My race experiece on FORZA 6 TX Wheel

Im currently playing elite leagues and i am ranked 50 in the division.
I dont play multiplayer beacuse of the known smash fest.

I use a fully simulated cockpit driving setup.
Cobra V2 racing rig.
50 inch 4k tv.
Thrustmaster tx wheel.
T3pa pedals.
Tha8 shifter.

When i tune my car and compete in rivals i generally have a top 1-3% leaderboard score in the world. I think this pretty good considering i use a wheel, and we are at a huge disadvantage…

Unfortunatley in the online lobbys i am always 2-3 seconds off my best lap time in rivals using the same car. Seems strange dont you think??

I have noticed that on certain tracks, on certain bends,
eg: turn 5/7 on bathurst,
Turn 6/8 laguna seca
Turn 4/5 and last chicane on spa. To name a few off the top of my head.

It feels like ice on these bends (and many other tracks) using a steering wheel…
Does anybody else using a wheel feel this?

Common scenario is,
Turn in, car loses grip and starts to oversteer, car tyres turn red and you have 360.

Seems very similar to the infamous Road America turn 3 netcode error.

Dont get me wrong.
Sometimes i can go two laps out of three things are ok.
(Still 2 secs off personal best)
All of a sudden it seems the steering goes completley sour.

This is ontop of controller turning off every other race.(use the turtle beach X07)

When i turn back on mid-race the game freezes for 2-3 seconds making me
a) crash
b) lose time

I have now resorted to turning the controller on and off after every race on the league menus inbetween menus.

3-6 times every night since launch my steering goes ffbx100 and is completly undrivable.

The wheel loses all ffb but but seems 100% on turns when pushing hard,making it unplayable.
It also pulls hard to the left when braking.

This means fully unplugging the wheel and turning it back on.
Costing 10-15 secs per race.

How many other wheel uses experience these problems?

My wheel is fully updated to the latest firmware.

In my honest opinion this is the worst forza to date for wheel users.

I sure hope a fix is in the cards as this game has great potential.

The constant headset freeze and steering malfunction is really getting tiring now.

I hope TURN 10 are aware and making a fix… FAST.

Otherwise for wheel users this game is going to go similar to project cars…

To the sin bin fast.

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I totally agree mate. Im glad its not just myself experiencing these problems…
there is something totally strange with online league and hoppers. Im also in the top 1% in the leaderboards on rivals yet online racing in any class the cars handling just goes off.
its ruining my gaming experience with the wheel as ive spent alot of money on the setup.
forza 6 is very poor at the minute, i mean lack of features, pasted carlists and other disappointments i can kinda put up with but now online is unplayable.
when is turn 10 gonna fix these bugs with steering wheels?? Its alrite makin everythin fine for all the kids controllers but what about us hardcore sim boys on the wheels.
this game is broken at the minute and it needs sorting please. Can anyone point me in the direction of when a fix is coming. Any news is better than no news.

Yes, there are already a number of threads about the poor FFB. There is a sticky thread, if you somehow missed it.
There’s a post about the pulling to the left bug, too.

I would expect a few hardware related glitches in the early stages of FM6, but only to the extend that the user community is being used as UAT testers But these should be addressed shortly!!

Must be a per user based problem. I have no issues to report of with my wheel.


Neither do I. I am using a TX with CSP v1’s and I have not noticed anything wonky at all.

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And the same here,i am enjoying racing with the TX again!!

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So how are you using a TX wheel and CSP V1? There is oly one way… so tell me how please! So I know if you’re BS’ing us.

Would that be the Basher CPX adapter???

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That would be correct. Works like a charm.

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I totally agree with the Tx Wheel issues. I constantly have to exit to the main menu to reset the hard left glitch problem. While driving the Lotus F1 car I have to change the turn radius down in order to make the first turn and last chicane at SPA track. Watkins track I have to adjust things on the advance wheel menu or I will miss the first turn at 68mph. Online for me is a nightmare even with a good tune the car handles like its on ice. Every track is becoming a big headache because I have to adjust the advance wheel settings. Its bad enough trying to find a good tune but now its a trial and error process on every track to see how car responds because of wheel issues. It would be nice to know if Turn 10 is aware of all the problems.

I’m using CSP V2 and it is a little back box called a CPX made by basher. Are you happy sir… I am sorry some of you are having problems but are you using the latest FW? Have you tried to do a hard reset of the XB1? For the ones that think the steering is just bad have you ever used a wheel before? Have you ever used it with FM5 or are you a FH2 player?

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Phoxxy, it sure is hard for people to believe some wheels work well. I have read many of your posts and people are even getting rude calling you out. I have also had this posting that my Fanatec works great. I don’t doubt that there are some issues but I believe that many could be fixed by properly adjusting the setting. I’m glad you are able to enjoy the game as much as I do. To those having problems I hope they get fixed which ever way that may be.

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Tks… was simply checking as many folks BS here. Mine is on order

I am also experiencing the weird ‘pulling hard to the left’ glitch.

Game is completely unplayable for me at the moment.

Have you read this thread? –

There is very helpful information listed. Also, disconnect your controller before launching the wheel, plug in the USB connector, then the power and launch it. Do as the instructions in that thread say, including working each pedal three times.

Mine works great! No problems with my tx

Thanks for the suggestion.

I always calibrate my pedals at the start of the game and also have my deadzones set correctly.

On the vast majority of occasions my wheel is plugged in before the console is started so no controllers are used to start the console or launch the game.

I did enjoy the first week without any TX problems so I’m not exactly sure what has happened…I’ve only just started experiencing the problem over the last few days.

thats strange, right? working good the first week then not.

not had to many issues with my tx wheel but racing on-line is pretty much a no go for me, every corner i get shunted ever so slightly and end up spinning out and facing the wrong way, cant correct any sort oversteer