G920 HELP!

Hi guys.

I have just purchased a Logitech G920 wheel. I am just getting back into drifting with my former team SCS. I have been drifting since forza 2 with a controller.

So my question for my fellow FM6 drifters is, Could anyone throw me some tips/tricks for this wheel.

I have heard about the deadzones and playing with rotation to stop the wheel from being so touchy. Is such effort needed to drift with this wheel comfortably?

Obviously I need practice anyway but I would love some info on this so I know im not getting familiar with my wheel and then realise I need to change settings to enhance my experience and drifting skills. As I am looking to run any competition going forward in FM6, I could really use some tips to speed up my learning process.

Please help.

Yours sincerely SCS Legit. :slight_smile:

You probably want to run Normal and not Simulation steering for starters.

I’m not a great drifter, and I have almost no chance of holding a slide with simulation but with normal I can link my drifts if I do it right.

FM6 has a significant lack of FFB feel in centre and I suspect the G920 makes that feeling worse. Some compensate for this by setting the DOR high (900) and then bringing the outside deadzone inwards.

This is similar to increasing sensitivity ie: 9000.8=720 or 9000.6=540 but some feel that this lessens the on centre slack.

I’m running this at the moment but I’m not entirely convinced it is very helpful to me.

FM6 in general is not amazing with a steering wheel. It has good parts but it can be frustrating.

Good luck with the G920. It took me two weeks of experimenting with my settings and just getting used to FM6 with a wheel before I was holding slides and much more time again to be able to aggressively tip my cars into controlled drifts.

Beautiful, so its not just me. haha

Its a very poor effort, but I’m finding it much easier to get used to the wheel at only 360degree radius atm. I think the main and only reason this is easier for me is because the last wheel I used was the Xbox 360 wheel. I’m almost feeling like I have wasted my money by buying the G920 for forza6. But as you have proven, practice makes perfect. I guess I am just very impatient. lol.

Cheers anyway champ. :wink:

You havint wasted money on the wheel, the game, is where you lost it… FFB wise it’s has a terrible feel when drifting, for me personally, it’s very inconsistent. Well I think so anyway! But I have a TX, so could be different…

No no. I completely agree. I am missing the consistency and smoothness of FM3 on the wheel. ahh well might be controller for FM6 and time to get into a different game with the wheel.

Once you get used to the wheel it’s not too bad, just at times the FFB seems to be inconsistent which is a bit awkward when you’re trying to tandem.

I am beginning to understand. Starting to get the feel back but every now and then it’s like for a second there I have lost everything haha. This is going to make it some what difficult heading into battles. Doesn’t matter I ain’t afraid to lose haha.

Im using the G920 myself, and these are the settings I found to work best with Forza 6.

Basic controller options:
Rumble - “Off”

Advanced options:
steering deadzone = 0 inside, 100 outside.
acceleration deadzone = 0 inside, 100 outside.
deceleration deadzone = 0 inside, 100 outside.
vibration = 0%
Force Feedback = 80%

Using these settings I can drift at 900°, but things are still not perfect. The FFB seems to like cutting out when you throw a lot of angle on very quickly, and it will occasionally feel heavily dampened. Lowering down to 720° seems to give some additional help in this regard though.

Thankyou. :slight_smile: I

I shall give these settings a run and see how we go.

I literally just bought FM6 and thinking about buying this wheel soon, is it worth it in your opinion? I know from having the CSR on FM4 I can’t use a controller anymore to save my life lol

I am loving to wheel now mate. I believe it is worth it. I’m still very rusty but still enjoying the wheel on this game. :slight_smile:

If you guys really want to kill the ffb going out in the wheel issue just run no rumble/vibration. It might feels twitchy at first but once you tune around it and get use to it then you’ll see how smooth your drifts will be.