January 25 livestream reveal | Developer_Direct

Tune in to Xbox Twitch and YouTube channels on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 8:00 PM for the next Forza Motorsport reveal!


What sort of information is everyone hoping to see from this livestream?

For now I hope to learn anything about the career mode and to see more tracks revealed (and cars, naturally). I’d like to see the refined physics in action too! :slight_smile:


The physics, the new cars and the career mode !

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Physics, new Cars, and weather on track.


To be blunt: “How much of GT Sport’s multiplayer & educational design ethos is in this game?”

Oh, and release date.

Everything else I already trust Turn 10 with, they know how to do content. It’s the what and why you do something with said content that’s been a personal sticking point in these past few games :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah, Release date too.

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Nailed on release date.

Gameplay without camera tricks showing 4k60rt

Some car & track announcements.

Maybe a bit about the roadmap for fm8. Might be asking too much there tho.

Aside from starfield, this is the game of 23 for me.


I sure would love some indication on wheel support. I doubt anything will get said at this juncture though.

… and a release date, of course.


The release date, and more details on campaign mode and other important game details.

But I still think in the back of my mind that they’ll just go over graphics again, and dripfeed actual new info over the coming months.

at any rate I just want more info…it’s been half a year since the reveal.

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What will the new FM be called?

  • why was not FM8 obvious

What career and gameplay modes will be there?

  • very secrative mentioning the legacy versions in a vague way
  • got impression taking bits from here and there

As many requested, release date

  • and how they are doing time wise
  • on schedule or possibly first Q3

Any options to optimize for looks or performance?

  • think it was PC2 that have that

Any new ideas over homologation or not

  • various classes with more free classes like C giving option to pimp car between C000-C999
  • early in career more homologation and unlock ability to tune and upgrade more as you progress
  • ability to pimp any car to any class to race

Advanced physics simulation, New cars, maybe new tracks, and ACTUAL PIT CREW as promised.

Point of order - it’s been two and a half years since they first revealed Motorsport 8. Turn 10 are long, long overdue to start showing off or even talking about their game.


Curious about the UI and how career mode will work. The two aspects I’d say steadily declined the most from FM5-7.

The absence of homologation

  • Release date
  • Gameplay with all the different camera views (especially cockpit)
  • The new player garage setup which has been teased/rumored
  • Basic information/demonstration of the new physics model
  • Actual live console gameplay
  • More eye candy! This game looks so good!

And generally more meat to the bold claim that FM will be the most technically advanced racing game ever made (which I really want to be true).

Dan Greenawalt said the same thing about forza 7…

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  • Forza Motorsport: The team at Turn 10 Studios have been hard at work, bringing fans the next generation of Forza Motorsport, built from the ground up to take advantage of Xbox Series X|S. Forza Motorsport is back, and we can’t wait to share more gameplay and exciting new details.

Pretty sure he didn’t, though Turn 10 said multiple times that it was the most technically advanced Forza ever. That and I’m pretty sure they boasted a whole lot about the graphics and it being the most photorealistic racer yet.

In this case though, “most technically advanced” isn’t all about visuals.

whether the 900 degree steering thing for wheel users has been fixed and if paints will be transferable into the new game