Gifting Should Be Removed

gifting is a useless game mechanic as at this point most everyone has all the worthless cars that get gifted. it’s not like people gift rare or actually useful cars, they are just trying to collect free brownie points for cars that wouldn’t sell in the auction house. i am sick of being bombarded with unwanted trash every time i exit where i’m at when i’m testing a tune or checking the livery i just created outdoors (we all know that viewing liveries indoors doesn’t give you an accurate look at colors and detail). and before anyone says “just ignore it”, it’s kind of hard to do so when the message popup takes up half of your screen. yet another idiotic move by the developers. rant over.

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I gift any car I get. Haven’t used the auction house except for the 20 million thingies. Plenty of FEs and legendary cars. I’d not bother gifting the green ones but would feel more comfortable doing that if it was obvious that a given car was/wasn’t autoshow. I suppose I “should” restrict the gifts to new players. Could do with definitions of the categories of people in the gifting process. Maybe add in a check in the process list on the page whether it’s autoshow and if so how much.


OP I haven’t read your post yet but I understand your upset. To brighten your day I will gift you as many cars as I can and I encourage everyone else to do the same.


At the very least, the Kudos mechanic should be cut since it quite literally does nothing.


agree, kudos should do something

anyway I stopped gifting because its to many clicks to get a car gifted
and there is no button to reject/delete/regift/cheapsale when recieving a gifted car and the carlist for gifting has no sort for recently added cars…

the idea of gifting is nice but its just to less QoL in gifting


If just every one would only gift FE car or just sell cars they have already. Now after the developer destroyed wheelspins, it is like players only gift cars that is worth nothing, and just send it to another player. I wish we could sell cars from garage, like the old times.


I gift expensive, rare, nice cars and some of them I’ve won races or completed challenges in. Sometimes I get a random duplicate, be it high end or common car and still think “I can do something with that”. Sometimes I gift auto show only cars people never actually spin. I just think you should be able to switch off or on whether you want them or not.

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I’ve stopped gifting cars (unless there is a festival playlist daily challenge about gifting) and I ignore any notifications about a gift car waiting for pickup.

I understand the developers concern about people selling cars to others for real money, but I wish there was a way to gift a limited number of cars each month to friends or club members - maybe one a week.


Because that worked sooo well at Christmas. I gifted a friend new to the game 3 very nice cars that were out of his reach and at least one would have been helpful in some challenge. Cost me a few hundred FP as I recall. No Gifts delivered. No FP refunded. Tickets all marked “solved”. Yeah, nice thought, but can they make it work ? Without breaking something else ? Let’s say I’m skeptical.


I have all cars, so I basically gift everything I win on wheelspin that isn’t trash, otherwise in the bin to get spare change.

Also, I gift all my reward cars each week from playlist, I hope someone finds them useful or can sell them, if they need CR.

If you could pick a person to gift to, or knew for sure a new player got it, that would make gift system feel more worthwhile though.


You literally do not have to accept the car, or even go to the barn. Why so upset over something that you can just ignore/not engage with? And why prevent an untold amount of other players from utilizing this if they wish or should they have a need to do it simply because you personally have no use for it? We’re talking about GIFTS and GIFT GIVING for chrissake.



I try to gift cars that are useful for the current seasonal events if I have duplicates. I don’t gift junk and I choose “new players”. It would be cool to hear from players who are new to FH and see if they are getting useful cars and how much they like the feature.

I’d gift a lot more cars if the car list didn’t default back to ‘A’ for Accura after each gift.Way to much faffing involved navigating

  1. Which dumb… came up with the idea of gifting cars with invisible collectable liveries ? Everytime i see a duplicate car i could gift i’m wondering now if it is one

Invisible Collectibl;e liveries is one of the things that annoys me most in this game. It just makes no sense that, for a collectible livery to show up on a thumbnail, you have to get into the car, go to the upgrade screen, buy a random part, install it, then exit the garage for the thumbnail to update so it shows the livery in the garage…doesn’t even work with downloaded tunes, you actually have to add a part yourself!! Playground Games busywork shown in full force.


I stopped checking my barns for gifts a long time ago. Nine times out of ten it was just some common car that I and everyone else already has. Having to sit through the same exact cutscene every time didn’t help either.


I respect your opinion as each player has free will to think and play the game as they see fit. I personally give away for new players every car I win that I already have no matter the value, expect those gained from wheel-spins since I just sell it through there for half price (it’s faster), although I believe the game still thinks we’re all new players as I keep receiving welcome messages to this day. Maybe it’s because its launch is still recent and FH4 is now 3 years old, but even so I find this feature rewarding because it was useful to me at the beginning and it cheered me up when I received a new car, mainly rare or legendary. I even received an Aventador SVJ as a gift which is literally the most grueling and difficult car to get at the auction house. My opinion is that if someone doesn’t like this feature of the game, just ignore it. The popup is “annoying” but doesn’t last longer than 3 seconds I guess. And if a player is focused on tuning or painting etc, the gift car message only appears when leaving a house or Horizon post and he/she doesn’t need to go to the barn to get it. In the end, it is an unprecedented addition, harmless and interesting to many, simple as that.


I gave a few of these away, hopefully the one you received was one of them. :crossed_fingers:

As for OP, the message is on screen for 3 seconds… It ain’t that bad. I know you said not to say just ignore it, but honestly just ignore it, that’s what I’ve started to do. Either that, collect it and then gift it again to a new player. Takes less than the time it took me to write this comment.



Regardless of whether I received it from you or not, I thank you very much because it was super rewarding and useful, I practically won the FH5 lottery and it’s good that there are players who gift away rare cars or even FE.

I don’t particularly care when gift car messages appear as I just fast travel to the barn and get excited about what I’ll get, even if it’s a duplicated car. It’s so quick and simple to open the pause menu - cars tab and sort by recent, see what it is and keep or send to another player.

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Thanks, I do my best to gift only cars I know people can sell on AH for credits, or those they may have missed out on.

Cheap cars get deleted or sold back for 50% from wheel-spins.