[Mod edit] "Pile" is an Offensive Word?!

I came round a corner and these cars were all wheelspinning and trying to push each other out the way. It amused me so I took a picture and named it “Pile Up”. Pressed Share and it came up with Inappropriate Content. What’s inappropriate about that?
Noticed in the The 1975 song, the lyrics “playing with yourself” is muted out. Really? Has censorship gone THAT far now? You can buy a gun to potential kill each other, but heaven FORBID we say “pile” or “playing with yourself”
The offensive picture in question:

[Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS so Ive edited your title]

I was publishing an off-road reliant blueprint race and I called it (“hell” on wheels which I understand can be offensive but anyone who plays video games should look out for stuff like that. I completely agree with you btw.

Same. I made a bucket list challenge where you drive a Dodge Challenger Hellcat [HELLcat] where you drive it fast along the highway while making 30 ‘trading paint’ skills before reaching the destination. Logically, I’d call it Ride Like Its Hell but noo…


Instead I had to dumb it down, now it sounds less like how it should feel. Quite sad. No harm meant to be done. It’s just a name. Just like how we got a “Dick’s Sporting Goods” store, and William “Gay” who plays for the the football team Pittsburg Steelers.

The hypersenetive language filter is an Xbox Live thing, T10/PGG have no control over it.

That being said, I’ve had more issues with not-at-all-profane words being blocked in Forza games than anywhere else.

It’s a real pain in the searches thesaurus for inoffensive word


FH2 had it the worst. I once attempted to share a tune with the description “Full Downforce”, only to get blocked by an “Inappropriate Content” message. I know that shouldn’t offend anyone, but my guess is that the word “full” uses the same first two letters as a word I can’t post here, and that may have triggered the language filter. Just a guess, though…

Its the same filter for both games

Yikes! Maybe Microsoft (or whoever does the filter) needs to be more careful so that only truly inappropriate words/phrases get censored, not clean words/phrases.

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Strange how they’d censor words when they’ve got GTA selling the Microsoft Store, and other naughty stuff…

Hmm :thinking:

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Where is this magical gun store in forza horizon that is 100% without any doubt selling guns to only murderers? Pretty sure it is an ESRB ‘E’ rated title. If playground Games wanted to be realistic, they would include drugs in a large music festival, and security would undoubtedly possess weapons, even in a well-controlled nation such as Australia (with proper permits, of course). This would give the rating an ESRB ‘M’, and would severely cut down on their audience. So, seeing as weapons of the firearm kind are definitely not in this game, I fail to see why guns are referenced at all.

Yes, the microsoft word filter is a bit overzealous, but hey, it keeps you on your toes.

He’s talking about other games being sold by Microsoft, lol.

So a reference to something that still isn’t part of the game that employs the word filter?

Lol, you really can’t put “pile” ? That’s pathetic. My club on FH3 is called “Deathrow” but you can’t put the word “piles” haha well done game, well done


I’ve called some of my championships names like bloody ell and gubbins and I’ve not had anything like that pop up yet, I just love using silly words like that for lack of a more imaginative name, I think I’ll try bugger me as the next one xD

Have to say Hell is stupid considering HELLcat is in the game but as people have said its not down to PG/Turn10 so they can’t do much.

It amazes me that you can have bugger, when you think what that means, that’s not really appropriate for kids. That song name that was referenced above, if you are below a certain age its not going to have vulgar connotations to it, and for those that know, well its not really going to protect anyone from anything now is it.

Pile is an odd one, not sure a collection of things (Pile of leaves) or a facility for plutonium production (Atomic Pile(s), no laughing at the back!), or a medical condition is not what I’d consider inappropriate for a younger audience.

Swearing is just one of those things we are brought up to think is bad, when they are just another way to describe something. Many things have multiple words that mean they same yet we don’t get into a tizzy over them, but that’s a discussion for another time and place.

Before I forget, the world filter can sometimes go on the blink. I once left the boxes empty, clicked share photo and it told me there was inappropriate language, so it could just be bugged.

As it’s Microsoft’s filter, and they are American, I wonder how many UK based ‘naughty’ words could bypass it? Or indeed the same from other countries like Australia itself.
I’m sure the major ones will be out but there are plenty more localised ones that might get through. :wink:

I genuinely thought this forum had Edited Pile in my title then… but realised what it actually was. Which “what the flip?” Isn’t really swearing :stuck_out_tongue:
We have gone too far with putting people under 18 in a bubble of fairy dust and unicorns.
Yet go on a headset and you’ll get a 10 year old saying what he’s going to do with his carrot and my mum! Twisted logic.
Surprised by Hellcat :-/

Whilst I’m at it, swearing is subjective and things that people found offensive even 10 years ago, are now commonplace. So give it another 10 years and all those super offensive words like “Pile” , will be used like any other word… we’ll look back at this and oh we shall have a giggle.

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The Hellcat issue reminds me that Hot Wheels/Mattel cant call the Challenger and Charger Hellcats due to some overprotective parent associations, also they had to stop making the '59 Cadillac hearse too. These parent groups think kids shouldn’t be exposed to hearses and Hellcats, but they have no problem with them playing with a Tank and Missile launcher truck, both of which have actually have the ability to launch projectiles.

Just think of all the risky things you can do before 18/21 and all the not so risky things you need to be over 18/21 to do.

Back on topic, it does seem the other British swear words are filtered, its just the one I’ve found gets through.

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That Hot Wheels story is ridiculous.

What naughty British word set off the filter then? XD

Lol. You got a mod edit in your critique of mod edits. Nice.

The profanity checker on the number plates is working strange as well, even for numbers. Does anyone know why “717” is offensive and “718” is not? :smiley: