Is Forza Motorsport Better After Update 2?

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I mean… It couldn’t be any worse so im gonna assume the answer is: yeah, probably

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I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Newly scanned tracks is another lie, they’re just scanning curbs, and making 3D environments. I don’t even know if the curbs are real because they all sound the same. Wouldn’t surprise me.


Is a pig pretty after putting on some lipstick?
Does a band-aid fix a bullet wound?

…That might be crude low-hanging fruit, but let’s face facts:
this title is at least a year away from having any hope of rising from its ashes after it knowingly burned itself down - assuming they even want to salvage it.

There’s just so much wrong with it & so little right with it that nothing short of being completely re-“bUiLt FrOm ThE gRoUnD uP” could possibly save this sunken ship - and so far, it feels like they don’t even want to save it.

There’s almost nothing left in this series besides cars & tracks.
They’ve pushed away almost every segment of their audience…
• They’ve pushed away tuners by making upgrades a chorezathon.
• They’ve pushed away multiplayer racers with their format of online racing & a wonky penalty system.
• They’ve pushed away single-player career racers with a lackluster single-player experience & janky AI.
• They’ve pushed away painters with a recycled ancient livery editor.
• They’ve pushed away photographers with an outdated photo mode.
• They’ve pushed away communities with few (if any) in-game community-building features.
• They’ve pushed away car lovers with graphics that make some cars look bad.
• And they’ve pushed away almost everyone with a shamefully long list of high-impact bugs/defects/issues.
…It’s as if they literally do not want anyone to play & enjoy this game.
Who did they make this game for?


If you have a wheel there’s no reason to even care about Nordschleife on FM8, it will be mediocre, the track surface FFB will be plasticky, no granular details, no bumps to feel like rest of their tracks, you won’t get the rubber on tarmac feel, I have no idea what T10 does with laser scanning, may be they scan the trees instead of the surface. Almost all sims have it and ACC also going to launch it by the time FM8 gets it, AC1, rF2, AMS2, etc have really good versions of it which T10 can’t match ever.


lol click bait.

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on Steam.

But what are the games?

If I follow what you’re saying about the FM track surfaces v real track surfaces. The FM track surfaces all look faded out grey. I don’t recall any track surfaces looking truly like actual blacktop surfaces.

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This game feels like im playing a 10 year old game on a free emulator. :broken_heart:


Ok then let me put the full list on which I have info on and you can pick which you like -

  • Assetto Corsa - buy on sale, I think whole game + dlc can be as low as $5-10. Also it is played with an addon called Content Manager and Sol which improved this decade old game. Also tracks and car mods are there at racedepartment website for free, even has a Targa Florio mod and the modded cars have better physics in them than official forza. Some modders sell cars and tracks for a living. Con - Bad AI (but not FM level)

  • rFactor 2 - Best FFB when it comes to rubber on tarmac feel, they dont go on sale that much and DLCs are bit costly but not iRacing level. And thousands of free modded tracks and cars in Steam workshop, easy to install. Great AI. Con - HUD is as dated as FM8, unmovable, unresizable, and can crash with AMD GPU like FM7 used to.

  • Automobilista 2 (AMS2) - Best Graphics, based on Project Cars 2 engine, but with improved FFB, Physics and Handling. recently adding tracks and cars from PC2 is enabled. Low on GT3 cars but lots of high quality content especially Formula Cars over years. FFB not as great as rF2 but still one of the best. Has historic tracks like older Spa and Nordschleife 1971, Sudschliefe, and lot more. Average AI but far better than FM8

  • Raceroom - One of the best AI, has a few cars and tracks for free to start with. The Best TC car collection. The Graphics are very dated but they are working on it, it’s kinda a dying one. But huge collection of tracks and cars of all types.

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione - this is GT3/GT4 specific Sim, the best but limited in cars and tracks but kinda the pinnacle of quality. They will be launching Nordschleife next year. This has large multiplayer base, mostly via LFM (lowfuelmotorsport website) community which is a clone of the iRacing system. And lots of other leagues and esports. This also has few cup cars like Porsche Cup 992, Ferrari Challenge, Lambo ST, BMW M2, all latest models.

  • iRacing - The largest multiplayer Sim with the best Single player AI. Each Car and Track is bought separately and you can only play with subscription even the single player part. The Graphics are not as bad as Raceroom but they are working on updating it. The Dev are every transparent they even have a customer support team and they have reporting system to stewards without any QR scanning. Though it’s costly it’s good, really good. Compare price on website and Steam, For me subscription was cheaper on Steam due to regional pricing.

  • Richard Burns Rally by - This is a Sim for rallying. A old abandonware current maintained and updated by rallysimfans community. Tons of rally with one of the best surface FFB. One gripe I have witth Dirt Rally and WRC series is the roads are just too perfect, RBR fixes that, they have potholes and damaged roads and it’s a thrill to drive. Fully Free and with multiplayer leaderboard for each rally.


At last I did not have any more “missing texture” but so far as they don’t remake the pentalty system or put ghosting the game is unplayable in multiplayer (and the game is only multiplayer, so…)

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Yes and no.

They fixed the save game bug so at least we can play the game now.

But performance on all platforms is worse.

Still a lot of features missing that were present in ALL Motorsport and Horizon games!

Engine sounds are nice but do sound like you’re driving through a tunnel all the time.

Single Player campaign seems very short.


Yea all the multiplayer is fixed.

Load time to get in the server is fixed.

No more infinite loading screens.

No memory leak crash.

Graphics have been sharpened up (or something… it looks much better).

You can tune in practice.

Tire/fuel before race black screen is fixed.

I think there’s a lot more but that’s what I noticed myself… I played for like 4 hours tonight on mp and it didn’t crash once or have any frame drop/instability.

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I have a big Problem with my Simucube Wheel on PC. Everytime when i start Forza, my Wheel is blocked.
Icant move my wheel. This is happen direct after installing the Update from 14th Nov. I cant solve this Problem. My wheel works fine in ACC and all other Racesims. This is very anoing.

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… BeamNG also has it, and when you crash your vehicle in BeamNG it actually smashes … :slight_smile:

To be fair to Turn 10 I only discovered BeamNG, and AC, ACC, rFactor 2 after waiting patiently for 6 years for their new game - and after being sooooooooo disappointed in it I managed to obtain a refund. Almost got all of them on sale for the same price as the Ultimate Edition of Forza too…


Thanks for the big indepth review. Lots to look at.

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The funny thing about adding the ring is that the vast majority of casual players are not going to enjoy it or be able to drive it well. It’s a track for enthusiasts, and the enthusiasts are not a large group right now on FM.

Can you imagine races with multiple laps? Half the lobby will quit.


Game in current condition is “I will play a race or two a day” type of experience. Anything else will get you frustrated!

It improved little bit after update 2.0 (at least for me):

-it looks a bit better, little bit more sharp
-save bug not present anymore (at least for me, and let me say in my case bug was introduced wit 1.1 hotfix that was supposed to fix it)

And that is pretty much everything that’s fixed, but only for some people.
It is telling that they cannot get the game to work consistently among Series X users, what chance do PC players have?