How to complete the "Happy new year" accolade?

the one where you need to see a lanterns in guanajuato during new year. i have been driving around the city but have no idea where these lanterns.

The New Year Accolades in the Evolving World group refer to Series 3, which starts on January 6th. See the Coming Soon tab in the Festival Playlist menu.


ah, thank you!

Got this unlocked yesterday doing the Horizon open “Driftacular” event, Just popped up whilst in between events?

Happy new year Accolade

I got it yesterday, too. Some event or other. Anyway, as written already it’s a Series 3 thing.

Any chance of this happening again during Jan '23?

Almost certainly.

I’m looking to complete it Thursday. The one with 25 lanterns can be done with an eventlabs now, but the Happy New Year appears to need the weekly update to hit.

[Correction Edit - the smashable lanterns in the Dunas Blancas are available as a Collectibles challenge in the Summer Season Festival Playlist. - this will unlock the “Another One Lights the Dust!” Accolade.]

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This is exactly what I’m trying to find out. How to complete the accolade. I’ve been waiting for 7 months for this.

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well, I can’t find the da mn things in the city, the accolade won’t complete. I did the other one with the AT37/38 on the other hand…

I think they celebrate the chinese newyear, so 22e jan or after :thinking:

Couldn’t find any, did an EventLab instead…

Here’s the code (worked for the accolade and the collectibles): 163 772 244


Doing the weekly event doesn’t trigger the “Happy New Year” accolade, though. Also, driving around randomly in Guanajuato also doesn’t seem to trigger it. I’m at a loss on how to trigger it currently.

For everyone talking about the lanterns in Dunas Blancas, that’s the “Another one lights the dust” accolade. The one in question here is about lanterns in Guanajuato.


Yup, sadly, unless it changes in upcoming weeks, the devs in their infinite wisdom decided, that everyone who didn’t yet have the game last year, or was in hospital for example and couldn’t play, does not get a chance this year to get this accolade.

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No, we aren’t, I’d say it’s a typical case of someone calling others dumb being dumb themselves. If you were to look it up, last year, it was available from January 6th, as soon as the series started. It wasn’t from 22nd.

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Does anyone know yet how we unlock this accolade?