Gifting Should Be Removed

well no, you can’t gift directly from the carlist, you have to leave the carlist and go into the giftingcarlist and there is no sort for recently added cars…

its not quick and simple but its unpolished…

I just wish I could sell every duplicate car I get in the Auction house for 20 mil like some do, they should really let everyone do that or no one.


Just ignore it. And no, that’s not hard. The message is so brief that the size isn’t an issue. Try blinking every now and then.


Useless? I have given away Sesto Elemento FE (because I don’t need 2) for example. Your definition of “useless” must differ from mine drastically.


Ignore it… its easy to ignore… usually they show up after gamestart while leaving home… so it shows the popup and the enter home screen at same time… driving few meters and both is gone…
without the giftmessage it shows the enter home only and you’re already ignoring this

In all honesty, just ignore it.


Why? There’s really no reason to. You can just ignore it (Yes I said it). There are really 2 options: Ignore it and keep going with what you were doing or go pick it up just in case it was actually a good car. If it’s not, just don’t send a thank you and delete it if you must. Or even re-gift it. It doesn’t take much time, I really don’t know why people are so annoyed about it.

It may take up half of your screen, but it only stays for about a second. Just don’t press enter and keep going with what you were doing. Presumably you can wait one second to look at your livery.

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They should make it so you only get one if you don’t have that car…or add an option to gift to someone that doesn’t have one.

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Yup , it should. Like many other idiotic mechanics in the game. So, take a sit, and wait. Maybe in two years we dont have it anymore.

What I read here is that YOU don’t gift decent cars, and no-one has gifted you a decent car either, so you wrongly assume no-one ever has. I’ve gifted 40 or more 2mil+ cars specifically because they were useful, and over a hundred more that were expensive, because sometimes it’s just nice to have an expensive car sitting in your garage. Don’t mistake your lack of luck, or your lack of decency, for there being none at all in this community.


People assume “common” cars are always “worst” than rare, epic or legendary cars… thats a real problem many new players have.

I can say that most of my fav cars are common lol. They sound better, they handle better, they look better most of the times…

But that is not a problem. I dont care about cars, period. My main “goal” of the game is precisely to collect as many cars as i can (i dont even need all of them) and make a list of favs that i can drive. But collecting cars is so ridiculous easy that the gift system is just annoying, period, it doesnt serve any purpose at all. It only gets in the way of your regular playtime.

It has the same exact problem as every single other gameplay mechanic in this game. Lack of thinking, polishing and most important LOVE. If we had a screen dedicated to gifting things, if we could gift more things than just cars, if we could SEE all the gifts we recieved but we didnt get because we didnt want to in that precise time (so we can get them later), if we could gift a car FROM ANYWHERE and i didnt have to travel to any place to do it, ETC, ETC, ETC

There are many “IFS”. So, conclusion, why are we going to have another idiotic mechanic that the only thing it does is to get in the way (even if its insignificant).

I would prefer to have none of these idiotic additions, and instead, see more work on actual polishing and love. But well, at this point i know thats never going to happen so the only thing we can ask for is to remove features.

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I gift every car I win if I already have it wheelspin cars , cars from seasonal, any car that is a repeat and only to new players.

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I do that on a regular basis too!


Yeah well, please, STOP.

I’m not particularly keen on the Gifting as the resulting Kudos has no reward associated with it, no additional XP, CR or even an Accolade to accomplish.

However, I always send a Gift Car right out again, whether I have the car already or not, and I always gift duplicate cars except from a wheelspin, which I always sell.

If a recipient finds a gifted car useful, either for their own garage or to sell, then it serves a purpose, albeit a small one.

As with many things in FH5, you don’t have to take part. The idea of being ‘bombarded’, I doubt. I only ever see one or two gift cars on a daily basis, but usually only one.

I would like it if they gave the option to instantly sell gift cars if you already have them like they do with wheelspins


I still check gift drops, cause the odd time you do get a Ferrari or FE car, or something you can gift thats nice, or throw on auction house for smallest amount possible and see what happens.

Maybe someone gets a million CR car for 200K… who knows.

Also, I must say - I ended up getting one of the harder/rarer cars in a gift drop back in December. The NSX-R GT,… so yeah sometimes people are very very generous and truly show the spirit of horizon.


I don’t see the point of gifting cars to be hones you don’t get anything other than the worthless kudos points for doing it, so I simply don’t gift cars, duplicates in wheelspins I sell immediately anything else I try to flog in the auction house because if it sells at least you get something for it.

If you need to get something in return for being nice to another player, you’re doing it wrong :wink:


Blimey there’s some ungrateful people on here. Personally I gift every car (I’ve already got, always to new players, there’s frankly no sense in keeping it, and who knows, it could help them).

  1. The person doing the gifting DOES NOT know you’ve already got the car, they’re just trying to be nice (rare in multi-player games)
  2. You don’t have to accept it, you’re free to ignore it
  3. If you’ve got the car already, re-gift it, sell it or delete it, the person gifting it doesn’t care what you do with it.

I always go and see what the gifted car is too, as there’s been quite a few times, it’s been cars I’ve not got already (of all ages (common → legendary)

Personally I wish FH4 had gifting, I’ve got a plethora of duplicates in that one that I can’t give to someone else, but wish I could (the Hoonigan’ for example).

Would it be nice if it checked;

if(player_x_has_car == 1){

Absolutely, but sadly, PG are about as useful as Epic when it comes to thinking properly.

Hopefully the above makes sense (had no sleep and lots of gin).