My custom circuit road racing blueprints

Hi all, I have been making routes since Forza Horizon 4, and I have a focus on creating tarmac circuit races, since that is what I prefer to race most of the time. (New Forza Motorsport when, please? :smirk:)

I’ll start by sharing my latest and (hopefully) most polished track to date.

Playa Azul Grand Prix Circuit

This course has a street track feel. It’s partly narrow, but there are a few places you can overtake, if you are patient. I made a blueprint without drivatars if you just want to hotlap. I also made an alternate layout which removes a custom chicane I added to the back ‘straight’.

Check out a demo lap here: Demo hotlap

Share codes are in the image, but in case it didn’t work here they are:

Anything Goes, 3 Laps:
159 341 747

No AI, Anything Goes, 4 Laps:
560 122 708

E-Prix (Electric Hypercars), 4 Laps:
122 591 048

Alternate layout without an added chicane, 3 Laps:
620 322 405

Thanks for taking a look.


My take on a Grand Prix layout starting from Panoramica in Guanajuato. The first part is a street-course but opens out into the outskirts with a high-speed, flowing section, before rejoining via a quick entry to a short tunnel. A lap at the of S1 class takes roughly 2 minutes, but it doesn’t feel too long due to much of it being high-speed.

Here are the Share Codes:
Panorámica Grand Prix Circuit (Anything Goes, 3L, Early Afternoon, Clear)
128 630 371

Night version:
120 099 822

No AI version:
626 846 495

Finally, here is a demonstration lap:

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City Technical Track + Pitstop

Features custom rules for a mandatory pitstop before the final lap. Pitlane is marked with blue & white banners, left of the main straight. A car with good change-of-direction and compliance over bumps and kerbs is recommended!

Special thanks to Redditor u/Arbourous for his guide on using EventLab custom rules.

Share codes:
City Technical Track + Pitstop
Anything Goes, Day, 4 Laps: 340 197 283

City Tech Track (Pit, Night, 4L)
Anything Goes, Night, 4 Laps: 171 882 963

City Tech Track (With AI)
Anything Goes, FreeRoam weather, 4L: 106 716 260
(This version has AI but no custom rules for a pitstop, because AI cannot follow custom rules).

An overview of the track and how pitting works, plus a full demo lap is available here:

Edit: 15 June 2022 - Added additional share code

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City Outskirts (with NOS boost)

The inspiration for my latest track is that a local Japanese car tuner club got the Horizon Festival to close some roads in and around the south of Guanajuato for some night racing. As such, I decided on a lark to implement a ‘NOS boost’ system. It can be a bit subtle of an effect, and depends also on the car you use. It’s mainly useful for booting it out of acceleration zones up to a certain point. The way it works is you hold down your ‘Activate’ button to engage it, and you get an engine torque boost and your total NOS amount decreases. You start out with enough for roughly 45 seconds.

Regarding that ‘Activate’ button: it depends on how you have your controls mapped. For me it used to be mapped to the Xbox controller View/Back button, but since that was awkward to hold down while steering, I found a way to remap it to left-bumper instead. By the way, if you are curious on how to re-map buttons while still leaving something unassigned (ordinarily not possible), check out this Reddit post.

City Outskirts (Japanese Cars) - 3 Laps, Night
511 743 119

City Outskirts - Anything Goes, 3 Laps, Sunset
155 151 885

City Outskirts (No Drivatars) - Anything Goes, 3 Laps, FreeRoam weather, no AI
142 918 285

Finally, a disclaimer. Occasionally the event will take longer than normal to bring up the results screen at the end. I don’t know what causes this. It actually uses fewer props than some of my other blueprints, which haven’t shown the issue. It doesn’t happen every time, and when it does, it’s just a bit of an annoyance.

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Mulegé Endurance Race

Starting from Mulegé this track quickly exits to the outskirts, and some really fun roads for driving. If you find the town portion a bit fiddly, don’t worry, it only makes up a small part of the track. At 4 miles this is the longest track I’ve made in this game. Since it conjured to me a bit of a classic endurance road course feel, I decided to make events with custom rules for fuel use and pitting. (Rather than re-invent the wheel, I used custom rules by Redditor ‘Motokorp’ as a base). If you don’t want to worry about fuel use and want a shorter 3 lap event, there is also an event for that.

For the events with fuel use, there is also engine damage, so contact with barriers and other cars (scaled by force) can damage the engine and reduce power output. You can also change your fuel mixture mode and pit to re-fuel and repair engine damage.

Here’s how it all works:

To change fuel mixture mode, press the ‘Activate’ button to cycle through Standard, Lean, and Rich. The ‘Activate’ button is whatever button you use to start events from the open world.

You can view your fuel level and power output level in the HUD at the upper left. When it comes time to re-fuel or repair engine damage, the procedure is to enter pit lane (it is right by the final left-hand hairpin, marked by blue & white banners), then enter a pit stall and smash a treasure chest while holding brake, and releasing throttle. This may take a little practice, but you want to basically be coming to a stop in the pit box, being sure to smash the treasure chest, careful to not stop short of it. Why the treasure chest? That’s needed in the custom rules to trigger that you are actually in a pit box. There’s no other way I can see to determine exactly where a player is. Others sometime implement this by checking if you are between 2 checkpoints, but that has its own issues.

Note: you don’t have to wait for a full tank, you can leave the pit box as soon as you think you have enough fuel to finish the race.

There are 3 events with fuel rules enabled, 2 with AI, and 1 without. The ones with AI are included for fun, because they can’t actually follow custom rules. So eventually they start to run out of fuel, and you then pass or re-pass them after your pitstop. Of course you have to keep in mind you may catch them at an inconvenient spot in the track, and you don’t want to smash them out of the way because that will incur engine damage! I think it’s actually kind of fun.

Regarding the ‘Curated Cars’ blueprints, those have a selection of 50 cars (the maximum we can pick manually) which are supposed to have some relationship with endurance racing or racing in general. Since we don’t have many race versions of cars, you have to use a bit of make-believe. :wink:

Overview of the track, demo lap, and pit procedure demo on YouTube.

The share codes are in the picture, but in case that isn’t showing:

Mulege Endurance Race (Fuel Use) - Curated cars, 6 laps, fuel rules enabled: 139 347 403

Mulege Endurance (Sunset + Rain) - Curated cars, 6 laps, fuel rules enabled: 979 072 977

Mulege Endurance Race (No AI) - Anything Goes, 6 laps, fuel rules enabled: 343 191 476

Mulege Endurance (3 Lap Version) - Anything Goes, no fuel rules, with AI: 909 307 667

All credit for the custom rules for fuel use, engine damage, etc goes to Redditor ‘Motokorp’ (‘Mogokorp’ in the game). I only made some slight tweaks to suit my needs. You can view info on his original track on Reddit here: Reddit - Dive into anything

Additional thanks to T10ManteoMax, whose spreadsheet was very useful in helping to choose cars for the curated list. View his spreadsheet here:

Finally, I want to mention that somewhat recently the YouTuber HokiHoshi released his test track and I use some of the same roads that he did. Believe it or not, I had already decided to do this layout before seeing his video. My version is not identical to his, though, and hopefully people don’t see me as trying to step on his toes. You should check out his test track. It has custom rules for sector timing and letting you know what your optimal time would be. You can view his video on the track here: The Official FH5 Test Track Showcase + Walkthrough - YouTube

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Nice work, keep it up

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Great tracks thanks for sharing just got done recording them all had a blast will be uploaded on my channel soon cheers!.

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Hi, sorry for the super late reply. Thanks for trying my tracks and recording them; I don’t often get to see others play them.

Hey all, I just finished up my new track layout, which I have named “Sombra del Volcán”, as it sits in the shadow or shade of the volcano. It is a fully tarmac circuit which starts from the Volcán Sprint location, but doesn’t go up the volcano. In order to get the track to go in the direction I wanted, I had to build some custom road using asphalt platforms. Since that starting area became a short, technical section, I decided to try and give it a little vibe of a Festival site.

The track gets a lot funner when you exit that section and you head into a longish flat-out stretch which leads to a big braking zone at a hairpin. There is also a corner I named “Bird Bend” because birds congregate near there. During testing, the car always wanted to push out wide, so I was generous with yellow exit “kerbing” which you can make liberal use of on track-out.

After that comes my favorite bit of the whole track, a fast kinked section (flat in some cars, requiring a lift in others), into a big stop which leads back into the festival area.

A note about the penultimate and final corners: I rebuilt that whole section a couple times. My original plan was to use some banking to have a fast sweep into the start/finish straight. Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble getting the platforms to line up in a way that would be anywhere close to smooth. If you got the perfect line, it worked, but if you were off by a little, it could pitch the car upredictabely. I even experimented with Hot Wheels pieces, but that didn’t work well either and I didn’t want to use them for this track anyway. Finally, I made the bit you see now, which has a slow downhill final corner. I reasoned that with a slow-speed corner there would be less chance of the car getting too out-of-shape. Just be patient there.

Share codes:
Anything Goes, 3 Laps:
180 932 911

No Drivatars, Anything Goes, 3 Laps:
104 000 089

Selected Cars (choose from 1 of 50 I set manually), 4 Laps:
149 456 094

You can see an example lap here:


Just played through all these tracks, liked and favorited them all. They’re very well put together, and feel like genuine world circuits with how you’ve dressed them up and the building techniques you used. Definitely gonna be watching this thread for more blueprints!

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Thanks a lot for your kind words, it means a lot! I’ll be releasing a new track soon, but you may not like it as much because it’s going to be a bit of a departure from my previous ones. It’ll probably be a one-off, though. I do still have ideas for more ‘normal’ tracks, but it takes me a long time to build. I think my build process is probably a bit inefficient and I don’t have as much time for it as I’d like. Anyway, thanks again.

Castle Dirt Park

I’ve had this track mostly done for a while, but got distracted by the World Cup, then the holidays, and then I got sick. I know when I started this thread I said it was going to be aimed at road course circuit races, but I hope you will indulge this departure. It is likely to be a one-off. I had an idea for a mixed-surface scramble using the castle location near Guanajuato. It is somewhat technical with a couple of jumps. There is also a ‘Joker lap’ path near the end of the lap marked with Trailblazer flags. The idea is that during a multiplayer race each player would take that path once. It has to be on the honor system, though, because I didn’t try finding a way to force it with custom rules. I should note the AI obviously will not care about it or use it, but you can actually still beat them if you decide to use it. Unfortunately, the AI is not very competitive, because I had to set the driving line such that they would get through the course (mostly) without crashing. If you take a better line, you can beat them quite handily, even on ‘Unbeatable’.

Overview and sample lap on YouTube:

Share codes:
Castle Dirt Park (Rally Cars)
374 520 012

Castle Dirt Park (No Drivatars)
753 502 351

Castle Dirt Park (Night Rally)
129 209 011

Castle Dirt Park (Mini '65)
633 093 454

Castle Dirt Park (Extreme E)
150 725 055

By the way, if you like this sort of thing, I strongly recommend TypeHardFark’s Barcelona Rallycross recreation; it is impressively well done.

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Thanks for the shout-out. Looks like a lot of fun. Will give it a go when I get home. :+1:

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Guanajuato E-Prix Track

I’ve been wanting to do my take on a sort of ‘E-Prix’ street circuit for a while. There are many possible layouts you can make in Guanajuato, but in the end I settled on this shorter variant (1.6mi / 2.6km). A benefit of a shorter layout is you can do a couple extra laps over the standard Forza race length without it feeling too long.

The track has a decent mix of corner types, and it will bite if you push too hard in certain areas. It’s also narrow in spots. So if you don’t enjoy the challenge of dancing a car precisely between barriers, you are unlikely to enjoy this event.

I’ve made a promo video on YouTube:

For the EV Hypercars race I recommend the RAESR and NIO as being the easiest to get laptime out of. And if you want something a bit tamer, try the Cupra UrbanRebel Concept event. It handles really well and suits the track just with the stock tune, or you can try it at the top of S1 class.

And don’t worry, there is also an ‘Anything Goes’ blueprint if you’d rather take your favorite petrol car. I suggest trying A-class Super Hot Hatches, they suit the track well. I was tempted to make an event for them, but wanted to highlight the EVs first.

Additionally, there is an event featuring battery use, and pit to recharge rules, written by Collossuss96 (Thanks!!). You can also press the ‘Activate’ button to toggle between power modes (Eco, Normal, Boost). Unfortunately, the custom rules only work in singleplayer, which is no fault of the rules themselves, but just the nature of the game at the moment.

Share codes, as of 23 Jan 2023:

Guanajuato E-Prix (E-Hypercars): 916 239 861
Guanajuato E-Prix Cupra Concept: 857 007 953
Guanajuato E-Prix With Pitstop: 505 594 192
E-Prix Track (Any Car, No AI): 179 715 703

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Coastal Road Circuit

Located near the western coast, this slightly technical road course features a section overlooking the sea, and an overpass which crosses over the track. This event is heavy on props; current generation system recommended.

Share codes:
Coastal Road Circuit (Day): 528 095 602
Coastal Road Circuit (Sunset): 381 901 285

Track notes: I initially had Touring Cars (like the Lynk & Co race version), and A-class Super Hot Hatches in mind when making this, but I’ve found a variety of cars are fun here. I personally prefer classes A through S2 on this layout. If you use the driving line, ignore the line coming onto the start/finish straight. Just trust me when I say that I had to give it that weird line in order to get the track to save. Because of that, the AI is not competitive here; which is why I didn’t make an event with drivatars included.

I have a promo video on YouTube giving a track overview and demonstration lap:
Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

I also have a bonus demo lap using the ‘Bad to the Blade’ in cockpit view, which sort of feels like driving an F1 or IndyCar. That car is very fun, it makes you feel fast even if you aren’t that fast. :wink: View it here:


Tulum Circuit - Including 2 track layouts

Share Codes
Main Layout:
451 014 212 [Night, Anything Goes, 4 Laps, with Drivatars]
167 653 947 [Day, Anything Goes, 5 Laps, No Drivatars]
102 527 389 E-Prix [Night, select EVs, 5 Laps, with Drivatars]

Alternate Layout:
797 654 271 [Day, Anything Goes, 5 Laps, No Drivatars]
175 802 685 [Sunset, select Porsche, 5 Laps, with Drivatars]

Located near the Tulum ruins, the main layout passes near them, whereas the alternate layout omits those extra corners for a longer front-straight. The track starts narrow but widens later in the lap. A feature of the track is that it passes through the Horizon Apex outpost, which has spectators, and so gives the event a little bit of life.

If using the driving line, or running an event with Drivatars included, note that you should make your own line in the final corner. I had to set the driving line that way in order to ‘close the loop’, and allow the track to save.

For the ‘E-Prix’ event I recommend using Porsche Mission R, Cupra UrbanRebel Concept, or NIO EP9. These cars are well suited to the track even with a default tune.

Race kerbs lightly sprinkled throughout using a method borrowed from Subie156. I first saw it in the excellent Blue Lagoon Raceway which appeared in a recent Festival Playlist.

Tested on PC and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, one user on old gen (Xbox One) reports that some props fail to load. I’ve seen other people have this issue with other events as well, so I don’t think the blueprint itself is necessarily to blame, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Horizon Club Circuit

Share Codes:

Anything Goes, No AI, 6 laps:        104 275 592
Hot-Hatches, 5 laps:                 187 947 603
Select open-top Track-Toys, 6 laps:  141 409 981
Modern Sports Cars, 5 laps:          245 953 958

Race past the famous Horizon Hotel, and on streets near Playa Azul. This small circuit was designed for Hot Hatches, open-top Track Toys, Modern Sports Cars, and similarly small & nimble cars. A handling-focused tune is recommended! Good for classes up through S1.

The track is somewhat technical, and rewards smooth driving. I am biased, but I think it’s a lot of fun once you know the layout, and get into a rhythm. The shortness of the lap often leaves me wanting to do “just one more lap”.

I made a promo video for the track, check it out on YouTube: