Is Forza Motorsport Better After Update 2?

No! Now the game crashes after every single online race. Not only that but after it crashes the xbox needs a hard restart. I also can’t play it on my PC because it crashes for other reasons there, like the track just stops rendering and audio cuts out. I am so fed up! This game should NOT HAVE BEEN RELEASED in this state… This is like alpha code, not even good enough for beta… so fed up!

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Did T10 do something to the Ferrari in the GT category? It dominates Le Mans right now, no so much in other tracks.

Well I wasn’t speaking on your behalf but sharing my personal experience. Not sure how you managed to take my comment that way, nice work though. Sorry you’re still having issues.

Yet another discovery of a new bug, it’s endless, catastrophic since the last update.

After the crash, the livery editor which bugs with 2 cars, the menus which lag, livery problem which overlaps and which pops, the cars which do not appear in the garage… An incredible bug in solo career, first time that I’ve seen this since I started playing video games.

The AI ​​leaves the road for no reason and stops in the race in the middle of the circuit, my car approaching the pit which goes inside by itself without any possibility of remedying it…:crazy_face:, It’s incredible and pathetic to see this.

Stability on potato pc from New Zealand (cable sharks are real) … yes. Much better about 8 days after 2.0.
Initially, terrible. Pretty sure majority of issues are server side, and they’ve been patching server side stuff furiously.
I am recovering from cancer (Can almost say cured) and have a lot of free time, and only like one genre of gaming. Combustion engines. Tanks and cars.
The experience improved 6 or 7 days ago. Well after the patch.
Then 3 days ago, shader compilation turned into The Flash and no crashes at all.

Turn 10 must be under huge corporate pressure right now. They are doing stuff to make this what we expected.

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Hope you’re doing well :slight_smile: Fingers crossed it’s gone for good :slight_smile:

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