My racing wheel experience so far

The 920 does not have a mic input. Have to use controller on side.

No way to plug the headset into the wheel…I tried the separate controller/ Mic deal but that was problematic…couldn’t hear half the room and then it shuts off

Looking for another alternative…Turtle Beach maybe?

Fanatec does not have a mic input either!
I’m using a turtle beach 800 elite. Fantastic headset surround sound, Bluetooth so you can play music from your phone & the best thing is that you don’t need a controller plug in because it’s completely wireless & stand alone plug in via usb box. I’m using with my wheel but it was expensive £250 I think!

Thanks for the input guys guess theirs no reason to move to the g920 but I do have a set of turtle beach PX5s that are wireless I will give them a shot thanks, by the way the thrustmaster wheel performs really well better than I expected I just couldn’t bring myself to throw down 700 dollars on a fanatic wheel.

I’m going to try the brake pedal zone adjustment…So far it seemed like the brake pedal has broken in though. Again I just wish the wheel acceleration was as fast as a game pad. I experimented it using 2 player driving the same cars, wheel vs game pad and I could tell the difference that they are not evenly matched.