I just gifted over 500+ cars. Enjoy!

Hey all, I wanted to give back to the community so I’ve just gifted over 500 cars. I mean I literally wanted to give back to the community by giving back all these dumb cars you gifted me first. Please only gift good cars. I don’t want or need 100 willy jeeps. Can we please also update the thank you options when we receive a gift with options such as “this car sucks” or “no thanks return to sender”. Thank you.


Instead of adding “I’m a jerk” responses, I’d rather have an option to autosell (or even auto re-gift) duplicates like with Wheelspins.


How nice to see that the community spirit is alive and well in FH5, is it any wonder the gifting car total is taking so long to fill. lol

I bet the number of gifted cars is irrelevant and that the total will move as we approach Xmas day on which the total will be reached.


Maybe so, but is not that difficult to just gift cars you don’t want its what I do. lol

That’s the crux of the problem. Most people are gifting cars they either don’t want or have duplicates of resulting in 95% of gifted cars being unwanted gifts.


Gifting them to new players shouldn’t be an issue. Only people i gift to.

So, what you are saying is everybody should only gift 1 million+ cars? Maybe limit it to those over 10 million? Just because you don’t want the cars doesn’t mean another person wouldn’t!

I would say that the gifting system needed some more thought though…it really should be checking if the player already has the car and, if they do, moving on to another person. That way people only get cars they don’t already have. However, being Playground, it had no thought at all put into it


+1 on everything.

I like the gifting system, but some sort of check would be nice.
The system is going to get more and more obsolete as more people start filling their garages though.

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Unless there is some change to this system, when FH5 reaches a stable player-count there will be more players who have any given model than those who don’t. At this point, any unwanted car will enter a constant state of re-gifting until people start deleting them from their garages.

Me personally, because PGG did their typical lack of QOL in UI implementation, this is the one car menu with no “Car History” option, so I can’t guarantee the duplicate I’m gifting is the one I want to give (e.g., the one that was not originally mine). And I’m sure not going to be constantly going in and out of menus, favouriting, etc. to confirm every time. Therefore if the car is low enough value, I just go in to Change Car where I can be sure it isn’t my original, and then delete from garage.

In fact, when I do a garage clean-out and DO want to gift, I go to the Auction House, where I can at least confirm its not my original, then sell en mass, and when the listings expire, use the Gift Car option from the Reclaim Car menu. Its faster, and I can be reassured it’s the right copy I’m gifting.

Which you are not forced to keep, so not really an issue.


4 hours to gift as many cars as your garage can hold.

I have another 100 unwanted Willy’s ready to regift anyone that disagrees with me. You have been warned.

Do we even know what the Kudos points do yet?

Maybe gear it so the higher value cars give more Kudos.

I must have been lucky as out of maybe 10 gifts of the cars i’ve been gifted I’ve not had before. I think I had one Audi S1 I had before.

Agree would be good if the gift was on the wheelspins.

Probably about the same as what Likes do on Social Media…naff all! They are just there to say “Hey, you are one popular person. Congratulations!” and, to the player with zero or a handful of Kudos “Hey, you are sad and pathetic, you have no friends. Congratulations!”

I have been excited twice by Kudos: When I got my very first Kudos as it took a while…and then yesterday when I got my first Kudos for a Blueprint I made (which was surprising as I raced it with a convoy of 10 previously and everybody unaminously hated it!). Beyond that, I don’t pay it any thought


Kudos should exist for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To give kudos to drivers who race cleanly. And they should be visible to other players.


So you’re complaining about the number of unwanted cars that are being gifted? So to ‘fix’ that you do exactly the same… gift lots of unwanted cars… making the issue worse? That’s a stroke of genius. Why not just delete them when you receive them, or not collect them at all?


You have been gifted 100 Willy’s. Hahaha, ehhh, hohoho Merry Christmas!

Can you gift to individuals?

On the bright side - at least it’s not 100 BMWs.

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