Evolving World Accolades

Does anyone know what’s up with these?

Today, the Happy New Year accolade popped for me despite it not being the new year so I thought I’d see if I could do any of the others. There’s one called Another One Lights the Dust and one of the cars either doesn’t exist in the car collection screen or they got the year wrong. Assuming it’s the year, neither vehicle is available to purchase. They both say "may appear as a reward in Season Events, Festival Playlist or Forzathon Shop. I’ve looked at the remaining events for this series but I don’t see either of them.

Does anyone have any info?

Which car doesn’t exist?

The 2014 Toyota AT38. There is a 2007. The other, which is there, is a 2016 AT37 but like I said, neither of them are attainable at the moment. Maybe they’ll be in the next series but that section of the accolades seems like it’s specifically for the holidays.

Happy New Year and Another One Lights the Dust are intended to be completed during Series 3. The Toyota AT37 and AT38 are upcoming Series 3 reward cars.

The accolade says a different year for the AT38 than car collection or promo mode.

Well, there’s a bug for the Known Issues list. Happy New Year randomly completed for me while doing rivals.

Was the same with the one Aston Martin where they had a typo in the accolade…