AudibleJam the track man is back!

Hi all. For those who remember me from Horizon 4, I made over 150 custom tracks and over 200 blueprints for horizon 4.

As for horizon 5 I couldn’t get eventlab to work on Xbox one S but was fortunate to snag a series X. As per the title, I’m back in action thanks to my new console.

See below for my tracks. I’ll try to keep it one track per post.

I’ll start off with my most ambitious project;

Title: Brno Circuit Mexico.
Share code: 904 471 623
Recommended class: B-A class (open restriction) drivatars behave themselves quite well! Haven’t tested S1 class yet.
Description: a recreation of the Brno circuit. I was very pleased with the final result. Turned out great! I used the upper/left portion of copper canyon in order to recapture the decent and hill climb effects from the real world course. @T10ManteoMax i think this is worthy of playground checking out due to the fact it works properly and the drivatars handle it well. Don’t need the recognition TBH but I know playgrounds most likely looking for some more creations for their playlist.

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Title: Long Beach Comes To Mexico.
Share code: 499 201 288
Recommended class: A class track toys only
Description: a mini version of the Long Beach Circuit. This one the drivatars struggle on. You’ll get a good laugh at the attempts at the chicanes. This course is challenging. Lots of tight turns and not a lot of room to pass. This was my first attempt at using eventlabs potential. It actually worked properly on One S.

Title: Street Scene Circuit 1
Share code: 696 135 250
Recommended class: any
Description: a simple no prop night time circuit, at the south east corner of the map.

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Title: Mad Mud Trail
Share code: 515 896 021
Recommended class: A and below retro rally.
Description: a 6.9 mile long dirt trail in rain. Only one prop at the start (the gate).

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For those who have tried my Brno Circuit, does this track load properly? Wondering if it’s consistently loading properly across platforms.

Hi, I gave it a go, and it loaded fine for me (Xbox Series X). Also, I used an S1 Porsche 911 GT3, and it was fine once I acclimated to the elevation changes and bumps. Pretty fun. I’ve actually run Brno years ago on a PC simulator, but I mostly forgot the layout.

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Heh, thanks! Glad you had fun. Not surprised that series X is fine (only reason I’m doing eventlabs now is because of series X).

Brno was a personal favourite from the Race Pro days. Requested it many times for Motorsport although don’t think it has enough of a following.

Still wondering about other platforms (PC, One X, etc.). Main reason I’m asking is that my current “Horizon Illest Steel” remake project will stretch the props budget even more than the Brno circuit.

Well….just when I thought my Brno circuit Mexico project was ambitious….see below for my 200 hour long re-make of Horizon 1’s Illest Eastern Steel. My personal favourite from the original horizon.

Title: Horizon’s Illest Eastern Steel
Share code: 183 355 657
Recommended class: no higher than A class. Just like the original course, it’s best suited for A class and below.
Description: a heavily detailed recreation of the Illest Eastern Steel area from Forza Horizon. I actually recreated the entire area if I want to expand on differing course variants. FYI: if you set it up properly, you could even recreate the original cat and mouse course/race. Track is completely enclosed. 5 lap circuit is shared. Only 1 checkpoint. %92 of the budget was used. May have trouble loading on One S.

Feedback welcome. I worked very hard on this one. Gave as much steel mill realism as I could with the prop budget.

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Next up I’ll be repairing a couple of older routes now that I have more props to choose from. Stay tuned…. :+1:

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I see that not many people touched my Illest steel remake…oh well. Posted on Twitter and got one like from the twitter Forza horizon guy but that’s it.

On to the first fixed track I did awhile back:

Title: On-ramp or off-ramp? You Decide.
Share code: 389 474 833
Recommended class: no higher than A class. S1 would work but drivatars may just smack into a wall or to.
Description: a road 3 lap circuit full of hairpins and ramps. This is at the figure eight highway entrance area. A class and below does seem to have competitive drivatar responses with testing. About a 6 minute race.

This is the first of two blueprints I’m fixing. After that, the rally expansion could use a scramble. Might return to the mainland for another project if time permits. I will be heading over to Motorsport when it comes out.

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Hi all,

Another track fixed and ready to go; see below.

Title: NFS Heat Mini Dirt Oval
Share code: 387 064 038
Recommended class: no higher than A class but S1 should be ok. B class is probably best.
Description: a remake of NFS Heat’s dirt oval. I had the most fun rallying in NFS heat, than I had in any other game so far (sorry playground….haha). I actually used up %98 prop budget just trying to lay out all the green grass around the track. Fun little course. If interest is high enough, might post another 50 lap endurance blueprint.

Next up will be a repair and major improvement of my mini Long beach course. Waiting for the Eventlab
2.0 update first.


Ran Brno circuit. Quite the fun track. Only clean ups it really needs is a little road surface work is a few spots. Those kind of tracks take a labor of love to get just absolutely perfect though. It could probably stay as it is. But if it were cleaned up the fast drivers would love this challenge in S1 and S2 cars. I did it in my C600 Abarth 124 (of course).

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Oh, believe me……I cleaned that one up about a dozen times. Problem is that every time I tried cleaning up the corners, the pieces would slightly glitch out as they always do when editing. There’s the down hill corner (corner 3) that was tweaked a few times but it kept getting worse on one side or the other.

Thanks for playing it….about a 50 hour project and one of my first one’s before all these updates came out.

Also, that Horizon’s illest eastern steel project of mine took about 20 separate sessions just to get the road/area as flat and smooth as possible.

I think I did the best job I could but now I’m hoping those new snap tools will increase the chances of a flat course where applicable.

I have the same problem trying to build a banked corner with platform pieces. No matter how smooth it seems to be in the build. The test run turns out with gaps and bumps. And I can clean up the gaps and bumps and gaps and bumps show up some place else. It’s as frustrating as trying to position a piece, getting it lined up and it pops into a different position. So you have to guess where it needs to be so it will pop into the position you want it.

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And the snap position doesn’t always snap into perfect position either. But it’s better than having to fight with manual positioning.

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