G920 Settings after Patch

What are you guys using for settings on wheel and pedals?

I am running everything at the factory settings outside of the deceleration dead zone. I run that at 0 - 25 due to the crazy stiff G920 pedal.

My wheel rotation is set at 360. I can’t seem to catch oversteer with any higher wheel rotation settings

I have been able to post a few top 50 times with these settings.

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Ok will give it a shot…thanks bud

Decel: 55
DOR: 540*
All other deadzones are 0/100
Can’t remember right now where I put FFB and rumble or if I changed them at all for F6.

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When you say 0/100 you mean 0 IN and 100 OUT?
Also what does Rumble do?

Yeah, 0 inside / 100 outside. Didn’t notice Clutch/gas not getting 100% or having phantom inputs in telemetry so I set them to 0 and 100 and took all the resolution available.
By rumble I meant the vibration setting / another game called it rumble.

I actually think Vibration and FFB are very critical with this wheel.

I’m still getting used to it myself, only had it for 3 days and just mounted it to a wheel stand last night. The immersion level soared once I got that built and dialed in. Just need the settings to match.

FFB and Vibration are way too strong to leave at 100. I’ve driven and owned cars without power steering and they were easier to turn than that :slight_smile:

My daily is a Renault Sport Megane RS250, which is lauded as having excellent steering feel and I’m slowly getting the wheel close to the resistance levels of my car’s. Getting there. Very dead on center feel (steering 0-100 too).

At the moment I think my Vibration is at 20 and FFB at 30. I think. Have to check later as I have been slowly tweaking it. It’s not quite right yet, but I was able to start driving a bit more aggressively last night before I went to bed, even starting to catch some very mild step outs.

DOR at 540 but I’m playing with this still.
Decel 5-50 but I may go 0-60 as I’m getting better on this pedal.
I set the other pedals at 5-95 per advice from the main steering wheel thread.

Also have to say I started manual with clutch last night. That gear lever feels pretty crummy, completely plasticky and no feel through the gates.

Also don’t like auto rev-matching, but can live with it. Just not as much fun. No problems with control, but the paddles feel better to operate than the H pattern, more satisfying tactility on the paddles, can’t believe I am even thinking this :frowning:

Ok Thanks

My experience is very opposite, my Alfa requires far more effort even with full power steering on (it’s adjustable).

Anyway, all default except 720 degrees, normal steering (simulation is way OTT IMO).

Im liking 720 as well . Im playing with 60 FFB and 50 Vibration

Are you guys using simulation or normal steering in the in-game?

Simulation, but I might try normal out as I can only catch very minor step outs.

When I put any big steering input in, I’ll spin, so I can’t catch anything that requires a big counter steer. When I watch telemetry back, if I get a clean lap, it’s because my steering inputs were absolutely minimal.

Hey Mate so how are you making out with those wheel settings ?

How do so many people have this wheel already and how did you get it? I preordered this months ago from Amazon and it says it’s not even being released for another week???

Which Amazon ? I bought mine on amazon.de and it arrived in 2 working days.

I got mine from PC World with a handy £55 discount code too.

Fry’s Electronics had them out earlier than anyone in the US listing them as the G29 steering wheel on their website while the description said for XboxOne/PC and the pictures clearly showed the G920. I wasn’t taking a chance with getting the wrong wheel though so I went in store and lo and behold they had them up in the PC peripherals section as G29’s. Got it like mid September. At any rate, Amazon should be shipping them now as today’s their release.

I’m in Australia and you trip over them in the stores. There is a lot of stock here, there are literally piles of them in stores.

Last weekend was a long weekend and two of our major electronics retailers put them on sale even, taking 30% off the price of both the wheel and the shifter, so I pulled the trigger.

I have a question. ive had this wheel for about 3 days( I ordered it through Logitech themselves) and was wondering if the reason why I can barely get around a track with this. Ive tried many settings and glad im not the only one that has to resort to “normal” steering instead of “Simulation” But onto my question. Do you think we should have went with the TX wheel? or are they experiencing the same?

Also, my settings are
Steering in- 2
Steering out 95
Accel in- 0
Accel out- 100
Decel in- 0
Decel out- 20
vibration- 60
FFB- 60
Rotation- 510
Normal steering rather than Sim

whats everyone elses updated settings?

It’s all the wheels. They were not priority because I guess not many people own them, but if you look on the forums you’ll see plenty of people with the same issues regardless of what kind of wheel they use. My suggestion to you though would be to put sim steering on and turn stability on as well. Normal steering although safer to use than Sim doesn’t give as much control of the car. Stability control works pretty aggressively in this game so it does seem to keep the car out of a lot of trouble, but it does kind of feel like cheating a little bit. You can also tune out a lot of issues but the lack of proper ffb in the center of the wheel is what can’t be tuned, so it’s something everyone has to deal with.