Forza Monthly livestream | August 11

Forza Monthly livestream | August 2023


Tune in at 10am Pacific time Friday August 11th for the latest news! (Localized time: Friday, August 11, 2023 5:00 PM)


Trawling through Chris Esaki’s twitter I noticed he mentioned wheels will be covered in this month’s presentation.

Finally! Been looking forward to this one. Wonder what other topics will get covered, hopefully multiplayer.


Is there a date for next Monthly?

Before or after Gamescon?

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Multiplayer discussion confirmed!


I hope there will be more than just multiplayer talk.
I think I’m one of the few here, but I rarely play Forza online. But hey, if the multiplayer now is good enough then maybe I will now.


If they can make it more like Turismo and less like Horizon it would be what I play most


Looking forward to this Forza Monthly. I am wondering what they have in store for multiplayer and if there will be better matchmaking, where your reputation/behavior is more likely to place you with like-minded players. Hopefully the system would better separate the griefers and those who come to race properly.

BUT will be at the edge of my seat for wheel and wheel feature support. Will the Xbox players be able to make use of all of the buttons, shift lights and even paddles on their wheels? Will PC players be able to map everything where they want? Will touching the mouse or keyboard stop interrupting the steering wheel on PC?

Also, it would be nice if Chris gets into PC features. I would like to know if there are keyboard and mouse improvements for the paint shop, and if the game would be multi-screen even in the menus? I assume the answer on multi-screen in the menus is most likely a no. But if that can be implemented in the future, then that would be good to hear and know.

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You may be one of the few, but I count myself in that group.

I don’t mind having to be online all the time – it seems that’s an eventuality we’ve been suspecting for quite some time now, so no point in fighting it – but that doesn’t mean I have to waste time waiting in lobbies, battling griefers and so on. What I am really bummed about at this juncture and hope they clear up is the pit stop thing. It seems that right now, the general consensus is that animated pit stops are an online-only thing, which I don’t understand and hope is not the way it is.


I recall the statement on pit stops was that they “mostly showed up in multiplayer” which is the same as FM7.

In single player you only had to do pitstops in the handful of endurance races and in free play races where you specified it.

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Hopefully my (many) questions regarding Multiplayer will be answered. I dumped them in the official question thread so let’s see what happens.

Will all multiplayer events (including custom lobbies) require players to level up cars and unlock upgrades?

Will public custom-made player lobbies be searchable via a lobby/server list, like they were in Forza Motorsport 4?

Are rolling starts supported in multiplayer?

Will players be able to create timed races and if they are, will they work similar to real-life in that players have to complete their current lap to finish?

How have the vehicle collision physics improved since Forza Motorsport 7? In previous titles, cars felt very light when making contact with one another, causing them to easily spin out of control in certain scenarios.

Will players be able to save lobby presets to make the creation and hosting of custom multiplayer races easier?

Will Forza Motorsport feature Clubs and if so, what features will they have?

Will custom lobby hosts be able to limit who joins their races based on driver/safety level?

Is there an area of the game where we can freely upgrade cars (ie: without being tied to the Car Mastery system) in order to explore, test and competitively balance them?

Will there be a way for lapped players to be automatically ghosted?

Will there be an option to ghost all players in a lobby for (only) the first lap of a race?

Have any changes been made to the Vote to Kick system from Forza Motorsport 7?

Will there be tools and resources in-game to each drivers proper racing etiquette?

Will the “high speed collision predicted” ghosting system from Forza Horizon 5 be implemented into Forza Motorsport in any way?



New fictional track - grandoak

30 cars - handful new to FM


Spec multiplayer and open MP option.

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It’s so clear that the host doesn’t play Forza at all. Can’t they get someone who does??


The ai frr seems pretty solid. Not a FM MP player myself but does seem good

Driver ratings based on true skill
Skill ratings.


All of them have been seen in Horizon, though. I don’t think there’s been a single genuinely new car revealed since the game was shown in June.


No drivatars in MP at launch

No split screen at launch

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So obviously the spec MP would not need to be raced to get upgrades. It’s in the name.

Open MP cos you run what you bring will of course need you to upgrade beforehand.

Dunno what’s hard about that Chris


Are there going to be open class in multiplayer like S,A,B,C.D.E as it was in previous forzas?

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