Horizon 10-Year Anniversary (Series 13) | Oct. 6 livestreams

On October 23, 2012, Forza Horizon introduced you to the Horizon Festival in Colorado. As the 10-Year Anniversary of Playground Games’ debut release approaches, we’re excited to share a glimpse of how we’re celebrating in Forza Horizon 5 with our community.

Whether you started your Horizon journey in Colorado, or later joined us in Southern Europe, Australia, Britain, or Mexico, you’re invited to relive some of the series’ most iconic gameplay moments in the Horizon 10-Year Anniversary update, available to download for Forza Horizon 5 on October 11, 2022.

Look out for a brand-new Horizon Story exploring the origins of the Forza Horizon series, the return of fan-favorite music hosted on a fresh radio station, the adrenaline-fueled Midnight Battles mode where you can score cars by winning head-to-head races, and much more.

For a tease of what’s to come, check out the Forza Horizon montage video below so you can get into the festival spirit:

October 11 marks only the start of the fun, as it’ll be followed by four weeks of anniversary themed events and challenges on the Festival Playlist highlighting each previous entry in the Forza Horizon series.

We’ll be diving into the Horizon 10-Year Anniversary update on our livestreams next month – stay tuned to our Forza social channels for broadcast details.

See Xbox Wire for more announcements made at the Tokyo Game Show today.


Looking forward to this, especially the midnight battles back


Do we get a mayor bugfix package worth a “10 Year Anniversary” update?


Unusually for me the music sounds the most promising, haven’t had music of any sort on in FH since Groove was integrated back in FH3 and only bothered with the in-game music in the first 2 games.

Good to see PG acknowledging the anniversary as well, the beloved Rockstar for example did absolutely nothing for GTA 4’s 10th in 2018, not even a low effort T-shirt for GTAO.


Yes the music from the past sounds good.


NICE, returning things from previous games, I love it.


The original Horizon remains my favorite of all and I play it regularly.


Looking forward to this :smile:

I do look forward to this but I’m a bit concerned on how it will all pan out.

First and foremost, cars. Licensing is a weird issue and there’s some instances where most of the cars that were in the old FH were lost there in limbo. Sadly, some of them like Gumpert and Devon, for example, are never likely to return anytime soon. And secondly, I think this next series will involve all four Horizon games.

The ‘greatest hits’ collection of music from previous Horizons are a good start, but it’s all dictated on licensing. And this is where this become a huge red flag: censorship.

In previous Horizons prior to H4’s March 2019 update, most of the songs being censored back then were just mere expletives, which were fine and were at least listenable. But then something happened, and now even mere suggestive themes are now prohibited. I suppose ‘Mild Lyrics’ is missing nowadays since that would fit that description.

I just hope the returning music would be mostly Hospital Records content, which is much better in my honest opinion.

Just my two cents.


If only they’d listen to the players more! Another game I play seems to make immediate changes when things are suggested.


A shame I didn’t transfer my FH data to cloud from the 360 now that i don’t have it any more, so many memories from the first one: the MP Lobbies… Darius Flynt’s 599XX… Wow

Would love it if they made the original two games availible to download and play for the anniversary so many of us missed them and would love to play them be good to see them all up and chance to play them even if cost, I’ve tried play forza two bought 3 discs for Xbox and none will download fully, would love chance to play that and the first game


and the expansions.

Completely agree….new music station with horizon classics + midnight battles?….yes please!

Gosh….so many good things about Horizon 1.

Hopefully this means my Shelby 1000 returns….again.


Please fix the bugs in S12 first. After new update of S12, I have a preview issue, the 20 points car don’t show up in both playlist and garage but can actually unlock it. It is issue in Game Book (Win 11), but no issue in xBox S.

repaint or upgrade the car and at least the garage thumbnail should show the correct vehicle…

Would like to see an actual Rock Station - one that actually plays proper Rock Music instead of the drivel that we get on the current “rock” station that has no rock music at all…


Yeah….that would be nice…I liked the other stations in past games (and I do like classical) but yes…there does seem to be a need for that.


Agreed - Spent many an hour on the Classical station in FH4 though being a die-hard Metal fan.
Not had a listen to FH5’s version yet though…

I would be happier with more music. I enjoyed Hospital FM in FH4 but ended up turning the radio off in FH5