Wheel users questions

How long did it take for you to get proficient with your wheel and start getting close to your personal best lap times, or are you still faster with a controller? I have had my wheel for a couple of days, about 6hrs of game time. I am about 4-6 secs off my times with a controller but a lot smoother through long sweepers and have better placement of the car in general. I have a TX wheel. Do you use different tunes for your wheels vs your controllers?

This thread will enlighten you… Imo the wheel on forza is horrible but read this thread.

Idk man…I have a tx and its horrible with forza…Same exact feel as forza 5… Total disconnect…Thats the problem if you try to go any faster you lose control…If you race online forget it.One bump and you are in the wall with a wheel.Get bumped with controller and its no problem.Im completely unhappy with the feel of the tx…Ive changed every possible setting and its just not fun at all…Project cars nailed the tx wheel in their game.Feels incredible… Having said that ive given up with the wheel and now am focused on using controller…There is another thread on this page about the wheel.You should enlighten yourself and read it.Its really ashame but it is what it is.


Im using the TX wheel too with the T3PA shifter.

On the Rio track (rivals event), I’m about 5-6 seconds slower than I am on the controller. It’s safe to say I will only be using the wheel to have a more realistic/authentic experience in single player and the controller when I want to be even remotely competitive!

I’ve enjoyed using the wheel on Forza 6 so far but I’m nowhere near as fast as I am on the controller.

I’ve gotten to within 2 seconds of my controller times with certain cars but for the most part it’s around 3-5 seconds slower. So depending on how quick you are with the controller 3-5 seconds slower might not be that slow compared to other people. But it is true with regards to any kind of mistake or contact with other cars during multiplayer and your basically out of the race. All I’ll say is find a good dor for your wheel, i use 720 and I set the dead zones at 0-100 except for brakes which I use 5-100 and good luck, some people enjoy the wheel with this game, others do not lol.

It shouldn’t take all that long. Maybe a week or 2 depending on how often you play. But controller tunes won’t work well and as everyone else has said any mistakes are extremely difficult to recover from… it’s usable in hotlapping but I couldn’t reccomend using a wheel full time

I think the biggest issue with the wheel is making sure it’s centered. On the controller it’s easy to set the front wheels straight by simply letting go of the left thumbstick but it’s not always that easy on wheel. (Disclaimer: my wheel is cheap and it sucks. If I continue to use a wheel i well invest more money it in and get a better wheel)

I’m faster with a controller for now on the demo and fm5 but I have a cheap wheel. There’s no ffb or vibration do I have to monitor the throttle/brake bars to know what’s going on much.

You may also consider different tunes. In both motorsport and horizon i like my tunes with a slightly ‘looser’ front end because the thumbstick gives little rotation or turning compared to the wheel. If I’m using my wheel I tend to stiffen the front roll bars a bit.

Most important it’s just getting used to using the wheel over the pad. Give it some time, use it a bunch, and you’ll see your times decrease.

(TX Owner)

Forza Motorsport 5: I never could get use to FM5’s awful wheel support, and I’m vastly slower with the wheel than with a controller.

Forza Horizon 2: Mix of the two. More “connection” to the road, could control car better, but still very vague FFB.

Forza Motorsport 6 (Demo): FFB is vastly superior to all Forzas that came before it (and it’s on par with several top-tier PC sims). I got use to the driving within a few laps, and I am noticeably faster than with a controller - and that’s with untuned, auto-upgraded cars! (Super excited for Thursday. Forza 6 is gonna be epic!)

[Experience below, taken from Forza Horizon 2]

Tunes: You can use controller tunes with the wheel, but it’s not as fast as a wheel-specific tune. Tunes make a MASSIVE difference, but tuning for a wheel, with a wheel, is much harder. Finding the “sweet spot” for alignment, suspension stiffness, and dampening is much harder, but once you do, you’ll be noticeably faster than with a controller tune.

As for using different tunes for wheel vs controller; I do - sometimes. If the car has good handling characteristics before I tune it, I can slap a generic controller tune on it, and it’ll work just as well with a wheel. If the car is difficult to drive, then I need to make a wheel-specific tune for it for it to become fast, yet drive-able.

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Hey RuCarNutz what are your settings for your wheel in forza 6, dead zones and DOR?

Just a friendly reminder that Wheel DOR has to match the game. So if you set Forza 6 to DOR 540, make sure you setup the wheel the same. (two flashing light)

The game automatically sets the tx to 540 you don’t have to adjust the wheel. Any dor you set in the in game options will change your wheel so if you want 370 or 600 whatever you want, you don’t have to change it on the wheel. Also if you do change the dor on the wheel it changes the in game settings so you don’t have to do both. Another thing is don’t change the dor on the wheel in a race, it doesn’t sync the two so the in game settings will this it’s at 540 but your wheel thinks it’s something else and it messes everything up.

I’m faster with the wheel.
I use a tx with that leather rim and the th8 shifter and the t3pa pedals.
Also online i am playing with the wheel.
I think it is fantastic, i wont go back to the controller.

Is 540 DOR a good choice for forza 6? Thanks for all the input guys.

540 DOR isn’t bad. When I was using the TX, I found that somewhere in between 540 and 720 actually was really good. It’s personal preference really though.

To answer the question OP originally stated, it took me about 300-400 miles of driving to get the same times as my controller. I don’t know how many hours. But I am guessing that’s between 5-10 hours?

It took longer than I expected.

Personally I was immediately faster with a wheel, as that was entirely natural, versus a controller (albeit with minimal gaming experience at the time) - YMMV …

After reading all the reviews on tx wheels with forza I am so bummed out, I was really looking forward to forza6 with my tx wheel, leather rim, th8a shifter, pro pedals and playseat, man I was so ready…until I plugged it in. Now its 30 days later, the game is about be released and my wheel is still broke, in a last ditch effort I bought another tx wheel plugged it in and it does work now, but tx support has really been responding slow, so slow that now I think they are doing it intentionally. its been 30 freaking days of waiting on them. so unless things change I will get to play forza6 for one day, then pack up the new wheel, the shifter and the pedals and send them back to Amazon before my time to return runs out. email tx support and let them know that I no longer need tx support, that the wheel has been disposed of, then call my nephew and ask him if he would like a new x box with forza6.
Sometimes you need to fight the good fight, other times you need to realize that you made a mistake, made a wrong choice, cut your losses and move on.

The best thing about forza6 and the tx wheel is the spectator mode…salute!

I just purchased a g920 racing wheel. and It’s my first time ever having a racing wheel. But I normally play with no assists, steering on simulation and avatar difficulty hard. With a controller that is, I’m finding it alittle hard to use the wheel. Do most people keep some assists on with the wheels or am I just not use to it.

So thats the question do you play with any assists while using a racing wheel? if So which ones and why.


If you’re a fist time wheel user, please make sure you go through the advanced settings and tweak things a bit that suite your style driving/gameplay…DON’T rely on the default settings, others may argue but I feel the default wheel settings make for a less than desirable experience with all assists off.

I know we have different wheels but I’ll share what has been working for me the best.
My Xbox One w/Kinect Racing setup;
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition (Firmware v50.B9)
Thrustmaster VG TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter (Firmware v26.0)
Thrustmaster T3PA 3-Pedal Wide Pedal Set Add-On
Original Xbox One Wireless Controller w/Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter (Firmware v1.2.2236.0)
Thrustmaster Sensitivity Level = 1 (Normal) Green Light Blinks 1 time
Thrustmaster DOR =540 (Green Light Blinks 3 times) and Forza 6 DOR setting = 540
Thrustmaster Auto Clutch = Enabled (Red light blinks)
Make sure to depress Gas, Brake & Clutch pedal fully 3 times each before starting Forza 6 to calibrate pedals to the wheel.
Any calibration settings made to your TX Wheel via PC has NO effect when connected to an Xbox-documented by Thrustmaster

Forza 6 My in game settings:
-In the wheel settings I have selected Layout 1, Rumble=On, rest of the settings off.
-In the advanced wheel settings I have:
Steering Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
Steering Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 [Default=95]
Acceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 0 [Default=15]
Acceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
Deceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 0 [Default=15]
Deceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 [Default=95]
Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside: 0 [Default=15]
Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 [Default=90]
Handbrake Axis Deadzone Inside: 10 [Default=10]
Handbrake Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 [Default=100]
Vibration Scale: 50 Default=100 Users recommending (40 to 70)
Force Feedback Scale: 50 [Default=100] Users recommending (40 to 70)
Wheel Rotation Angle: 540

I have been going back and forth between ‘Normal’ & ‘Simulation’ for steering depending on the car I’m driving trying to find what works best but I just don’t have a definitive answer on that yet.

I myself prefer to play with all assists off as well and just learn how to drive each car.

As I play through the career mode, some cars feel pretty good with a wheel and others feel so horrible that I would rather visit the dentist and have my teeth drilled on then to play them again…lol. It seems the only way to play those types of cars is to turn back on ABS, TCS and add lots of grip via tune and/or mod pack.


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