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Hello Hello! This is Oliver023! I had been getting a slight addiction from playing through peoples eventlabs here lately, but cant help but think of all of the eventlabs that I am missing out on. Since some eventlabs are more popular than others and kind of take over. Same sort of thing applies to tuning/painting/photos etc. So, I had created what I call the eventlab database. It will be a google sheet where I will be hunting up eventlabs so these incredible tracks dont get lost. If you have any recommendations of eventlab tracks to test please reply to this topic and I will test them out then add them to the doc when I can!

In addition to my current project there are alot of others who thrive to do the same thing.
-Eventlabs Website Created by @KVFIR
Forza Horizon 5 Eventlab Finder

-Forza Creators Guild Created by @Twisted_Knot
Forza Creators Guild (@ForzaGuild) / Twitter

The Official Eventlab PG Editors Choice also may he a great source to look into. Quite alot of cool eventlabs there as well!!


The document is set to private.

Oop my bad hold on lemme fix it… thank you for pointing it out btw!

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Try this link and see if I have corrected it. This is something I had started on last night and i have a word doc filled just need to add them over.

Hey Oliver like you i love playing custom blueprints and have showcased currently 150 on my channel with many more to come take a look and you may find some that take your fancy and may want in your database.



Yoooo thank you so much and will definitely have to check them out!!

Here’s an open class solo street racing course I’ve been working on for a few days & finally completed if anyone wants to give it a go. Thanks.

“Stadium Run”

SC: 872 780 338

I recommend the ‘77 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with the below S1 setup; perfect for this course.

Tune SC: 125 856 687

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Great project, be free to add my tracks on it

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More Added 12/8/22

Hi, I have seen your post and I really like your intention to attach the most popular Eventlabs, I share mine with you, although it is not the most famous, a large, very large number of people have liked it. Yes, it is in Spanish and English so that everyone can understand it.

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Thanks for sharing! Will definitely give it a whirl tonight!!

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TITLE: XMAS - Multi-Tier Maze [NIGHT]
SC: 128 722 567

Car required: 2022 Cupra 2022
SC: 945 386 137

Good luck & Merry Christmas!

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Just Played your track and awesome work! It is such a blast!!

There was no event found with the given Eventlab sharecode. Could you possibly double check your code?

As of 12/29/22 I have created a new section called seasonal. Where you will be able to access the seasonal eventlabs from the previous festival playlists. In case you ever wanted to revisit them. That being said more will be added in when I can

A few of the Seasonal Eventlabs had a UI bug in the playlist as well as in stream so I still need to relocate them. Once home from college I will add descriptions as well as share codes for each :D. Turns out searching for these Playlist Eventlabs were alot harder than I thought. Other than that all from series 1 to our current series is caught up.

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I love this

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