What car did you gift drop?

For the Forzathon daily. I sent an Audi R10 with a slick V12 tune by GreetedDust. I’ve really enjoyed that car. :ok_hand:


I gifted a Datsun 510 with all the goodies! I love driving it myself and I hope to share that with a new driver/player. Plus, it’s just nice to have a Datsun in the garage :grinning: Just wondering, but did the recipient of your gift car send kudos? Seems like players are being tight with kudos, I mean come on, kudos are free and you got a free car! :smiley:


Gifted a 2003? Nissan Fairlady (350Z) tuned for drift with everything thrown at it and a random livery

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I was sent 2x gift cars (willy’s jeep, electric porsche), so I sent out 2x A-Team GMC Van’s (my A class tune + paintjob)

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You gifted two A-Team vans! :sunglasses: I hope you received double kudos!! Very nice! Now we just need to find a dirt mound for your Willys Jeep. You know, so it can flip over while chasing one of those A-Team vans. Don’t worry no one can be injured…it’s an A-Team chase! :wink:

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I love it when a plan comes together.

haha :slight_smile:

Have sent about 15 Toyota Supras 20’ with my Mexican inspired design(Mad Cacti) and will send hundreds more - by the time I am done, all will have received one… hahah

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Someone sent me a stock 69 Charger. I sent “Toyota” Supra.

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I received a Willy’s Jeep from an unsigned donor :laughing: had just been thinking about buying one too. It’s a cool feature. :+1:

Gifted a duplicate lambo sesto elemento fe

Hopefully person enjoys it and doesn’t just cash it in on auction house.


I Gifted a spare Fairlady 2003.

Got a Willy’s Jeep which i thought would be one of these SuperWheelSpin farmed one but when I checked the Mastery it the SuperWheelSpin hasn’t been used. Bonus.

I think this is quite a cool feature so long as people don’t abusive it.


I gift anything I would get a duplicate of. Which would practically be any car since I’ve grinded so much that I have almost every car released at launch. I think the car I’ve gifted the most was like 5 of those Lambo Sesto elemento fe cars. I think in second place is that event xp boost car.

I’ve been farming the super wheelspins to flesh out my garage a little so have donated ~ 20 cars I thought were interesting. Any duplicates or Rare or Epic and anything that looks interesting if lower Tier. Strangely 5 of the cars were the Tankpool Forrza edition truck… seem to get that one a lot. Common dupes mostly get burned.

Wait, you can send cars with paint and tunes? I’ve just been doing stock cars…

I gifted like 15 different cars now… Did anyone of you ever receive a Kudo? Since I’ve never received one yet ^^

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I gifted a Corvette C8 '20 that I had a duplicate of (I say duplicate although, for some reason, it had different stats and PI than the other one I had yet both were stock…weird)

To the above poster: I received my first Kudos from someone who received an earlier drop I did

I have also received a Willy’s Jeep from someone…which was nice as I didn’t have one

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That duplicate one with the lower stats was a gift car from turn 10 i think it had a special Mexican themed paint job.

I love the hell out of this system! I’ve gifted a few cars already. I’ve been taking duplicate cars, tuning them and then gifting them.

Like Nursemorph, I gifted a duplicate '08 Corvette after I tuned it. I’ve also gifted a duplicate Viper ACR 2016 and a couple of others, just can’t remember what they were.

@Beckazon - I’ve received one Kudos so far.


No idea ‘which one’ I did for the event, but I basically gift any multiples I get. Several already given to new players. It’s all about sharing the love :slight_smile:

Oh, I also received one kudos for gifting a car the other day.

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