Gifting Should Be Removed

I’m getting responses, but yes, also getting cars new players should be getting.

Did they raise the limit of how many cars can we have in the garage?? wasnt the limit 750 or something like that? how can you have 800+ in your garage? lol.

I’ve been receiving gift cars that say “welcome” :laughing:. All i can figure is everyone who has been gifting cars has been designating them to go to new players but new players aren’t showing up, so any players will do. I bet the new player gift “queue” is very, very long.

The default is ‘anyone’ . I’d bet the people are just going with the default.

Maybe. Though I suspect it’s more likely simply so broken that they don’t even have gifts going to any specific category of player. In other words it doesn’t matter who we choose to gift to, THEY have set it at the “default” of Anyone.

I got another 20kcr trash bin on wheels last night. But. I’ve since had a change of heart about the whole thing. I’ve learned to love the bomb.

The person sending the gift may very well have the best of intentions and not know the issues, so I default to kindness, thank them for the gift, and take all of a minute to deal with it. Two minutes counting the fast travel to the pickup and the annoying cut scence.

Then I jump in the car, apply a skill mastery point or three for the xp and whatever, then jump back in my daily driver and remove the burned car from the garage. Free XP, sometimes Free money (sometimes more than what we get in a wheelspin). And hey, sometimes the car is even one worth something. Then I’ll usually skip the skill tree and just regift it to someone who might want it since I pretty much have all I want in my garage.

Would I rather not be interrupted by a gift in a barn of another 20kcr car ? Sure. But I’m not bothered by it anymore.