Festival Playlist events and rewards Apr. 21-28 (Spring S6)

Depending on how many Seasonal Games events Series 7 has, people may be able to finish the Festival Playlist accolade group. The “Series 0” playlist had Weekly and Photo challenges and Seasonal Games, but no Trial. If everything’s been done, the Forzatographer (complete 25 photo challenges) accolade can be completed this week. Drivatar Destroyer (complete 25 trials) and Hardcore (complete 26 Weekly challenges) can be completed next week. There have been 21 Seasonal Games so far (Series 5 Summer and Winter and Series 6 Autumn and Spring didn’t have games), so if Series 7 has games in each season, that could complete Games Master (complete 25 seasonal games), completing the group. I skipped the games in Series 2 Winter, so I’ll need to go into at least Series 8.

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