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Music From The Horizon titles Newest to Oldest! (FH5-FH1)
-Horizon Rocks/Vagrant/XS

-Horizon Bass Arena

-Horizon Block Party

–Horizon Hospital Records

-Horizon Pulse

With the upcoming 10 year anniversary tribute, we are getting a new radio station tribute (Horizon Mixtape), which was officially stated during a Forza Monthly and Lets go streams. Though it was teased throughout the week. Here are the songs! The nostalgia is like none other!

If you missed the livestreams or do not know where to access them… see the link below:

–Forza Horizon 5: Horizon Mixtape

With FH5’s Rally Adventure Expansion Released. We had gotten new sound tracks in a returning station called Epitaph as listed in the spotify below. (Disclaimer: Spotify didnt have censored versions of some songs so I apologize.)

-Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure Expansion Epitaph

Forza Motorsport OST Fm4-Fm7 (Disclaimer: Sadly Fm1-Fm3’s OSTs are not on Spotify)

All in One! From FM4-FH5 All titles have been featured :smiley:

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