Looking For Blueprints/Eventlabs (Forza Horizon 5)

Hello hello! Thought I would post a thread to hopefully get bombarded with Eventlab/Blueprinting share codes. A friend of mine loves to just mess around with them and sometimes streams them (I dont stream them but I enjoy them too). Doesnt matter if its a pain race, a well thought out race, etc as long as it obeys Forzas Tos. Pretty much anything and everything. Hopefully we can help you all out and get some downloads in the long run… or maybe others who are looking for some tracks as well. It doesnt have to be your own could just be a friends or a personal favorite.

Please base off the following to keep things neat and clean:

-Gamertag: (In Case the Share Codes Backfire)
-Track Name:
-Short Description: (inspiration, recommended car/class etc)
-Share Code:

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Hi, I’m going to bombard you with my entire arsenal of events. are based on the hotwheels acceleracers realms
I hope you enjoy them

Gt: HAS5AN8249
Storm 967 843 220
Swamp 180 513 874
Water 954 578 402
Metro 126 470 086
Cliffside 161 330 440
Neon Pipeline 126 703 759
Junk 506 024 022
Cosmic 233 694 291

Stormv.2 sprint.751 554 697
Circuit. 182 545 436

YouTube playlist showing them:

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Here are a few of my Blueprints, have fun


The long way home: 725 585 999
This is an endurance race at night over 40 miles with some props,
recommended class: S2

Pinata World: 181 409 422
A fun and technical track with a few ramps and technical sections,
recommended class: S1 - S2

White’s drift adventure: 117 743 833
Some city drifting in Guanajuato,
every proper drift car is ok here.

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