So how about those "coming months" Chris?

What the hell does coming months mean?? I thought for sure you’d have SOMETHING to tell us at the 25th jan. stream, after so many months of treating this game like it doesn’t exist. BUT NO! You gave us crumbs. When do we actually start to hear INTERESTING parts about this game, if there even are any? It’s looking like this game is FM7.5.

It’s disheartening every single time to tune into forza monthly (y’know, the stream that’s supposed to have both horizon AND motorsport) and see you lot treating it like it doesn’t exist. But go ahead and tell us more about ray tracing and 4k60fps I guess, it’s basically welded into my brain at this point. Maybe if I leave and come back in 4 years you will have told us 3 more seconds about the BRAND NEW campaign mode that you’ve been teasing for years and years at this point. BUT HEY, ATLEAST THE GAME’S BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP!!! (Oh, actually it isn’t, they’re still using the same old 360 models)

I guess that’s the theme of this all, radio silence. Every single time I thought you’d start to DARE to tell us anything about the game you’ve just repeated the same double speak we’ve been hearing since 2020. It’s downright insulting at this point and the starvation is crazy. Whoever your PR guy is, they’re doing an absolutely awful job. I guess I’ll go back and play FM4, because it seems like you all won’t ever make anything better. Of course, we wouldn’t know, because you haven’t showed us anything to prove otherwise.

A little transparency goes a long way, and you all are about as transparent as a brick wall.


I think Forza Motorsport won’t be back for Forza Monthly until the second expansion for Forza Horizon 5 is released (March 29). Microsoft surely doesn’t want these two games to divide players’ attention when something as important as this is happening. So I’d say we won’t hear anything from Turn 10 until April at the earliest… :frowning_face:

Usually, I’d call the handling of this game a tire fire, but I’m increasingly convinced that tire fires are handled with greater care and haste.


While I may not agree with your wording, I do concur with the sentiment. It is poor form to not hear anything about FM in the monthlys

Which can then backfire as not all Motorsports players also actively play Horizon, and vice versa if you can buy a copy of Motorsport online, so while one part of the Forza user base gets sated the other part is left hung out to dry. There are, in reality, three different communities here. FM, FH, and, “Both”. One of those has been waiting for years with little to no communication and little else to show for it.

Loyal customers are loyal customers, hard to get, easy to lose the trust of, VERY difficult to regain the trust after losing it.


Forza Motorsport has been “revealed” 3 times now, and all of them on Xbox showcases.

I get the sense that Microsoft are calling the shots and want something from Turn 10 at each of these events, rather than Turn 10 wanting to showcase everything “when it’s ready”.

A 3 year campaign for a game doesn’t make sense when you’re radio silent for months at a time.


You know, the last few times something like that’s happened, the dev teams ended up being in the wrong. Just saying.

I’d take it to mean the months between the statement and the game’s eventual release. But maybe that’s too literal. In any case, I’ll learn everything I want to know when it launches on Game Pass. Any useful info they choose to drop between now and then is just a bonus. I’ve learned not to try and take an extended ride on a hype train - it’s too exhausting and often disappointing.


couldn’t agree more.

Hey i did not say that

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I’ve been playing GRID Legends lately and the game play is sooo much better than anything Forza since FH1.

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Lord no.

The driving in grid is not close to horizon. Any of them.

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