Gifting Should Be Removed

Just today I was gifted the Honda Civic (2016 I think), the one with the livery that was in Forzashop a few weeks back and was selling for 20M on auction (no idea on going rate now)

Yes, I already owned it, but its harder to acquire, and I know I’ve seen people looking for it.

Point is, I didnt need it, and dont need credits so hopefully whoever received this gift needed it, or at least made some CR.

Not every gift is pure doo-doo, that is 4 cars now in my game experience with FH5 that were ultra rare, unavailable on auction, or just commanded a high price. Some people, myself included, still care to help people and I hope someone gets use from it.


lol, i already have about three of those. So its obviously not that rare unless you are talking about a different car (maybe the one you are talking about is from other year?). And nobody gifted to me. I dont have a clue where i got them. Wheelspin, probably and some email gifts from the devs i guess.

Again, it doesnt matter. Point is, most of the times you get gifted crap cars you already own or that you are never going to use. And at firts it is only a nuisance, but after a hundred of msgs poping up, it starts to get really annoying. As said multiple times, im not against this, im against about implementin something like this without having a clue how to do it.

I gift cars frequently. Not every car I get though. If I get a common car from a Wheelspin, I’ll sell it. However on the occasion I get something tasty, I’ll gift it, and I always gift to new players. If I receive a gift car I already have, then I gift it onward. I’ve gifted an AMG One and a Shelby Daytona (to name a couple) as well as several FE cars. Sure Kudos is pretty much worthless, but welcoming a new player to the franchise with a nice car should be reward enough. The gifting algorithm could probably do with tweaking, but there’s not a lot the players can do about that. If you don’t like the gifting system, then that’s fine, but there are a lot of people who are grateful for the gifting system, and probably a lot of people who like it.

There are plenty of things wrong with the game as it stands right now, but gifting is not something that needs fixing. People like different parts of the game for different reasons, and people also dislike the same parts of the game. For instance, I hate the Playground Games, but I wouldn’t demand that they’re removed simply because I don’t like them, because I know there are many players that do. Why should my opinion matter more than theirs? The simple answer is that it doesn’t. It’s just an opinion. They could introduce an opt in/out of gifting though, that would be a viable solution, but to ask that it be removed completely is being a little selfish don’t you think?


I’ve just sent out a Shelby Cobra Daytona ,hopefully someone claims it :slight_smile:


Gifting is one of my favorite additions to the franchise. One of the most annoying bits about 4 is that unless you want to toss out duplicate cars, you’re stuck dealing with the Auction House, and if it’s something that’s not in high demand you could wind up having it sit there for weeks before someone nibbles on it. (For the love of God why isn’t there a quick “relist” option when you go to reclaim an unsold car?) Throwing it out seems like a total waste, so if I get duplicates from seasonal rewards (or those dumb wheelspins at the end of a championship that don’t give you the option to sell) I’ll keep on stubbornly relisting it. Now, glory be, I don’t have to touch the Auction House at all, and I’ll pass on the vast majority of my dupes to new players, since hopefully someone else will get some use out of them. I’m not exactly hurting for credits, so if I get something nice, I’ll usually give it to a new Hall of Fame member.

And the thing is, I like gifts despite never keeping them myself; just the ability to give them is good enough for me. I have a quirk where I want to be the original owner of all the cars in my garage, at least as much as is possible, so if I get a gifted car I don’t have yet, I’ll usually regift it and buy it from the Autoshow if it’s available there, or hold onto it until I can earn it myself if it’s not. Early on I was gifted the final reward car for the Drive Fast storyline, so I made it a point to complete that and get my own version.


Option to exchange it for the price of it would be better.

I used to offload my Caymans during the good old days to any new player.

Funnily enough I don’t recall getting a Cayman in return.

1 in 50 will be nice car. I remember getting the Nissan GT1 '98 – otherwise it’ll be a new Mini or a Land Rover.

I do drive to the gift. It’s an easy going trip to test out a newly tuned car in freeroam.

I suppose it’s another way to encourage a sense of community - all these gifts & operatic pledges to look after the car - but it’s stale and repetitive by now.

Cars I gifted during Thursday & Friday… #SorryNotSorry

TVR - Cerbera Speed 12, 1998
Koenigsegg - Jesko, 2020
Ford - RS200 Evolution, 1985
Ferrari - 812 Superfast, 2017
Porsche - 918 Spyder, 2014
Pagani - Zonda R, 2010
Vuhl - 05RR, 2017



You’re the kind of player I was referring to. You’re a legend if you don’t mind me saying so sir! (didn’t get any of them, but that’s besides the by)


Gifting currently appears to be bugged. Last couple of days I’ve been gifted cars and the barn was empty.

But Gifting in general is an OK idea just wasn’t thought out real well before it was implemented in the game.

It would be a nice feature to be able to gift a car to a friend. They could have allowed one per season.

And I know it’s called “Gifting”, but if there was a credit incentive for gifting higher quality cars it might improve the feature. Or if there was a reason for “Kudos”.

Doesn’t much matter at this point if gifting is broken.

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Long running bug :

Gift Drop - Receiving a Gift Drop at a barn location sometimes doesn’t work(Date Added:11.22.21)

Long running Microsoft gaming features - “There’s a bug - we know it’s there.- were doing nothing to fix it.- and that’s all we’re going to do about”.



The only thing that bothers me according to gift cars is the fact, that I get gifts that should be presented to new players. I have played the game since the 4th november, got about 800 cars in the garage and have about 300 000 000 credits. Why the fxxx think the game I am a new player? Not to mention that only half of the gifted cars messages are leading to a filled barn.

And to be honest, may be it is just a personal thing, but gifting a car is that much more effort as selling it in the auction house. I think only deleting it right from the garage would be more efficient and less time consuming.

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It could be determining it based on skill level

I am close to prestige level 5 but I am only a mediocre player to be honest…

May be it is based on how many times per day you log into the game - didn’t care for the most daily challenges as I have already all seasonal rewards…

I gift to new players as opposed to anyone, that way they are less likely to have the cars.

I’m still enjoying this feature…

(And never hitting max credits!)

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If its something i have then ill gift it on and the next person can do the same if they dont need it but Id much rather they brought back targeted gifting so we could gift what we wanted, to who who we want, with a tune and paint on it

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I’m sure that on day one or two of early release, when I first gifted a car, there was the option to gift to “friends” among the other options like “new players” etc.
I was giving away some cheap car so I gave to new players.
When I returned to gift a friend a car, “friends” was no longer an option and never was since.
I think they put the option there and took it right back.

But yeah. After the first month, this gifting is useless to most.
I wouldn’t suggest removing the feature as many like it, but I would suggest the option to bow out.

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yeah it was there for a while over Christmas.


And it worked sooo well… I gifted 4 (or 5 ?) cars and only 1 was ever received. Ticket submitted and “solved” (i.e. still no gifts completed, no FP refunded, nothing done). I was also the intended recipient of at least 1 gift that was never received. Sure, it’d be a nice feature. IF it worked.

Likewise, having played since launch, I am now getting Barn Gift cars which by the text (if not the car itself) are clearly intended for “new players”. And based on the response to cars I have gifted either they are never being delivered, aren’t collected, or people just can’t be bothered to click a thanks when getting them. I don’t care about the “kudos” but it shows if it’s working or not.

So yeah, seems like another pretty pointless broken “feature” and more’s the pity.