Festival Playlist events and rewards Aug. 4-11 (Winter S10)

Here are the details on this week’s events and rewards. Share tips along with your tuning setup codes!


The season starts at 7:30am Pacific on August 4th and closes Thursday, August 11, 2022 2:30 PM
This is the third season of Series 10.



Series total: 252 Points
Points are accumulated across all four seasons. Each event in the Festival Playlist has a number of points to earn noted in the bottom left corner of the event tile. Accumulate points with any combination of completed events to earn the first reward car, and continue earning points from remaining events to earn the second reward car. Cars noted as Exclusive are not available in the Autoshow, so grab them while you can! But don’t worry if you miss them, these cars may come back again for future Festival Playlists.

Reward: 2022 Extreme E #58 McLaren Racing (new Seasonal Exclusive car) (80 points)
Reward: 2019 RAESR Tachyon Speed (Seasonal Exclusive) (160 points)


Total Points: 63
Accumulate points with any combination of completed events this season to earn the first reward car, and continue earning points from remaining events to earn the second reward car.

Reward: 1964 Porsche 356 C Cabriolet Emory Special (new Seasonal Exclusive car) (20 points)
Reward: KTM X-Bow GT4 (Seasonal Exclusive) (40 points)


These events offer Hot Wheels Expansion owners additional options to complete the seasonal playlist; non-DLC owners will be able to gold the season and earn the “Min, Meet Max” Achievement without these event points.

Speed Trap (2 pts) | Forest Edge
Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship (5 pts) | Grand Touring Canyon
Reward: Super Wheelspin


Not only do completing these events earn seasonal points, they also earn Forzathon Points which can be used in the Forzathon Shop.

#Forzathon Weekly Challenge: Porsche Soul (5 pts)
These four challenges must be completed in sequence for completion.

  • Chapter 1: Soul, Electrified | Own and drive the 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S
  • Chapter 2: Spirited Power | Earn 6 stars at Speed Zones in the Taycan
  • Chapter 3: Cool Colours | Paint the Taycan’s body in the paint shop
  • Chapter 4: Record Holder | Earn an Ultimate Drift or E-Drift Skill in the Taycan

#Forzathon Daily Challenges (1 point each)
Each day a new challenge opens at 7:30am PT and is open for 7 days.

Charge!! Visit the Copper Canyon to start off Extreme E Copper Week
Jump Around Jump 1,000 ft (305) in the Copper Canyon
Clean Energy Earn 3 Clean Racing Skills in any fully electric vehicle
Watts Up? Take a picture of any Extreme E vehicle
High Voltage Earn 6 Stars at Danger Signs in any Extreme E vehicle
Recharge Smash 10 Solar Panels in any Extreme E vehicle
In the Groove Earn 8 Drift Skills in the Copper Canyon

Forzathon Shop

600 FP Car 2012 Ferrari 599X Evoluzione (Autoshow value 2,600,000 CR)
400 FP Car 1933 Napier Napier-Railton (Autoshow value 1,500,000 CR)
75 FP Clothing Extreme E Red Race Suit (new Seasonal Exclusive)
75 FP Car Horn Banjo-Kazooie Spiral Mountain Part 2
60 FP Wheelspins 150 FP Super Wheelspins


Toggle the menu to show the rewards and restrictions for each event - if you complete the event in a car outside the restrictions or fail to meet the target, you won’t get the reward and points from completion.

The Trial (10 pts) | C Class Heroes | Road Racing | (C600) Anything Goes
Note: You must have unlocked the Hall of Fame with Accolade points to enter the Trial.
Reward: 2018 Saleen S1 (Autoshow value 200,000 CR)

EventLab (3 pts) | HONZ12 PRESENTS “Beach Row Street Circuit - Day” | (A800) Anything Goes
Reward: SNAP! (new Seasonal Exclusive Emote)

Playground Games (3 pts) | Survival | El Estadio Horizon | (S1 900) Horizon Special: EVs
Reward: 1959 Jaguar Mk II 3.8 (Autoshow value 80,000 CR)

Danger Sign (2 pts) | La Cruz | (D500) Anything Goes | 459.3 feet
Reward: 2022 Extreme E #55 (new Seasonal Exclusive car)

Speed Trap (2 pts) | Canyon Pass | (S2 998) Anything Goes | 192 mph
Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship (5 pts) | Extreme E Copper Prix I | Dirt Racing | (A800) Extreme E
Reward: 2022 Extreme E #22 (new Seasonal Exclusive car)

Championship (5 pts) | Extreme E Copper Prix II | Cross Country | (A800) Extreme E
Reward: Extreme E Yellow Race Suit (new Seasonal Exclusive Outfit)

Championship (5 pts) | Unplugged | Street Racing | (S1 900) Porsche Taycan Turbo S
Reward: Porsche Cayman (Autoshow value 80.000 CR)


Treasure Hunt (3 pts) | Practical Metal | Copper wins in electric conductivity and is used across country
Reward: 100 Forzathon Points

Photo Challenge (2 pts) | #COPPERCHASE | Photograph the 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S in the Copper Canyon
Reward: Farid Rueda Bear Cap (new Seasonal Exclusive Clothing)

Horizon Open (2 pts) | Country Miles | Complete a Cross Country Racing Horizon Open Custom Race
Reward: 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S (Autoshow value 185,000 CR)


Forza EV (4 pts) | Airfield Cross Country Circuit | Extreme E | Post a clean lap to complete.
Note: starting with Series 9, every month you’ll drive a different EV in this event complimenting the existing Monthly Rivals event.

Monthly Rivals (4 pts) | Tierra Prospera Circuit | Porsche 917/20 | Post a clean lap to complete.
Note: starting with Series 7, completing the Monthly Rivals event adds 1 point to each season’s progress for a total of 4 points applied to series progress.


Complete the Horizon Super7 in the creative Hub menu
Reward: Super Wheelspin

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At last an EventLab that is a pleasure to drive on. Top track from @honz12 :+1: :trophy:

But… in their wisdom the devs saw it fit to have no AI?
What’s the point of adding a fabulous race track if we can’t actually RACE?
Absolute scenes.

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Trial was fun, its nice to use the underpowered cars sometimes. You definitely get to enjoy the drive because you notice the race taking a little longer than usual. :laughing::laughing:

Custom race was very cool, didnt even have to restart to get it to work! :ok_hand:


Agreed, I even chanced it and ran my Acura RSX with a FWD tune. 1st + 2nd place. Easy team win. Happy with that one.


Unless I mis-read the track you switchback and run some of it in reverse, which would have been carnage for the AI.

Yes there is a switchback. The original blueprint is an anything goes with AI & 3 laps. It’s a great race, shame the devs have zero vision.

That kind of sums up the trial now. Rather than a competitive event where you have to drive well to be successful, it’s now a countryside cruise and you can leisurely take in the scenery, which I could also just do in Freeroam. There’s no jeopardy or risk of losing. No criticism of DRC of course, and each to their own, but that isn’t fun for me.

No offense taken, I dont make the rules I just play. I’m no longer emotionally invested as I once was. Removal of ranked was the start of nearly all competitive nature being shifted out of online play. Participation trophies/XP keeps the minority/casual players happy.


When the AI gets a cheaty speed boost and tries to pull past you on the finishing straight, so you bump them to the side and absolutely murder them on the finish line barriers.

I also used an Acura RSX that I had selected yesterday. Mine was a FWD with drag tires. Finishes of 2nd and 1st. Could have easily got 1st in the 1st race but an AI rammed me off the road at the start which had me at the back of the pack longer than I wanted.


Trial was stupidly easy to the point that all the AI was at the back and our team was in the front 1 - 6 for both races.

It’s got to the point now where the Trial and Horizon Tour are pretty much the same.

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AI scored 100 in the first race and 500 in the second. I was the only person ahead of Pablo in Lookout Circuit.

I don’t like Anything Goes and I don’t like AI that isn’t tuned when the humans are. I’m not sure which I hate more: nerfed AI or impossible to beat AI.

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Can’t say I’m sure everyone thinks the Trial is easy, or maybe cares enough to put much effort into it. Attempt 1 was successful, 1 person quit in race 1. Here’s race 2 results. 1650 to 1400

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the people in the back were too busy fighting with each other to try to actually beat the AI.

I am surprised to see Pablo so far in the back. He finished 2nd in the Lookout Circuit against my team.

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I looked back on the mini map, no fighting.

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The first Copper Canyon race cracked me up: I found myself in 3rd thanks to teammate infighting, and then proceeded to watch my two teammates in 2nd and 1st plow into a pillar and off a bridge, respectively. Suddenly I’m in 1st several seconds clear of the field. All righty then!


Well, it looks like we have ANOTHER broken convertible. The Emory 356 C CABRIOLET reward car’s top doesn’t work. You can tell it was meant to have a removeable top because the open/close HUD tries to load, then fails to do so. It is the same bug that still affects two of the MX-5 Miatas, the two Honda S2000’s, and the MB SLK. In two of the podcasts, the devs said they would finish applying the fix, and this was after they added the convertible bug to the “won’t fix” section of the known issues list. Just another example of laziness and outright dishonesty from the devs.

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Sounds like some really unskilled drivers to not be able to beat the nerfed AI. But it looks like they either didn’t know to or couldn’t be bothered to tune their cars. The player in the Buick is prestige 3 so you would think they would have a little bit of experience and know how to apply a tune.


For the most part, the Trial hasn’t been too bad for me over that past few months. Tonight had a couple of griefers try to shove me off track, I’m pretty sure intentionally. They failed. But that’s the worst it’s been for a few months now, which still wasn’t so bad. We won, despite the best efforts of our team.

And yeah, AI speed boosts; I’m pretty sure I saw the 2nd place AI accelerate in the air on the Extreme E championship. I hit a ramp, sail down a hill, and the car behind me yeets right behind me, and the dot on the minimap actually starts closing the gap. Unnatural acceleration is bad enough, but come on! the wheels need to be on the ground for that to be possible.