Start time on Oct 5?

Tried googling and looking around

What time does game become playable on Oct 5?

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Well, it says 9:00 PM on 10/04/2023, but the countdown clock suggests 6:00 PM 10/04/2023 PDT.


Ya it shows 8pm my time Oct 4th lol (est)

So game starts October 4th?

I’m guessing this isn’t a rolling release. It goes active for everyone at the same time. Local time will be different depending on time zone. The further west you go, the earlier the local time will be.

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Ya I’m eastern time (3pm right now )

They said Oct 5 release and thought t10 was in California so 3 hours behind me

Still confused but based off that picture you posted will be Oct 4 for me but everything they say is Oct 5 I figured it was western cali time Oct 5 but guess not haha

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ti was like with starfield which came out 8PM EST the 31st of august instead of the 1st. Mine is saying 8PM the 4th

On Xbox says playable Oct 5 12am tho

Would love if a t10 official could 100% verify start time it’s still so unclear

Xbox says Oct 5
T10 says Oct 5
Count down timer says Oct 4

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It releases for everyone at the same time. For most of the world it’s October 5th. For anyone west of Europe it’s October 4th.

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Bump for someone from t10 to say something just give us a time for 1 time zone so we can all plan for launch

I just hope Steam Premium Edition owners will be able to play at the same time as MS store PE owners.

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Found this

So guess game comes out Oct 4 8pm eastern time for most of us

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