Forza Motorsport track list discussion

I get circuit Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in South Africa, but I can’t bloody make out the Japanese track Chris mentioned that’s close to Mount Fuji - anyone?

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maybe the Fuji Speedway?

I think it was the new Hokane fantasy circuit he mentioned being near Mount Fuji. They didn’t really show anything about it so it’s still a mystery, but he did say it was designed with good racing in mind so hopefully it’s a more realistic fantasy track than the ones we have received in the last several titles.

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Thanks Ix-Morbid_xl - it was fantasy Hokane - no wonder I couldn’t find it IRL.

I saw that Glen seems that made a sponsorship contract with a company that makes a FM rival game (you know what it is, i just think it is unethical direct refer this rival here)

Knowing what this said company likes to make contracts to keep some content not show up in other games (like FM) makes me worried, will be Glen be in FM? Glen is one of my favorite track and i want some anwsers about if the track will be on the game or not, if there is some contratual stuff not letting the track not being in the game

Gran Turismo getting the Glenn won’t affect whether Forza does. Otherwise we can kiss goodbye to the Nurburgring, Brands Hatch, Laguna Seca, Daytona, Spa, Suzuka, Tsukuba, Catalunya, Monza as well.

I can’t think of any licensed circuit currently in a Gran Turismo game that is exclusively licensed to it, come to think of it. There are circuits other games don’t have (Goodwood), but that’s not because of exclusive licensing.


The problem isnt the track being in said game, is the fact that the track has sponsorship by said company
of the other tracks you said, only Nurburgring and Tsukuba has also said sponsorship

They won’t be going anywhere. Watkins Glenn is coming to ACC in the next update for that as well. It’s a non issue, really.

Oh thanks for info, i prefer OG AC over Competizione so i dont hear much news about ACC

Pikes Peak… oh wait, GT hasn’t done anything with it despite having an exclusive license. So yeah, none lol. Watkins will be fine.

From the Forza Motorsport Twitter header

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Isn’t that the same image used for the cover car release?

Was PR mentioned or are you speculating?

Easter egg hunting…

Suddenly im hyped. Hope they add Paul Ricard. :purple_heart: :+1:

Can’t be excited over this, but that’s because it obviously has to be the “modern” layout as you can’t map the original. Not the fault of T10/PGG/XGS, they can’t help the modern day underwhelming “Tilke Specials”, and it’s a shame we can’t go back to some of the “classic” layouts.

Especially Hockeheim, Spa when it had the Bus Stop, and Imola.

There was a debate whether it’s Paul Ricard, COTA, or something else on that picture. Is it settled now? :slight_smile:


The key would be in the background. That “stray” grandstand , the barrier on the inside, and, especially, the hills seen in the distance.

If accurate, and not doing a “reverse”, then there’s your reference markers. The problem is that, first, we don’t know the accuracy, and, second, we don’t know which layout of either, if either were actually used and this is not just a rendered impression.

Could be either, tbh. Or neither.

They are doing “classic” Laguna Seca so it’s not totally out of the question, though yeah, highly unlikely.

Define “Classic” as you can be looking at three different actual track layouts with 9 or 11 turns (Corkscrew is counted as one in two parts) and a total of seven because of changes to things like pit entry and exit.

you can map the originals. all you need are videos of the old tracks to run thru a photogrammetry program like pftracks. infact one of the best structure from motion programmers, noah snavley, used to work for microsoft and i think is still partnered even tho he teaches at a university now. for a price i bet he would automate a series of programs that could watch an old race and rebuild the track. heck even an ai might be able to accomplish it if someone gave it a shot. if you have old video you can defiantly rebuild the track. the better the quality of the video the better the quality of the track.

there is even a version of pftracks or photomodler specifically to reconstruct roads and cars for traffic accident reconstruction that even estimates surface friction etc… yes reconstructing and entire track would take alot of ram and processing but microsoft has plenty of cloud resources.