New York (Forza)

Haven’t been racing on that track ever since Forza Motorsport 2, and that was years ago. But I’m happy for it to make a return :smiling_face:

It would be great, but I don’t have any trust in the new Turn 10 getting it right.

Since Forza 5 (or even earlier), Turn10 did their city based tracks look like a ridiculous amusement park instead of going for a realistic recreation. See Rio, Prague and Hakone for example.

Just imagine you starting going south Time Square, turning right to go across the middle of the Vessel, left through the High Line, then teleported to the top floor of the Empire State, going down spiraling ending up in the main concourse of the Grand Central Terminal, which somehow turns into a submerse tunnel in a lake of the Central Park with a finish line on the Bethesda Terrace.

That’s your Turn10 city track design.

I loved this track. But in FH3 I couldn’t see the barriers in one of the variants so I kept crashing into them. I was playing it on an old tv. I’d love to see this track again though!

Please, please, please YES! Lovely layout, and lots of places for loud exhaust reverb!

We already have that :joy:

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Yeah I know, I meant on that particular track slamming the throttle and drifting out of corners with the exhaust wailing and bouncing off the buildings and surroundings would be a treat.