Launch time clarification

FH5 release access follows two basic patterns:


Access begins at 12:01 AM in your local time zone. For countries with multiple timezones, everyone will have access the moment the Eastern-most time zone reaches 12:01 AM. For example, US Pacific Time players will have access at 9:01pm which is 12:01am on the East coast. This is a “rolling midnight” release pattern.

Access for everyone begins at 12:01 AM with the US Eastern time zone. This is a global release pattern. US Eastern time zone is currently UTC-4 and will switch to UTC-5 on November 7th before Standard/Deluxe/Game Pass access on November 9th. Refer to a time zone converter to understand what this means for your local time. Time in New York, United States now -


Due to the Eastern-most time zone factor, US West coast players see release dates of November 4th and 8th in the Microsoft Store, which correspond to the 5th and 9th for the East coast; a similar situation occurs in Australia.

Early Access
Premium Edition owners on every platform can access the game on November 5th. This is true for Steam regardless of incorrect dates in the Steam Store cart; Premium will release on November 5th as announced. The Premium Add-Ons Bundle DLC is available to purchase on Xbox/Windows for Game Pass subscribers so they can access the game on November 5th.

General Access
Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Game Pass players without the Premium Add-Ons Bundle will access the game on November 9th.

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Hi have see the Game is LIVE on4 Now now ? can i play it tonight after 00H ? Germany Timezone ? becouse for me is it than the Nov 4 ? greetings

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Does the launch time for Early Access on Friday also start at 12:01 for EST, or will it be later on in the morning/afternoon?

EDIT: Nevermind, just saw on the MS store it’ll be at 12:00 AM. :slight_smile:

launch time is 12.01am in each country:
USA - 12.01 ET
NZ - 12.01 NZDT
Australia - 12.01 AEDT

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So being in the US I will wait 20 hours for access after others start? Just clarifying, thanks.

That should be the case. There was a posting on Facebook this morning listing the order of the different time zones, starting with New Zealand. If I could be up at 12.01am tomorrow, I’d have it four hours after them, but will have to wait till tomorrow afternoon cos work.

I’m a gamepass member and I pre ordered the premium addons bundle. Will the rest of the DLC placeholders appeared in the 5th? Because in my xbox keeps showing only game and the 2 placeholders to both expansions, still no welcome pack, vip or car pass.

same here, and i would also like to know the answer

it says purchased in the marketplace for the premium addons bundle but i dont see the vip pass or welcome pack and all the resst of the stuff. just two 10mb placeholderss for expansion pack 1 and 2.

its still not midnight eastern here so maybe itll sshow up later i dont know?

Steam access will be available globally starting 24 hours from the time of this post.

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This is both the must useful thing i’ve seen posted yet. Aswell as the most anoying.

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I’m in no hurry, I’ll wait until tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Gentlemen, playing about with your console time/location settings in an attempt to jump the line during the rolling release schedule is not allowed and can and will result in enforcement action. You place your game and potentially your account in peril by doing so. Don’t try it.

And we’ll have no further discussion on the matter on these forums.


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Not to mention using a VPN to get around Georestrictions etc is expressly against Microsoft and Xbox’s terms of Service

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I am from New Zealand, Steam tells me that the app isn’t available still.

I checked that that my store and device times are set correctly. I have the premium edition.

not sure why I can’t play :frowning: