Forza Motorsport track list discussion

In fm7 you couldnt even notice the draft system problem racing in an oval cause everyone was racing with different cars and with different performances and the winner was the fastest car combined with ingame assists that let you stay on the track…

nah dude, even with everyone using the same setups and NO assists would do the same beacuse of lack of drating, it was non existent AT ALL


It might not be Fujimi Kaido, but the Hakone Pass:


When looking at the start straight it doesn’t really give off dragstrip vibes

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ehh considering that fujimi is the third most requested track on the forums i think its more then just drift kids. TOuge races are so much fun for grip driving aswell.

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Yeah. I have no desire for drift, but rivals on Fujimi would be a blast.


I assume it can be both

The layout passing over the Hakone Pass and the layout being called Fujimi or Fujimi Kaido

I am sure the actual straight wont be that long in the game, specially as it seems that the layout isnt finshed yet

Dont worry tho, i think they will bring Sunset Pennisula and Sedona alongside the drag update (if they dont send the drag focus entirely to Horizon)


Here is the full list of 20 tracks and 48 layouts available at launch:

  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - Grand Prix Circuit
  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - National Circuit
  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - National Circuit Alt
  • Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - Full Circuit
  • Eaglerock Speedway - Oval Circuit
  • Eaglerock Speedway - Club Circuit
  • Eaglerock Speedway - Club Circuit Reverse
  • Grand Oak Raceway - National Circuit
  • Grand Oak Raceway - National Circuit Reverse
  • Grand Oak Raceway - Club Circuit
  • Hakone - Grand Prix Circuit
  • Hakone - Club Circuit
  • Hakone - Club Circuit Reverse
  • Homestead-Miami Speedway - Speedway Circuit
  • Homestead-Miami Speedway - Road Circuit
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway - The Brickyard Speedway
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Grand Prix Circuit
  • Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit
  • Le Mans - Circuit International de la Sarthe - Full Circuit
  • Le Mans - Circuit International de la Sarthe - Old Mulsanne Circuit
  • Lime Rock Park - Full Circuit
  • Lime Rock Park - Full Circuit Alt
  • Lime Rock Park - South Chicane
  • Maple Valley - Full Circuit
  • Maple Valley - Short Circuit
  • Maple Valley - Short Circuit Reverse
  • Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Sports Car Circuit
  • Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Short Circuit
  • Mugello Circuit - Full Circuit
  • Mugello Circuit - Club Circuit
  • Nurburgring - GP Circuit
  • Nurburgring - Sprint Circuit
  • Road America - Full Circuit
  • Road America - East Route
  • Silverstone Racing Circuit - Grand Prix Circuit
  • Silverstone Racing Circuit - National Circuit
  • Silverstone Racing Circuit - International Circuit
  • Suzuka Circuit - Full Circuit
  • Suzuka Circuit - East Circuit
  • Virginia International Raceway - Full
  • Virginia International Raceway - North
  • Virginia International Raceway - South
  • Virginia International Raceway - Grand West
  • Virginia International Raceway - Grand East
  • Watkins Glen International Speedway - Full Circuit
  • Watkins Glen International Speedway - Short Circuit
  • WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca - Full Circuit
  • WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca - Short Circuit

Unfortunately, even tracks returning from FM7 have some layouts missing, especially Le Mans Bugatti Circuit.

And as for the so called “historic” layout of Laguna Seca (here known simply as Short Circuit), it’s just slightly modified modern track, with no “vintage” elements whatsoever.


I was wondering where it was going through your list above. Why would this be missing?
Does Virginia have all of it’s layouts? What other layouts are missing?

I never really thought the historic layouts would get vintage elements. Sure it would be nice to have, but it also adds a lot of work.

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All missing layouts (20 in total) are:

  • Circuit de Catalunya - School Circuit
  • Homestead Miami - Mini Circuit
  • Homestead Miami - Super-Mini Circuit
  • Homestead Miami - Speedway Circuit Alt
  • Homestead Miami - Road Circuit Alt
  • Indianapolis - Grand Prix Circuit Classic
  • Indianapolis - Grand Prix Circuit Alt
  • Le Mans - Bugatti Circuit
  • Lime Rock - West Chicane
  • Maple Valley - Full Circuit Reverse
  • Road America - Full Circuit Alt
  • Road America - West Route
  • Road America - West Route Alt
  • Suzuka - Full Circuit Alt
  • Suzuka - West Circuit
  • Suzuka - West Circuit Alt
  • Virginia International Raceway - Patriot
  • Virginia International Raceway - Patriot Alt
  • Watkins Glen International Speedway - Full Circuit Alt
  • Watkins Glen International Speedway - Short Circuit Alt

I suppose we’re going to see not only new tracks but also returning layouts in updates :slight_smile:


That’s one way to fill up the monthly updates…
But there’s SO MANY other tracks to get added :cry:

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That’s a letdown for sure. Hopefully they end up adding a couple of those alongside new tracks every month.




super depressing thing is your right and they will add these layouts instead of new tracks…

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Were Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst Australia gutted Its Not Been Added To The Game

same where Brands Hatch england

All missing environments:

Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Bernese Alps
Brands Hatch
Circuit of the Americas
Daytona International Speedway
Dubai Circuit
Long Beach
Mount Panorama Circuit (Bathurst)
Prague Street Circuit
Rio de Janeiro Street Circuit
Road Atlanta
Sebring International Raceway
Sonoma Raceway
Test Track Airfield
Top Gear Test Track
Yas Marina Circuit

So let me get this straight, of the missing tracks, we have:

Monza - One of the greatest and most iconic circuits in the world, which has played host to countless great races and has been a staple of the F1 calendar since 1950.

Circuit of the Americas - A great track that has played host to the US Grand Prix since 2012 and is generally regarded to be a very fun track to drive on.

Daytona International Speedway - Do I even need to elaborate on this? One of the most iconic tracks in the entire world, and home of the most prestigious NASCAR race, the Daytona 500.

Hockenheimring - A fantastic track (say what you want about the redesign but I really enjoy driving on it) that has played host to many amazing races, including the iconic 2019 German Grand Prix. Very fun to race on.

Long Beach - A hugely iconic location, home of the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach in IndyCar and also home of the Formula DRIFT season opener. One of the best street circuits in the world.

Bathurst - An amazing track with great corners and crazy elevation changes that hosts the Bathurst 1000 and Bathurst 12 Hour in Australian Supercars and GT/production cars respectively. A staple of any FM game.

Sebring - One of the best and most iconic tracks in the US (and just in general), one of the longest running tracks in the US, and of course, home of the classic 12 Hours of Sebring. And a very fun track to drive overall.

And then there’s Sonoma, a great track with many fantastic corners that is great to race on, and has also hosted NHRA drag races, NASCAR cup races, IndyCar, and motorcycle racing. An absolute classic.

Some real confusing absences here.


And the Nordschleife. Can’t forget that one.


Of course, probably the most notable absence on the list. But my post was for full environments. Although, the Nordschleife is important enough that it could probably be counted as one by itself.

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all of those iconic tracks you listed (with descriptions) are awesome! I hope they all make a return via free DLC.

I could care less about Top Gear, Test track airfield, Rio, Prague (although I have had some fun races there), Dubai, and Bernese Alps.

Top Gear was a cool addition back in FM4 days when top gear was popular before Jeremy got fired. But I didn’t actually like driving on the track. It was just cool to have the track there in case I wanted to hot lap to compare times with the Stig or something.

Some of the fictional tracks were well done. But I don’t really care if they make it back. I’d rather have some new real world tracks added. And I definitely would rather see some of these iconic real world tracks that were in old FM games return first.