Forza Motorsport track list discussion

Agreed, the fictional tracks were fun but real world tracks need to take priority. Bernese Alps was probably my favorite though, I have many fond memories of that track from FM4. Man, those were good times.

But I too would rather see new real world tracks. After the missing classics are added back, Imola, Interlagos, Sakhir, and Portimao (Algarve) are high on my list. Losail or Shanghai could be fun too. Many good options for new tracks.


As a Canadian, I’d like to see Circuit Gilles Villeneuve or Mosport would be good additions.


GV would be a great addition as well. Love that place. Now that I think about it, FM hasn’t had many Canadian tracks.

Seconding Mosport. Looks fun. People should vote for it in the track suggestions forum.

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I’ll have to check and see where to watch it. Sounds like a good time. Hopefully something free, haha.

is it me or the track in the NGK Schikane feels a lot bad? plus why in 4th corner we have a climbing apex?

Zero tracks are laser scanned.

Are there any plans to include more tracks that fans have asked for in FM8, such as Road Atlanta?


Currently not in the game but you should totally vote for it under the track voting suggestion hub.
Should come as free DLC like Yas Marina is next month.


Vote here if you haven’t already


Man, Sebastian Bourdais looks so good in that Cadillac V.Series R ripping around Road Atlanta.

If only there were a game where I could do the same thing…if only…


The best track and it’s varients that isn’t even on the list is Daytona. I mean what the…

Dont worry. Im sure itll come as a paid dlc at a later time. With no improvements from previous iterations thereby being near obvious it was simply removed so they could later make more money on it

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Forza :handshake: Ferrari F1 Team

  • Incompetent
  • Consistently getting worse each year/new entry
  • Fans continue to lose faith in them

Imagine keeping Virginia and getting rid of Mount Panorama…


I’m still crying about the lack of the Nordschleife. And if anyone thinks I should stay calm because the track will be released next year, I know that. However, I have also been playing since GT1, 2, 3, 4, then all parts from Forza 3 onwards. I have 1000+ hours on this track alone, and missing that is really annoying. I still have fm7 with all the addons from back then on the X and now have to switch between fm7 and 8 just to avoid rusting on the Nordschleife. I know mimimi, but this track have been part of this game since day 1, no excuse for that.


I’m honestly surprised the longer versions of Nurburgring aren’t including w/ the game. I love those circuits along w/ every other real racing fan & it’s disappointing not being able to race on those in this new game. Please add those tracks back

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Really? Was announced pre launch it wouldn’t be added until spring 2024

Wrong thread tags btw, not for horizon.

I 100% agree, & honestly I probably have the same amount of hours on just that track alone as well.

Doubt it. They’ve said they’ll be updating the game with free tracks & cars for months. We already know the next 3 tracks being added (for free)