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There are so many Argentine tracks that Wikipedia has an entire category for them (It’s not complete by the looks of it unlike the Spanish version of Wikipedia but it’s something)
Buenos Aires City
Buenos Aires Province (in Spanish it’s more complete)
Chaco (Autódromo Santiago Yaco Guarnieri)
Chubut (again, Spanish version is more complete than English)
Córdoba (not to be confused with the Spanish Province)
Entre Ríos (there’s one named “Concepción del Uruguay”, ignore that it’s named after where Uruguay’s name came from)
La Pampa (Autódromo Provincia de La Pampa)
La Rioja (Autódromo Ciudad de La rioja)
Mendoza (I should translate the Spanish to Enlgish versions of these articles, SMH)
Neuquén (Autódromo Parque Provincia del Neuquén)
Río Negro (more Spanish)
Salta (Autódromo Martín Miguel de Güemes (Spanish))
San Juan
Santa Cruz (Autódromo José Muñiz (Spanish))
Santa Fe (Someone SHOULD update the English version to be on par with the Spanish one)
Tucumán (Autódromo Nasif Estéfano (Spanish))
San Luis
Now ignore the fact that there are tracks that had already been suggested but this is easier for me than going track by track (Specially since Buenos Aires has 12 tracks ALONE), so if you see a repeat just gloss over it.

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