Is Forza Motorsport Better After Update 2?

My advise to anyone that wants really good racing experience…just play other racing games. I’d argue that racing shouldn’t be about progressing or unlocking through single player campaign but just racing should be enough to keep you. The problem with forza is that most of the kids online are prob too young to have any form of racing etiquette and using you as a brake may seems like a norm, or just forcing your way through you. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they dont want practice before multiplayer race, just straight into the action. Even esports lvl guys practice a lot before a race. You’ll get card/track combo that you haven’t driven for some time and without that you’ll be one that misses his braking markers and ram other people on T1.


Not really :confused: the game is very boring and has little to keep you interested… i went back to playing project cars 2 and AC comp wow what a difference cars sound better more tracks and more in depth race options dynamic weather and time of year etc etc .
There are very few tracks in FM or top end race cars … the game needs alot more added to get me playing for more than 10 mins, such a shame as i was expecting this to be the racing games of all racing games.
Not worth 90 quid at all, six years what a joke … thats like taking 6 years to make a car and when it goes the forecourt to sell it has no bonnet or boot door and bits of the dash are missing too … point being it never happens nor should this product !


It is true, unfortunately. Even PCARS2 in this day and age trumps FM2023. I just can’t believe what a lacklustre product this turned out to be. Was excited to see the reveal trailer but had no idea they would take this many shortcuts to release the game.

Oh well, there are always other racing games. Forza isn’t “Forza” anymore. I bet the team that worked on the X360 version and the initial Xbox One version isn’t even with T10/Microsoft anymore.


I’ve got a better game for you… Wreckfest. Especially if like using a wheel and pedals. Its nearly 7 years old and stomps all over Forza Motorsport, Wreckfest has a far superior physics model and the feedback from the cars is excellent.
These so called Triple A title studios are anything but that. Indie devs do a better job with a smaller budget too. I mean even Snowrunner is better with wheel and pedals than Forza Motorsport.


Some areas are running better. I am seeing more 60’s in FPS than 30’s and 20’s. I have RT reflections on and from what I remember, I am running ultra car details, High track details, Mid mirror and windshield reflections. Everything else is as high as it can go on my 5870 x 1080 triple screen display. I still get hung up on track intro sequences and the start of the race is still 15fps. But once the race starts, it jumps to the upper 50’s low 60’s.

(Sounds like a Fall weather forecast instead of FPS. LOL)

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Snowrunner used to give me nightmares. I swear I was shifting in and out of locked diffs in my sleep…

Xbox serie x.

Alas, as I thought, this game is too far away, too many bugs and original problems…

This update is far from correcting all the problems of the game, maybe it fixes some bugs but unfortunately, it also brings new ones, it’s pathetic:

  • bug in the livery editor, sometimes 2 cars appear at the same time and makes it difficult to apply stickers + reflections of a 3rd car.
  • bug, cars no longer appear in the choices of my garage.
  • the menus are slow and jerky at times.
  • Yas marina, the voice speaks in Spanish.

Will need an update to fix the update…

Hélas, comme je le pensais, ce jeu part de trop loin, trop de bugs et problèmes d’origine…

Cette mise à jour est loin de corriger tout les problèmes du jeu, peut-être qu’elle corrige certains bugs mais hélas, elle en apporte également des nouveaux, c’est pathétique :

  • bug dans l’éditeur de livrée, par moment 2 voitures apparaissent en même temps et gêne pour appliquer des stickers + des reflets d’une 3ème voitures.
  • bug, des voitures n’apparaissent plus dans les choix de mon garage.
  • les menus sont lents et saccadent par moments.
  • Yas marina, la voix parle en espagnol.

Va falloir une mise à jour pour corriger la mise à jour…

Meh. No idea if they’ve messed with how any of the cars handle. But my TC Golf which used to turn in nice but with a stable rear end is now just a understeering mess on entry and wants to throw you off the track if you so much as touch a curb. Felt horrible.

Game needs someone in charge who actually likes Motorsport. Get some proper tracks (mainly European and old USA tracks) in and get rid of the made up ones which are absolutely dire.

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They lowered its power and handling

I dunno because my track looks just like your photo and I’m on Xbox Series S :man_shrugging:t3:

Your last gen console version looks like real life?

You’ve got to be kidding me. Have they done it to anything else or just the golf?

I believe the R8 GT3 was affected as well.



I had FM running on Series S over 12 hours today with several visits to featured multiplayer races. No game crashes, no need to restart and game seems to work pretty smoothly so yes, I would say it’s better now.

it still suck, the loading is a joke and when it freezes mid game you hear the engine and when it finaly get back to moving your in the wall, so much hype for a game not half finished yet, maybe they should hire some of the playstation game builders it seems they know how to.

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Got booted 4 times Sunday just before the race started…



I’m not seeing most of this. The only improvements I’ve seen are a lack of extended pre-race intermissions and the ability to tune in practice.

Otherwise, the graphics and stability are identically bad. I get about 20-30 minutes of average fidelity mixed with smooth performance (far below what my rig is more than capable of), followed by a progressive drop in performance and an increase in blurry slop. By the 1-3 hour mark (which has zero rhyme or reason on the length of time), it looks like a completely different game.

Is it a better game? Fractionally. What would make it better though? What would make it a justifiable value?

+Get the game to function correctly so that it can at least match FH5’s optimization
+Rework the graphics adjustment settings; they’re illogical and rarely work
+Get AI performance optimization to function
+Get rid of every recycled car that’s been scanned pre-FM7/FH5 (would end up having to redo about 80% of the existing tiny roster)
+Double the existing roster of cars
+Double the number of available tracks
+Overhaul the archaic menu infrastructure and everything related to it (eg photo mode, vinyl editor)
+Include even the most basic forecast system so that weather is a strategic factor, not a mysterious nuisance
+Add proximity radar, or do literally anything that’s not the vague proxy arrows that continue to glitch out (two races today where I have a permanent arrow on my HUD)
+Rework the penalty system
+Rework the matchmaking system
+Rework the hopper system
+Eliminate FOMO time/progression-locked cars
+Introduce longer races where tire strat actually means something outside of an obligatory med/med soft/med cycle
+Rework the tire wear system altogether; it sucks
+Fix handling on prototype-level vehicles
+Re-introduce auction system
+Fix replay system (still does not work)
+Bring back drifting and drag racing
+Create a campaign that actually means something, not a set of generic, short races with nothing but a token intro with zero impact
+Add AI to private multiplayer lobbies (why is something this simple missing)

So much work to do before this is considered a better game by any practical level.


since the update my game crashes more and now i find the menus a slower and have a harder time loading and now freezes on series x


Neither of these issues you’re talking about are fixed. In fact, I had a “quick” (30 secs) recompiling shaders optimization screen and after 2.0 update worsened as many were pointing out (like 10 mins loading time). Continuous crashes that I’ve never experienced before, same infinite loading screens… what are you talking about, precisely?

You seem like the only person claiming they got anything fixed with that update. The game is horribly made and that’s a fact. The majority of users are facing the same problems over and over… hope you got well paid for writing that comment.