Tokyo Circuit (Forza)

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Tokyo Circuit was a track from first FM in 2005
Track was planned also for FM2 but Turn 10 decided for other tracks



Vifdeo of Tokyo Circuit on FM1


Here is a view of Tokto Circuit that end up cut content of Forza Motorsport 2


I would love to have it back in the new Motorsport later on. City tracks should evolve more


The Most fun I Had With drivatar head to head was on this track. There’s got to be a way to at least get the map.

Yes please! More fantasy street circuits… and I won’t be able to put the game down.

Layouts involved should include Shibuya Crossing (akin go the mobile game “Racing Master”), the Shinjuku layout from FM1 and Ginza.

It would be great, but I don’t have any trust in the new Turn 10 getting it right.

Since Forza 5 (or even earlier), Turn10 did their city based tracks look like a ridiculous amusement park instead of going for a realistic recreation. See Rio and Prague for example.

In Tokyo this would mean you starting at Akibahara, right corner into Shibuya Crossing, then a lefr turner into the Imperial Palace, mega tunnel into Ueno, teleport inside a Gigo store, than catapult into a maid cafe to finish the lap.