New York (Forza)

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From Forza Fandom Wiki:

New York Circuit is an track environment in Forza Motorsport 1 to 3 set in Eastern United States, New York. It features four track layouts.

  • New York Circuit Full Circuit (1.82 mi (2.93 km))
  • New York Circuit Old Circuit (1.81 mi (2.91 km))
  • New York Circuit Full Circuit Reverse (1.82 mi (2.93 km))
  • New York Circuit Old Circuit Reverse (1.81 mi (2.91 km))


A perfect option would be a combination of the longer version from Motorsport 1 and the Motorsport 3 version with the death chicanes.


I think that the option like FH3 of New Route and Old Route and Chicane vs no Chicane would be better

also add a Short Route for smaller slower cars have some fun too

Well, it is possible for all combinations to be included. I just like the idea of the ultimate version of the track being the long version combined with the death chicanes. More skill involved than the short version without the chicanes.

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The FM1 layout please.


on FH3 we could race both layouts and with or without chicanes


This layout…

(609) Forza Motorsport 1 - New York Circuit - Gameplay (HD) [1080p60FPS] - YouTube


I want all five layouts.




Other than the return of the Motorsport 1 and Motorsport 3 layouts rebuilt in modern visuals, as well as dynamic time of day and weather, I would also like to see layouts inspired by that of Project Gotham Racing 3 and 4 where their rendition of NYC is set within the Brooklyn Bridge.


Seems like a nice track for testing cars on! If we can’t have special stage route x this is a great alternative for checking speed and drag races!


This was one of my favorite locations in the 2005 original, would love to see this classic, simple track brought back in the new game.

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A track that good needs to come Back into the game all Polygons acounted for.

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Maybe they could rebuild it into a longer track ?

Sure. Just as long as all versions that were in the prior Forza Motorsports are included. I don’t want another Rio De Janeiro situation where the original Rio track was completely forgot about.

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Not only that, you also have to consider the modern time setting as well (around this year or 2024 in terms of the city surroundings).

How awesome would it be to drive the NY Circuit at night in the rain in this game?

Awesome it would be!

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Full layout of New York:



I used to race this to death in FM3. Would be incredible to see with the new physics model and dynamic weather/TOD.