Xbox Games Showcase 2023

The annual games showcase is back again and all the released info can be found here

Anything youre looking forward to or hoping to see ?

Lets try and keep any chat positive and respectful. thanks



Forza Motorsport gameplay.


But not on an ultra-spec, mega-clocked, hyper-cooled system but one more “realistic” to Series S/X and most PC users. In fact, nothing better than the 4K output of a Series X, because while it’s all well and good showing what can be done with a system running a gfx card that costs more than most people pay for a complete PC all you do is show what is not actually remotely like what most will see in the real world.

So dial the shiny stuff back in the settings, Series X capability at best, prove there is substance under all the style.

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Im hoping for forza horizon 6 but i know its not happening

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With the starfield direct on as well, just FM8 really, but something substantial. It would have to be far far better than the showings thus far

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Somewhat optimistic about the FM stuff at the showcase now.

Sidenote: anyone watch the Sony state of play? Lot of xplat games shown

We still have FH5 why do you already want FH6 ?

Way too early for that, but since we know from documents involved in the Microsoft/Activision disclosures that the next gen to the Series is in development. An iteration of FH, whether it uses that name or something else, is as good as guaranteed to be developed as, like with FM, like with even Halo, it’s an in-house project designed to show off the capabilities of the console whilst being relatively easy for anyone to pick up a controller and start playing.

It’s a marketing no-brainer

Bit of traction that fable might be revealed in June.

All rumours but with some legs.