Language Filter - sometimes blocks when using common words (1592529)

So im trying to make team based liveries for the members of my league…
I name first car:
#67 190E
For key words i type:
SCCA/NASA 190E for CWAD#67 Lizards
Shares fine, already 3 downloads…

Change the decals on car to represent teammate (numbers, name, flag, etc…)
I name second car:
#33 190E
Key words:
SCCA/NASA 190E for CWAD#33 Greentrees
And immediately get
“You have specified something blocked by thd language filter.”

Really? The #33 is forbidden??? Who knew?

Please bring back gifting of decals and paints to friends…

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Just made the changes for the 3rd teamate, changing #s to 24 and it shares fine.



I keep getting this error on my own design/tune. Nothing is on my design just a color change and standard file name. My assumption is they have somehow flagged my GT as being inappropriate???

Yup. Same thing happened to me. Wasn’t quite sure what word was unacceptable when I tried to upload a paint job for a Renault 5 Turbo. Think it may have been the word “Turbo” which is bizzare if it was that!

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I cant import a livery made in FH5 on P1… one that was chosen as a winner in official weekly livery challenge few weeks ago… so official approved by the devs and now in FM blocked by the same issue… :rofl:

It’s the same for years in Turn10 and Playground Games.
Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport use language philters that are not taking into account car names, brands or numbers. Which is totally stupid. They are also still limited in the amount of characters you can use which forces us to use shortcuts that are then banned.

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This really grinds me up.
When naming tunes to share.


Either change the in game vernacular or get rid of the words in the profanity filter.

Unable to use ASSIST - ASSISTS or any derivation of those terms.
As well as HARDCORE - or derivations of those using 4, 0, 3 and the like.

How can you tell a person what your tune is if you can’t even describe in their own terms.
I set times in cars making them among the fastest of those models, usually top in hardcore and can’t even describe them as such.

Are any of you experiencing in game words that are banned. I would like to collect them all and then submit a ticket and the reasoning why they should be removed from the filter. I am sure this applies to paints as well

These programmers make me so angry.

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This has nothing to do with programmers. These are entirely policies implemented by MS/Xbox, which often belong to Idiocracy movie.


Come on leave the nerds allone, they don’t do the rules.

I hate that, Turn 10 had to implement it. But seeing some of society’s finest work in FM2’s tuning marketplace, made their decision understandable.

Can you not even use HC?

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When painting the C 63 Forza I can share a black version with no issue. When painting it silver with a similar description it’s telling me I specified something illegal. What’s illegal about C 63 AMG Forza Custom?


Same stupid language filter as in Forza Horizon. Even car names are sometimes rejected!
They should at least add all car names and models to the filters.

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IMSA GTO AUDI Kodak are being blocked by the language filter.

Confirmed that I can’t use “Lil Alfalfa”. Because of the overly restrictive language filter, I started naming my photos with numbers.

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I have tried to search for turbo in vinyl and I want a language blocked. Why. and can you leave it off ?

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Bug Info: The word “taxi” is blocked for searching for car designs. No idea why this word is blocked.
Platform: Windows PC
Edition: Standard
Account: solo account
Peripheral: N/A
Settings: N/A
Attempted fixes: None possible
Content Update: No idea

Was trying to search for a taxi paint job on my Mitsubishi Galant VR4 using the word “Taxi” in the free text search but it says this word is blocked. Why on earth would you block that word?

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Heads up - since the word filter is managed by Xbox and out of the control of Forza’s team members, we’ve moved this topic out of the Troubleshooting Hub. However we will keep this topic open and ask that you continue to report any new blocked words or phrases here. I’ll keep track of them and we’ll work on communicating through our own channels with Xbox about the disruption it causes for sharing and saving created content. We also encourage you to report these to Xbox directly.


How do we report them to Xbox directly?

Also, “PJ” is a banned word for some reason, as are several numbers from 1-100 when using # at the front.

Try the Xbox Report a Problem app:

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