Gifts for new players, sending some good will

Here’s a challenge for the experienced players. I just posted a few of the 2015 Porsche Caymans for new players so they can add their SP and claim the wheel spins. So send out some good will to the new players.


As there is no actual reward for gifting cars at moment, I wont be doing that.

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If thats the case you’re doing it for wrong reason anyway.


That’s fine because now if I get duplicates in wheelspins I instantly sell them, its much more rewarding. lol

I’m reporting you for spam if I receive one of these dumb cars

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Please do me a favor and add a smiley to your posts. :-o
I had to specifically unblock you after I saw who the post was made by, after hitting “block user” by reflex for the … ingenuity. :./

Back to the post:
So far I have received gifted cars from the Forzathon shop that were intended for me just fine, they are also shown in my garage.
I have gifted cars back to the donor which were also received by them.
I also have gifted cars (2) to others which sadly never made it into their Inbox.
One of the recipient also received cars from others which then weren’t found in their garage after crushing the parcel.
So for me it’s a mixed experience.

As for standard giveaways
Me personally I re-gift a different car of the same value after I receive one, mostly so that one car won’t be sent around and around (like the seemingly popular Nissan Skylines). :slight_smile:
It’s a bit difficult to look for duplicate cars, as some of them were already tuned (and painted) and are not displayed adjactend to each other in my garage when in different PIs.
A duplicate filter would help a lot. :-}


I’ve gifted over:

25 Bentley Blowers last week = approximately 100,000,000 credits
20 Ferrari LaFarraris = 160,000,000 credits (AH based 8 mil value)
2 SVJs = 40,000,000 credits (AH based 20 mil value)

Then a whole ton of duplicates and then a load more over the Christmas festival. I even started re-gifting my gift cars. Nearly 300,000,000 probably closer to 400,000,000 credits worth in total…! Yet hardly got a thanks in return. I’m happy to help others, but I think there comes a point of why, when most don’t want them or don’t want to thank you for them?

Maybe if they showed what car was in the gift before you picked it up, would help? That way people aren’t wasting time for the same car over and over (yes I know it’s supposed to be a surprise and yes I know you don’t need to collect it, but it doesn’t work in it’s current format and keeps bugging me every time I login to the game, until I go collect it).

And no I’ve not once cheated or used a XP farming to gain credits, (just in case anyone wants to claim this on me).


I think I got one of those Bentleys. Thanks. We’ll since I’m just a new player to the game I just thought it would be a cool gesture to pass on some good will to other new players. It’s all just part of the game. Whatever makes it fun and worth playing.

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Ah fantastic, glad it went to someone who deserves it. Thanks for letting me know :+1:

I think a good part of few thanks getting sent is that a LOT of the gifts being sent are never actually delivered because of bugs. Or “delivered” but not picked up because of bugs, I’ve lost some gifts that way myself (Gift in Barn, go there, and nothing, etc)

And then too, it might be that a lot of people (myself included) are tired of all the garbage being pawned off as “gifts” in barns. Waste of time chasing them down only to find it’s a cheap common car, or worse has been stripped of any valuable Skill Tree items that would make it worth picking up to grab a Wheelspin or whatever and delete. So yeah, could be those very worthy and well intentioned gifts of value you’re generously and kindly spreading are by and large being ignored entirely. I’ve said it before, the Gift mechanic is a nice idea, poorly thought out, and ruined by many in a greed frenzy for Kudos (which in themselves also seem rather useless and pointless)

YES ! 500 TIMES YES ! !

And show us the livery so we know it’s not going to get us banned. And either reset or show the Skill Tree so we know it’s not been stripped. And finally let us send the “Thank You” AFTER we have checked out the car so we know it’s worth thanking someone for. NOT before. I’m long past tired of being guilted in thanking someone in advance for what turns into taking out their trash.

I must admitt that I even don’t know how to give kudos for gifted car - all I got are four (I think) message proposals after accepting the gifted car - and mostly I think you get no kudos at all if you do it anonymously. That neither your gamertag nor character’s name stand behind the gift but only horizon superstar. And I don’t know how long it takes to deliver the gifted car.

I only know that the cars gifted through the forza wonderland shop (or forzathon shop) never reached their destination.

That I got 12 cars gifted that never get found (got the gift message, it shows the garage to find the gifted car but the garage was empty).

And that two cars that I wanted to gift but got a error message to try it again never got to my garage as well - one of it was a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Got only a message from the support team that the ticket was marked as solved and closed by that way… though I got none of the cars back.

For the christmas event I had bought extra cars to gift and gifted additionally all my doublettes, even the ones I mostly delete because it is bothering me gifting those cheap cars. But now the playlist forces me to do so as we get some constantly low value cars the last week (GMC Ventura or VW Scirocco or the Lancer Evo Idk the number).

The cars I win I gift now - wheelspin doublettes only if they worth more than 100 000 credits…

As far as I am aware, when you choose one of the thank you messages, the other player gets Kudos…if you choose the “cancel” (or however it’s listed) to not send a thank you, then no Kudos is sent and the player just gets a “your car was delivered” message

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I’ve got nearly every car in the game (4 elude me thus far that are available) and most cars I now get from Wheelspins I gift but I specifically gift them to new players. If you dont want a car you can simply re-gift it, of course.

The gifting system needs logic that only gifts a player if they don’t have one in their garage. When I had 50% of the cars, I stopped going to the barns because I was only getting duplicates.

I’d gift a lot more cars if I was sure it was going to someone who wouldn’t be annoyed by it.


I think if you get gifted a car that you already own you should get a cash alternative which would then make me like it more.


Funny thing I get yesterday again two cars mentioned by the accompanying note for new players. I have over 700 cars, play the game since the night of 4th to 5th November and have over 300 000 000 credits and prestige level 4 with 246 player level.

So why the game thinks I am a new player? I maybe have gifted since start of the game about 100 or more cars. It would be in deed a nice feature if you could disable receiving gifts somewhere in the options of the game. That would spare some server time for all the players who don’t need or want gifted cars at all.

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I try to at least add a unique livery and couple upgrades to differentiate the car form the default look/color before gifting out as I feel a little personal touch can be just as valuable or cut down on the annoyance of getting the same $5000 car gifted to others over and over again. It’s like when you are a kid and have no money to spend on a gift for mom, so you make your own card as it’s the thought that counts.


I always send a thank you message when I get a new car, and always gift duplicate cars rather than sell them.

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I’ve only been playing semi regularly since mid-season 2. I have 260 cars. I appreciate the gifts. Thanks to those that send them.

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The gifting feature would be 1000x better if you could reply to gifters with a custom message. It would be so fun to read people’s replys in game when you login. Too bad we all live in a PC world.

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