G920 Settings after Patch

That sucks. I wish I would of known that. Mine will be here tomorrow. How do you like it? Any issue with it?

The brake took a little getting used to/broken in. New there was hardly any travel at all but after some use and abuse it started working and feeling like a real brake. Once that was over with it was a complete joy. Added the H-shifter since and it’s taken the fun of the game to whole new levels.

So I’m over a week into using the G920 now. My lap times are rivalling my controller times now. I am adapting my settings as I get used to the wheel too.

To really get the feel for it, I used the following:

DOR 270
Brake 5-50
Vibration 0
FFB 30

This helped me keep my inputs light. I drove slowly, with slower cars. My revelation came at Spa, in the rain with a stock Clio Williams. I got into a big slide, caught it and powered out of it. I then realised I had adapted. Drove an RS4 Avant, got into some big, controlled four wheel drifts. Drove more and more powerful cars and it was good. Culminated with getting a stock Ferrari F40 into top 6% on Sebring I think. Couldn’t stop grinning that night.

But the next day, those settings felt weak. I’ve been gradually tweaking my settings. Currently running:

DOR 540
Brake 2-50
Vibration 0
FFB 45-50 not sure where this will land.

Treat the wheel with respect and it should be fun and fast.

Agree, the dead feeling on centre is because of the helical gears in the wheel apparently.

EDIT: Sim steering, all assists off, manual w/ clutch.

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I have a tx lol, it’s not the wheel, the games just not programmed properly.

Ah right, but the G920 has the dead feeling on centre in all games from what I have heard.

It can be a little “lax”, but it is not as bad as some make out. It was the same with the G27 wheel also, but the same thing there. What really helps, is having a minimal and maximum FFB slider.

Yeah it’s not horrible by any stretch, it’s something that can be adjusted to.

There are certain situations that can really highlight it, like high speed, very wide radius turns where you’re balancing with throttle and misjudge either way. When the weight transfers and you get some feedback, it can accentuate it as you make little corrections because as you transition through the centre point you can feel there is zero weighting and suddenly you’re back on load. It’s only a few degrees.

Hope that makes sense. Bernese Alps has these kind of corners, particularly in reverse.

I’ve only used this wheel with FM6 and FH2 (only a few minutes so far) though.

Ah, that explains why I struggled with BA in S class race so much. I tried a few cars, but with all I had the same problem: the wheel wasn’t giving me enough feedback that the rear was losing grip. Particularily on that long left bend in the beginning, the cars would oversteer very gradually, but I would only register it when I saw it, rather than feel through the wheel …