Xbox Games Showcase presentation?

So, like last year, Xbox’s Games Showcase is showing this June. Place your predictions, is Forza going to make a reappearance here? And will they present something with actual substance, like gameplay mechanics?

I’m certain of Forza Motorsport’s presence at this event. However, I hope that we’ll have quite large knowledge about gameplay mechanics before June :slight_smile:

I don’t think this game gets a release before November of this year, if at all. If they had anything for a June release, they would have shown it by now. I seriously think this game’s in trouble, and they’re just not telling anyone yet.

I think it has to surely?

Starfield just got its release date announced for September, but there is still no release date announcement for Forza, so its release has to be later than that.

So I imagine that, assuming that Forza 8 is coming out this year, it will get its release date announced then, probably October or November?

You might have something there. I’ve had a pretty strong vapourware vibe ever since they first announced it with that weird trailer that I think showcased a race filled with Monos, and a race filled with that weird new Gumpert. Leave it to Forza/T10 to focus on cars few have heard of (one from a company that has already gone bankrupt once), when GT7 featured arguably the most requested car in the Forza universe – the 917K – in their announcement trailer.

I just remember the feeling when that trailer dropped that they had just thrown something together, because GT7 was coming, and they had to.

And tbh, until they show me something tangible – and yes, I am talking content here, perhaps a cover car, some discussion of a career and, oh, I dunno, how about a friggin’ release date – that isn’t just a CGI flash fest, I’m holding out very little hope that this will even hold a candle to GT7. Look to Project Cars 3 to see just how wrong this can go.

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They had BETTER show us things before June, they kind of have to after that pitiful showing at the direct. Just pathetic, really. They’ve put on a really embarrassing showing.

As the other guy above you alluded to, they have debuted and/or premiered this game three times now. The first time was…not ideal, but excusable, particularly as the pandemic was heating up to full strength at that moment. Thing is, you only get to dip your wick in that pot of oil once, and you most definitely had better follow up with meaningful stuff afterward. Which Turn 10 has not done, almost to a malicious degree.

I look at this game and I don’t see the Series X’s next killer app - instead, I see Jason Scherier’s next blockbuster article. The signs are all pointing to this game being an unmitigated and, frankly, easily-avoidable disaster - reduced content, content that’s cut after being advertised, lack of meaningful information, excessive focus on graphics and details that mean little-to-nothing in the grand scheme of things and, perhaps most worryingly, a seeming unwillingness to fix any of that.

Looking at the state of the franchise as a whole, there’s a reason why I have the feelings I do about this game being in trouble. I think Playground Games has damaged the brand irreparably with the Horizon series, and now that series has probably infected the game design of Motorsport enough to be a proper kill shot. And I’m starting to doubt that companies want to be associated with yet another sinking ship.

I think they’ll end up showing everything if they don’t end up talking about it in the Forza Monthly.

Indeed, I agree with your predictions. FM8 hasn’t shown anything interesting in the last three reveals (and garnering the anger of the community for the continued existence of Forza Aero), and if they don’t actually show something in the next presentation, the disappointment will grow even bigger.