Couple questions Forza and gran trismo

I havent played a gran trismo game since gt2. I jave a couple questions. 1. Are there any of the same cars and tracks in both games? 2. If their are, would they put down the same lap times if both were stock?? Or is sonys and xboxs software completely diffrent.

Laguna Seca is the only one I can think of. I haven’t played since the third one, though. I know nurburgring is in the newer ones.

Daytona, LeMans, Nurburgring, Laguna Seca, Indianapolis, Monza, Spa…

Overall I think the track lineup in Forza is significantly better. I’m only left wanting for Suzuka. But I’ll absolutely trade Suzuka for Bathurst, Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen, Lime Rock Park, Silverstone, Sebring, and Road America.

Try gran turismo forums.

I recently bought a PS3 from a friend and picked up Gran Turismo 6, I have done a few races, but haven’t had a lot of time to play many video games lately. I did notice that GT is a very Asian heavy when it comes to car selection and Forza has a nice mix. GT does have a few unique ones that Forza doesn’t have and vice versa too. Track wise, I think that Forza has a better mix, but GT does have some very good tracks that Froza doesn’t have, like Monaco and their own Tokyo circuit. I have GT 4 for my PS2, haven’t played it much since I got Forza 4. I think the physics are much better in Forza than in GT, where a lot of their cars feel the same to drive. If I were given a choice to play one racing franchise for the gaming community, I would choose Forza. Their car selection is much better, great mix of current cars and classics, and of course some of the racing cars from all of racing history. The tracks are a good choice, some may complain about the lack of Japanese tracks and yes, I would like to see a few of them in the games, Suzuka and Fuji. I would also like to see Monaco in Forza, and some other Aussie circuits too, like Adelaide (both short and long), and my personal favorite track down under, Surfer’s Paradise, both the current layout, and the 2009 layout too. I say play both and factor your own opinion as to which one you like best.