Forza Motorsport track list discussion

Oh that is a shame because they are very good tracks I use to play them on ACC, this is my first FM since FM2 :sweat_smile:

Has Mount Panorama (Australia) been in FM before? That is a very cool track that suits the style of Forza I think.

Yes it has, and Eh, its alright.
I’ve never raced on Richard. But boy I dislike Imola. I think its a tossup between Imola and VIR if I had to choose. Honestly would probably pick VIR just because it has better scenery. Monza would be a better and more appropriate Italian track to add.

I honestly cant think of any city courses in the entire game of motorsport. How can a so called ‘racing game’ launch without nurburging nordschleife, Bathurst, or even a single road course. Like ive seen mobile games with more variation to them than this… I refuse to even call it a game at this point… I can only assume its some sort of twisted social experiment because its the only thing that makes sense as to why they would spend 6 years removing things from the series



There’s been a fresh drop of tracks to vote on! Check them out in the Track Voting section of the Shub:

(Do I have a problem when it comes to the track voting list? Idk anymore, help?)


incorrect they siad new content will be added monthly but stated a new track wont be every month.


Not motorsport the franchise, motorsport the game. (The new one). Zero street tracks in the game

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Imagine if they just polished assets/tracks they already owned and used in previous forza titles… That’s would be too easy and cost effective for t10


they stated in there post launch content plans that new tracks wont come every month with the new content. we may get a few months in a row but they said dont exepct every month of new tracks coming

ok, I think I remember. I thought they were talking about new tracks to the franchise. I was expecting returning tracks in a monthly basis, and of course, new to Forza franchise like every 5-6 months or so.

Yeah, that’s why I said assets they own…

It’s kinda sad that they have dozens of great fantasy tracks from all the previous motorsport games that usually just get removed in the next forza title. It’s not like they have to pay licensing for them or do all the leg work of laser scanning.

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Do you know if all of these layouts have access to a pitlane?
I know some do, but I do not know for sure on most of them. If the don’t have a pitlane, that might explain why they’re not available.

EDIT: You also missed some layouts on the list, Mid-Ohio - Main Circuit (with chicane) and the 5 Maison Blanche layouts at Le Mans.


Bugatti Circuit’s omission is glaring! They need to add that one back for sure.

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I put it in the track topic suggestions:

I’ve listed only layouts that were available in Forza Motorsport 7 :slight_smile:

As for access to pitlane, I think only these three don’t have it: Circuit de Catalunya - School Circuit, Homestead Miami - Super-Mini Circuit, and Virginia International Raceway - Patriot.

Suzuka - West Circuit has pitlane but at another location than main track.


What circuit is this? There is no circuit in the game currently that matches up with it. Based on the mountains in the background, it looks like one of the test circuits / race tracks out in the Californian desert.

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Don’t cry. Take pc2 and live happy.

It looks like Paul Ricard

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