to being more smooth and consistent with the inputs.

So I guess in summary, if you are on the fence definitely get one! It is certainly one of the deals where I wish I would have done it sooner!

Please, share your experiences too!


I’m loving my new G920 …the only thing I had to do was back the decel deadzone down to 70% ad the braking force required would make my leg hurt after a bit

One other thing to note is the speed sensitive steering lock is not present for a wheel and the natural tendency is to turn the wheel to far making the car push really bad

Good point, I also turned my deceleration deadzone to 70% as well. Definitely helps out with that stiff pedal. At first I did not like the brake, but now I love it and wish the clutch had a little “grab” around the engagement point…maybe I am wanting too much? =) I’ll be content with this for a while!!! I do plan on flipping my pedals when I build my rig though.

Can you explain the speed sensitive steering lock? It sounds intuitive but I haven’t heard of it yet? Is that when in the cockpit view using the controller the guy will only turn the wheel so far until you slow down and then turns the wheels to full lock? Man that is annoying. I understand it, but it was annoying.

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What I did with my G920 was turn down the outside braking in advanced wheel control to around 60% so I could drive stock cars in career and most peoples tunes, and still have enough brake.

Edit…both you guys beat me to it.

When playing with a controller the game limits how far the wheels turn depending on speed…that’s why can go full lock with a pad during a turn…try that with a wheel and you’ll be in big trouble

I got the Logitech 3 days ago and I really like it, I had a Microsoft wheel for the 360 which I played Forza 3 and 4 with. The difference between these wheels is huge, the quality and performance of the Logitech is far superior. I got the shifter as well and it’s a blast using it although you will not be any faster using it but who cares its fun. I have the outside break deadzone set at 40 which works great for me as initially I was standing up pushing the brake pedal to get anywhere near 100% input. As I had the wheel before the transition to the new wheel hasn’t been to bad.
To sum up the wheel really transforms the way the game plays and even when I spin out and end up buried in the tyre wall I still have a smile on my face.

That’s the Fitzy I remember!

Lol Oldschool, you know I’m quite at home in the barriers.

The brake pedal really loosens up after a few weeks of use. My G920 brake pedal feels very good now but at first I felt like I had to stand on it.

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Great thread!

How do you tune for less oversteer?

I have a lot of trouble spinning out when using downloaded tunes.

I typically try to balance it out with the sway bars, springs, and tire pressure, front vs back. For example if I have too much oversteer, either stiffen the front spings or front sway bar in relation to the rear (or soften the rear in relation to the front). Which one of those I do first depends on the how the car is transferring weight. It’s really something you just have to mess around with A LOT to figure it all out. If you are completely new to tuning though, start with just one, for example the sway bar is probably going to mess you up least if you goof it up. For the “Race cars” I do tend to immediately adjust the decel on the diff as mentioned above otherwise I find the lift off oversteer too aggressive - I even did that when I was tuning with controller.

EDIT: Unfortunately since you can’t adjust downloaded tunes you are going to be stuck spinning out with them!

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The main culprit for most people is lift off oversteer.

A race differential with a bit of decel should be enough for most cases. There are exceptions to this where further tuning is required, particularly if adjustable components come standard.

Yes! That happens to me all the time!

Reading this makes me miss my wheel. I’ve gone back to the controller for now, as I just can’t use my wheel for any length of time at the moment. :frowning: I’ll make it my new year’s resolution to use it again. lol

Glad you love your wheel. I’ve never used anything but a wheel for driving since the early 90s so I can’t imagine trying to seriously drive with a controller. I actually have a TX on the way right now. I was a bit put off by the expensive price of the new Logitech since it isn’t an upgrade over the G27 in any way and has the toy like shifter. That being said I’m sure you’ll sleep easier at night knowing you have the most reliable wheel out there. That’s the one thing I love about Logitech. They are built really well. If the new wheel was the same price as the G27 or had been improved (belt driven, more realistic shifter options, etc.) I would have definitely gone in that direction I think.

Yeah it’s a good race experience apart from when you constantly get rammed and the corner cutters as well seem to act with impunity in the leagues. Other than that it’s great with the wheel setup… I just wish people would get banned for being cheats and overly aggressive racing ramming etc. I’m not being negative it’s a beautiful game I’ve loved all forzas but this is over the top depressing when you can’t have a clean race ever without racing in private lobbies with friends. Many people have this same problem I hope you don’t have to experience people who should never be anywhere near the leagues they’re in but seem to just never be banned nor demoted leagues even though they can’t compete so they just troll people who want to race clean and have fun. I will probably get banned again for saying this but I’m just trying to warn you. Happy racing buddy

Glad your liking the wheel op! It’s a much more immersive experience with a wheel. I’m using a fanatec CSW & shifter it’s absolutely fantastic but a lot of investment. I think for a first wheel the TX or the 920 are both good. I’m thinking if you’re after reliability then the Logitech is the way to go. Although I’m told the Thrustmaster performs slightly better until it breaks!

I’m running 270 deg it’s hard at first but I’m pretty used to it.

I completely see where you are coming from. I almost bought a G27 a couple years ago but decided to hold out to see what the Xbox one was like and if it would cross over…even though it isn’t really any different I am sure glad I didn’t buy it back back then just to have to buy it again! lol! As a first step into the wheel world I couldn’t be happier. And by a quick look, it appears to me that the pedals are wired and run very similarlly, so flipping them should be a breeze like a lot of people did with the G27s.

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) for me I can’t race online at all, so I do not have these problems! lol Regardless, it’s part of the game, and just like campers and drop shotters in shooter games it doesn’t do any good to whine!

I would love to try out a Fanatec setup sometime. Definitely looks like the premium setup. Cheers!

Another wheel user here…

Defo tweak the diff to help with lift off oversteer, once I’ve got that sorted I then tend to play with the brake bias.

I always set bias rearwards ie…47% F 53% R as a standard and work from that, using it to pivot the car into the corner.

That works for me on RWD cars

To all you guys that have the 920 can you tell me if it has a plug in for the chat mic or do you have to use a controller by your side like the TX I was just wondering cause I run a Fanatec wheel for my 360 and run the TX for the One and for the price the TX feels really good I like it I also bought the 3 pedal upgrade, only bad is the communication cable went bad so I shipped it off for repairs bought it at Walmart with a 3 year warranty so if Walmart ships me a new one II may sell to buy 920 just because of the chat setup. Thanks